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World Earth Day 2021 Theme, Essay, Speech, Ideas, Activities

world earth day 2021 theme essay speech activities

Do you believe in a miracle? Have you ever seen a miracle? Yes, I do believe in a miracle, in fact, we all should believe in a miracle. The planet on which we are living is itself a miracle. We live on a planet that circles around a ball of a fire next to the moon that moves the sea and you don’t believe in a miracle. On 22nd April World Earth Day is celebrated around the world. Many of us don’t even know about this day.

We, people, are very busy in celebrating other days like valentines day, friendship day and many more days. But I can notice only a few people know about earth day. This shows how much we care about the environment who gives us the things that we need and what we do is we are just forgetting to protect it and ignoring and caring less like it doesn’t affect us. In this article,  I am going to tell you why this day is celebrated as earth day. This day is to make the human race aware of protecting our planet.

World Earth Day 2021Theme, Essay, Speech, Activities & Article

Introduction to the World Earth Day 2021

22nd April is celebrated as world earth day all over the world to increase the public awareness towards protecting the environment among the people. In 1970 Galon Nelson who is the founder of this day decided to celebrate this day as world earth day. In the year 1969, a tragedy of massive spill of oil happened in Santa Barbara, California and this problem led Nelson to create public awareness about environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion and this is the tragedy behind celebrating this day. In order to focus on many different environmental issues and solving those issues in a better way, this day is celebrated as earth week also.

Importance of Celebrating the World Earth Day 2021

Our earth is the only planet in the universe where life is possible. So, it is necessary to maintain natural assets in order to continue life on earth. Nature is created by God and to take care of it god created a human that is us. But instead of taking care of it, we are destroying it. The Ozone layer which prevents us from ultraviolet rays of the sun is getting decreased day by day. Air pollution caused by the dark smoke emitted by vehicles, poisonous gasses like sulfur dioxide emitted into the air. This makes air poisonous.

Another factor like industrialization that causes mixing of toxic material into the water causes water pollution, cutting of tree to fulfil our basic needs and for industrial purposes in the forest areas leads to the deforestation. Unknowingly these activities are leading to the rising temperature of the earth. All these things have raised the serious issue of global warming.

Use of plastic bags which are undegradable is very dangerous to the environment though it is dangerous still we buy plastic bags for many purposes in our day to life. Wasting electricity without conserving energy resources. this going to be a big loss for us and for our next generation. Human has become blind and so much selfish that he can’t even think of the consequences of their actions. Hence it is very important to celebrate the world earth day and let people understand the importance of saving planet earth.

Purpose of celebrating the World Earth Day 2021

This is the day where you can at least give your 10% to save the earth to save our a life because it is not just a need but our responsibility too. We are totally dependent on the environment so it is obvious that if you want to continue enjoying the things that nature gives us then it is your responsibility to take care of it. The first activity that will help in overcoming such problems is by the tree plantation. I will suggest if you are cutting old trees then replace those trees by planting new trees. Yes, a vehicle has become our need but try to avoid unnecessary use of a vehicle. Spread the awareness for saving trees in every corner of the world. Planting trees can overcome 50% of the problem causing our nature.

Carefully make use of energy resources whenever there is a need to use. Use of plastic bags should be banned and some serious laws should be made and strict actions to be taken on using plastic bags.  Not just your home but also your nearby area keep it clean and plastic-free. Start picking up garbage on the street and take out plastic material from it and recycle it. Although the whole year you are busy doing your own work, take out some time from your busy schedule to protect our planet.

World Earth Day 2021 Theme

Every year a theme is associated with the celebration of world earth day. The theme for World Earth Day 2018 was “World Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution.”The theme for World Earth Day 2019 was “Earth Day 2019 – Protect Our Species”. World Earth Day 2020 theme was “Climate Action”. World Earth Day 2021 theme is not announced yet.

World Earth Day 2019 Celebration Ideas, Assembly Activities and Events Ideas

There are many ways of celebrating this day lets first start with planting trees in our surrounding area. Make everyone aware of conserving the environment. I will say, on this day a rally for the public awareness of conserving nature should be conducted in every school and college. Following are some more celebration ideas, assembly activities and events ideas for schools and citizens.

  • Essay Competition
  • Speech Competition
  • Debates
  • Poster Making
  • Play/Musical
  • Science Exhibition, Science Fair, Model Building
  • Group Discussions
  • Quizzes etc.

So these were some activities and ideas to celebrate World Earth Day 2021.


Every day is the earth day so we should take care of it on a daily basis. Earth gives us many gifts daily so by keeping aside our selfishness attitude we should show some love and care towards our nature and protect it.

Tips for Essay on World Earth Day 2021

  1. Leave some space at the start of the page and then start writing. Though it’s a small tip it can make a difference in scoring good marks.
  2. You can take reference from other sources to get more information about your topic but don’t just write as it is, try to add your points, your views, your ideas and try to describe it.
  3. Don’t interrupt the flow between the sections.
  4. You can use phrases, quotes if needed. Your impact will be good for the reader if you start your essay with some phrases or quotes.
  5. While concluding your topic, sum up all your thoughts considering positive and negative views and It should be at least 3-4 simple but inspiring lines.
  6. Handwriting is a good way to score more marks. It’s fine if your handwriting is not good but it should be neat and clean not so big not so small but should be visible.
  7. Make use of a dark ink pen while writing an essay.

Tips for Speech on World Earth Day 2021

  1. Don’t just mug up the topic, better read the topic understand the topic add your thoughts to it.
  2. Be interactive with the audience. Ask questions, crack jokes or tell some related experiences to the topic.
  3. If you are going to go to give a speech for the first time it may possible that you may get nervous. Don’t panic. Here is a simple exercise you can try at home before going for speech. Prepare your topic, stand in front of the mirror and start speaking.
  4. Be loud while giving a speech it should be audible to every audience. Avoid mumbling and the most important thing is to avoid using fillers like so and so, like, etc.
  5. Your gesture and hand movements can make a good impression on the audience.

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