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World Consumer Rights Day 2021 Theme, History, Ideas, Essay

World Consumer Rights Day 2021 Theme, History, Ideas, Essay

The technology and the internet have simplified our daily life to a very large extent. Today we can buy anything with the help of the internet without leaving the comfort of our house. Online shopping has become a norm today. Many international and domestic corporations are flooding the online markets with their big discounts to allure the customers. With the mission to raise awareness about the rights of consumers, World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated across the world on 15th March. In this article, we are going to talk about World Consumer Rights Day theme, history and origin of World Consumer Rights Day, the purpose and significance of World Consumer Rights Day and the celebration ideas and activities to celebrate it in India and across the world. Let’s start.

World Consumer Rights Day 2021 Theme, History, Original, Celebration Ideas, Essay

It is really amazing to get discounts on our purchase, isn’t it? But the real problems arise when we receive a defected or a damaged product or sometimes get a different product than we order. We have to go through a tedious procedure to return the order and get the refund or to replace the product.

As a consumer, it is our right to receive value for our money. It is our right to receive genuine quality products for our money also the business should resolve our grievances. There are people and organizations who are working internationally to protect the rights of consumers around the world.

And the day World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated to spread awareness in the global consumer base about their rights as a consumer. So when is the World Consumer Rights Day celebrated? Let’s find out. The information in this article will help you to write essays, deliver a speech and also to celebrate the world consumer rights day in 2018.

The World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is celebrated and observed on 15th March every year around the world. It is also known as World Consumers Day(WCD). It is celebrated to promote and create awareness about the basic rights of the costumers who are often ignored by the businesses and corporations. The day was introduced by the Consumers International, which is a global non-profit confederation working for consumer rights.

Each year many organizations and individuals around the world celebrate the international world consumer rights day.  This international day for consumers provides a global platform for consumers to solve problems and difficulties faced by them. Now let’s talk about the history of world consumer rights day and when was the first world consumer rights day was celebrated.

History and Origin of World Consumer Rights Day

On 15th April 1962 former US President John F. Kennedy stated following lines while addressing the US Congress.

” Consumers by definition include us all. They are the largest economic group, affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision. Yet they are the only important group… whose views are often not heard. “

He put light on the problems faced by the consumers around the world and inspired to make observance of consumer rights. The First World Consumer Rights Day was observed on 15th April 1983, by the Consumers International, a global confederation working for the rights of consumers around the world and it has over 250 member organizations in 120 countries. Consumer rights activist Anwar Fazal working for the Consumers International proposed the observance of 15th April as the World Consumer Right Day.

 Purpose of World Consumer Right Day 2021 | Why is it observed?

World Consumer Right Day is an annual celebration to promote the importance of basic rights of the customers. The day is observed to spread awareness about the demand for protecting and respecting consumer rights and also protesting against the market abuses and injustice faced by the consumers.

Many campaigns and activities are organized on this day to achieve change and modification in the government policies in favour of consumers and also the behaviour of corporations towards the consumers. Each year a theme is associated with the celebration of the day to focus on specific problems at a time.

World Consumer Rights Day 2021 Theme

World Consumer Day is celebrated every year around the world. Every year a theme is associated with the observance to highlight the celebration and focus on a specific subject. The theme for the 2017 world consumer day was “Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust” and the theme for 2018 world consumer day was “Making digital marketplaces fairer”. #BetterDigitalWorld hashtag is used on social media to promote the day.

The theme for world consumer day 2019 was ‘Trusted Smart Products’. The theme for 2019 put the light on the rapid progress and usage of smart products such as voice-assisted devices, fitness trackers, smart TVs etc. and how they have managed to reach to the hands of the masses. World Consumer Right Day 2020 theme was “The Sustainable Consumer”. The theme for World Consumer Rights Day is not announced yet.

World Consumer Day Celebration, Activities

The WCRD is celebrated in many countries around the world by many individuals, organizations and government bodies. Various media conferences, summits, conventions are organized to discuss the problems faced by the consumers and to find the solutions. Various events are also organized to announce new ideas which can help the cause.

School, colleges and educational institutes organize various competitions like essay writing, speech, debates, quizzes to create awareness among the students. Various group discussions and seminars are held and addressed by industry experts to provide more knowledge about the consumer sector. Venues are decorated with posters, banners, slogans, and quotes about consumer rights.

World Consumer Rights Day Celebration in India

Consumers are an important part of any economy. Economically developing countries like India are progressing rapidly to create and sustain a healthy economy. And to create a healthy economy the consumers should be happy. In India, the National consumers day is celebrated on 24th December each year. There are several government bodies like Consumer Forum and campaigns like “Jago Grahak Jago” are introduced to create a healthy environment for the consumers to protect and respect their rights and also control the behaviour of businesses and corporations towards the consumers.


Consumers are the largest group of any economy and they affect and get affected by every public and private decisions. Consumers have the rights to receive quality goods and service for their money. Their problems should be heard and solved. There should be more awareness about the rights of the consumers for the betterment of such a large economic group. The World Consumer Right day is the step to do so. The day should be used to spread awareness and fight for the rights of the consumers.

Tips for Essay on World Consumer Rights Day 2021

  • An essay should be in a specific format like beginning with the introduction, then the main information and ending with the conclusion.
  • There are various types of essays. Study what type of essay you’re going to write and then start writing.
  • Use a dark inked pen to show impact.
  • The conclusion should be short yet meaningful. It is a summary of your essay.
  • Keep your essay neat and clean.
  • Keep your handwriting neat.

Tips for Speech on World Consumer Rights Day 2021

  • Never mug up the speech.
  • Read a lot about your topic.
  • Be accurate and updated with the dates, numbers, and statistics.
  • Practice in front of your friends, family members to improve confidence.
  • Be audible to the audience.
  • Use proper body language and gestures.
  • Maintain the proper flow of speech delivery.
  • Take pauses wherever necessary.
  • Don’t make your speech sound robotic.

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