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World Intellectual Property IP Day 2021 Theme, Activities

World Intellectual Property IP Day 2021 Theme, Activities

All of our life we work hard to earn the living and to acquire the things we want in our lives such as our house, cars, and other properties. We protect these things from getting stolen or misplaced. We show our rights to them. All these things are tangible and physical. But what about the intangible and virtual things? How will you protect a song you have been composed or an invention or an amazing picture you have clicked? Well, these things are called intellectual properties and there are many ways to protect them. World Intellectual property day is all about protecting your intellectual properties.

In this article, we have given you all the information such as what is intellectual property, what is intellectual property day, history of the day, the theme for 2021 IP day, and how to celebrate the day. The celebration ideas and activities will help you to celebrate the day better. This information will help you in your essay writing or speech competition and also for celebrating the World IP day 2019 in your school, college or the workplace. So let’s start.

World IP Day, Intellectual Property Day 2021 Theme, History, Activities, Essay & Speech

What Is Intellectual Property & Intellectual Property Protection?

Intellectual properties are those properties which are created by the power of the mind, stock knowledge and the creativity of an individual. When it comes to Intellectual property protection right, it is a justiciable right for great scientists and artists which help in safeguarding the ideas of the existing artistic works, inventions, names, symbols, and images.

We see various type of intellectual property protections in our surroundings such as patents, designs, trademark, geographical indications, copyright, plant variety protection, semiconductor integrated circuit layout design, etc. It would never be effortless for inventors like Thomas and Yamazaki to protect their inventions without the help of intellectual property protection, but the presence of such rights made it easy for every single individual to protect their intellectual properties. The Thomas Alva Edison has 1093 patents, and Shunpei Yamazaki has 3056 patents which signify the immense hard work of both inventors.

Introduction To World Intellectual Property Day 2021

The world intellectual property day was first seen in the year 2000. The event was established with the help of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). This event is celebrated every year on 26 April with comprehensive creativity. Many great inventors and artists contribute to these events to inspire the youth of their nations. The reason behind celebrating world intellectual property day on 26 April is the convention establishing the WIPO on 14 July 1967 which finally came into force on 26 April 1970.

WIPO state members direct the budget and activities of the organization with the help of the organization’s decision-making bodies.  Currently, The WIPO has a significant participation of 191 state members that made it possible to celebrate this event across the globe. It should be noted that the World Intellectual Property Day is also known as World Ip Day.

History Of Intellectual Property Day 2021

On September 1998, a statement was made by the director-general of National Algerian institute at the assembly of the member states of the WIPO. The director-general proposed for an international day for intellectual property on 7 April 1999. Later on 9 August 1999, the Chinese representatives adopted world intellectual property day. Finally, the WIPO approved 26 April as a particular world international day to celebrate world intellectual property day in October 1999.

Importance Of World Intellectual Property Day 2021

The principal objective of world intellectual property day is to spread awareness about the intellectual property rights of an individual to protect his or her hard-earned intellectual properties. Like fundamental rights, it is necessary for the people of every nation to recognize these rights. We celebrate World Intellectual Day every year with new aims to educate yourself and the people in our surroundings.

In the year 2017, The world intellectual day was aimed to understand how innovation is making our lives easier, compatible, healthier and safer. The intellectual property system supported individuals by rewarding them for their distinct ideas so that every person can become more motivated to take action. It was also focused on building today’s technology so advanced that it would become easy and secure for future generations to draw out ideas from the mind into the real world.

Theme For World Intellectual Property Day In 2021

The latest theme for world intellectual property day in 2021 will be completely different. If we have a look at the recent themes, we see a vast difference among all the themes and the upcoming theme. Some of the crucial recent themes were:

2001 – Creating the Future Today
2002 – Encouraging Creativity
2003 – Make Intellectual Property Your Business
2004 – Encouraging Creativity
2005 – Think, Imagine, Create
2006 – It Starts With An Idea
2007 – Encouraging Creativity
2008 – innovation celebration and promotion of respect for intellectual property
2009 – Green Innovation
2010 – Innovation – Linking the World
2011 – Designing the Future
2012 – Visionary Innovators
2013 – Creativity – The Next Generation
2014 – Movies – a Global Passion
2015 – Get Up, Stand Up. For Music
2016 – Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined
2017 – Innovation – Improving Lives

2018- Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity

2019 -“Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”.

2020 – Innovate for a Green Future

2021- Not announced yet.

In today’s innovative world, the latest theme aims to provide each person with a right to show their talent, innovation, and ideas instead of creating a spreading line that separates both the genders. The participation of women is necessary for the world because until now, women have shown a significant transformation in our lives. The theme for the year 2019 was “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”. This year’s theme focused on the world of sports and intellectual property related to sports.

World Intellectual Property Day In India

Although World IP day is celebrated throughout the world, still, India is also a member of the most important conventions that govern the area of copyright laws and rules. However, the copyright act that came into existence in 1957 has been amended six times since 1957. The CII (Confederation Of Indian Industry) celebrates world intellectual day in India on 26 April every year.

The CII is a business association that was founded in 1895. The next celebration of World IP day 2018 is going to be in hotel Avasa, Hyderabad. It’s an honour for India to have great co-sponsors like The Tata and Hetro who have achieved fame in their respective fields. World Youth Skills Day

How to Celebrate World IP Day? | Celebration Ideas, Assembly Activities, Events

The World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated every year by government organizations, non-government organizations, groups, and individuals of various enterprises. Multiple events and activities are organized every year such as:

  • Stage speeches that encourage and motivate people about the particular theme.
  • Students used to write in an essay or article writing competition related to intellectual property like piracy, copyright issues, counterfeiting, and other minor issues. Also, students from the scientific backgrounds or non-scientific background create their intellectual property to motivate students among them and get rewards from their mentors.
  • Many educational institution owners organize exhibitions in schools, colleges, art galleries, museums, etc.
  • In many schools, teachers used to tell their students about the great innovators who invented the necessary things like the bulb, mobile, fan, etc.
  • People indulge in debates to do an in-depth study of issues related to intellectual property.
  • Great inventors sometimes choose press conference as a medium to show their patents.
  • Interested candidates participate in World IP Day events with the help of social media.
  • Free or paid Seminars in colleges and institutes contribute to building knowledge of an individual about laws and policies so that every person can safeguard their intellectual properties.


From dramatic literature to scientific inventions, it is necessary for the people of every nation to understand one of the fundamental rules and regulations that they may need any time. World IP day prepares the individual of every country for future obstacles related to intellectual properties. Let’s create an innovative environment where students and responsible citizens of every nation achieve a developing mindset which ultimately results in more value.

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