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World English Language Day 2021 Essay, Speech & Activities

World English Language Day 2021 Essay, Speech & Activities

Man invented the language to communicate with each other. In order to live and survive in a society, human beings needed to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences with each other. That is how communication was started. And the communication gave birth to the language. 23rd April is celebrated as global English Language Day across the world. English is the widespread language across the world and most widely written and spoken across the world than any other language. English also an important subject of studies in education systems across the world.

Hence to make students understand the importance of the English language, on 23rd April, schools and educational institutes across the world celebrate the English Language Day. On this day various kinds of competitions, events, functions, activities are organized by the school. Competitions like essay writing, speech, debates, group discussions, poster making, painting and drawing, quizzes, spelling bees etc. In this article, we have given you all the information about the English language and world English language day which will help you to write an essay, speech or a paragraph about English language and World English language day. So let’s start.

World English Language Day 2021 Essay, Speech, Paragraph & article

Introduction to the English Language and English Language Day

The English language is a global ‘lingua franca’ that means a bridge language, common language, or a linking language. English help us to associate with education and enables us to read and understand various theories and facts that exist in the world. We should be humble to the English language because it made it easier for multiple non-natives or natives to communicate with each other. All of this becomes possible because of the UN’s department. UN’s department of public information plays a significant role in spreading the English language day every year. Essay on the Importance of Communication in Business, Relationships, Life

Origin & History of The English Language and English Language Day

English was first spoken by the Angles in early medieval England. Angles was one of the Germanic tribes which had migrated from England at that time. The English language that we spoke today has derived from the Indo-European language family. The English language day was first established by the UN’s department of public information in 2010. On 23rd April 2010, a vast no. of programs were organized at the UN’s headquarters in the New York City.

We celebrate the English language day on 23rd April every year because this day was traditionally considered as death and birth of William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare contributed his life to English. Even after 402 years of William Shakspeare’s grave, still, his plays continuously publish in the films and theatres. Shakespeare is always known as the best English writer of all time, and that’s the actual reason why we celebrate the English language day on 23rd April giving him the deserved respect.

Purpose and Importance of World English Language Day

People celebrate the English language day every year to entertain, inform and gather some knowledge about the language. However, it is also one of the most complicated languages to speak, read or write. Some people read knight as K-Night, some speak hour as How-R, and some write pneumonia as neumonia. The purpose and importance of celebrating English language day is to aware people about the history of the language and the specific words that people most likely to spell, write or speak in the wrong way.

Every year this day help younger students to gather relevant, useful knowledge about English. The most crucial factor of celebrating English language day is to bring the whole world together without caring about the diversity among us. Importance of Learning English in Life, Education Best Essay

Interesting Facts, Quotes, Statistics about the English Language Day

Frank Smith was a great Psycholinguist (A social scientist who experiments on psychology and linguistics) who once told that ‘one language sets you in a corridor and two languages open every door along the way.’ This statement is true because the native language only allows us to speak with our native friends but the English language helps us to communicate with the world. Here are some of the statistics and exciting facts that let us know more deeply about the subject:

  • English is considered as the world’s third most spoken language after Spanish and standard Chinese.
  • On average, there are 400 million native speakers of English across the globe.
  • 67 countries name English as an official language.
  • 12 million English teachers exist in the world.
  • In India, almost 35% of people speak English.
  • The shortest most communicated word has ever used is ‘’
  • On average, one thousand English words have been added to Oxford dictionary every year.
  • The most extended English word in which the word forms without repeating a letter is ‘uncopyrightable.’
  • Shakespeare, the great symbol of the English language, mostly used his own words. For example, grovel, ode, and mimic.
  • Many scholars said that English is the most influential language because of its massive amount of speakers in the world.
  • The top three most written words of English are ‘THE’ ‘OF’ and ‘AND.’
  • No single word in the dictionary rhymes with months name.
  • The English that we speak today are known as late modern English. It came into existence around 1800, and it has been said that the significant difference between early traditional English and late-modern English is determined by the no. of words.

English Language Day Celebration Ideas, Activities, and Events | How to Celebrate it?

In various schools, teachers used to tell their students about the history of English, where did it come from and who were the first English speakers. A lot of students write slogans, articles, essays, and posters to share their current knowledge about English. Sometimes teachers also give a speech in front of parents and students in which they point out the most common mistakes done by the people. The celebration is not about learning English; it is much more than this. A lot of games are also played this day that help students and citizens to learn about the most common mistakes they always make. Sometimes citizens indulge in various events where they freely share their knowledge about English. For example, they tell about:

  • The most beautiful words in English
  • The longest words in English
  • The shortest words in English
  • Dates, no. of vowels and English spellings
  • Poetry
  • Classic words in English

It is a surprising fact that sometimes citizens or students act in various plays and act like Shakespeare. It shows that Shakespeare is an eternal man and still alive at the bottom of the English speaker’s heart. Nowadays people share posts with social media tags like #happyenglishlanguageday, #englishday, #myengday, etc. that allow them to come closer and know about the various activities or events. Some people also used to sell their commodities associated with the English language on this day to make some sales.


English is a global language that works as a bridge and helps us to communicate with foreigners. It’s essential for the citizen of every nation to polish their English speaking skills as fast as possible because in the educational sector and business sector, it’s critical to know about the English. We should not only interchange knowledge occasionally; we should do this practice daily. Most of the theories and facts are usually written in the English language because of which it becomes necessary for us to know English.

I hope you find this article helpful. If yes then please let us know how you are going to celebrate the English language day in the comment section below. Thank you. 🙂

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