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Vote of Thanks for Christmas Day in School, Home, Office

Vote of Thanks for Christmas Day in School, Home, Office

Christmas season is a happy season for everyone.  It is celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm. People give each other gifts, flowers, wish each other Merry Christmas. Kids wait for their secret Santa Claus for their gifts. They leave cookies at night for the Santa. People decorate their houses, offices, shops with colourful lights. A Christmas tree is installed in the homes and is decorated with beautiful lights, ornaments like crystal balls, candy canes, stalkings, etc. The atmosphere fills with happiness and some Christmas spirit. Hence we have written this vote of thanks for Christmas day celebration in school, home, office

Many Christmas parties, functions are organized in the schools, homes, offices. If you are planning to organize such a Christmas party at your home or Christmas function in your office or school, then you’ll need a small welcome speech for welcoming the guests for your party or function. Also, you’ll need a vote of thanks note, thank you note for thanking people for attending your function or party. Don’t worry, we have got you.

In this article, we have given you a sample vote of thanks for Christmas day celebration, function, party at your home, office, school. This vote of thanks will surely help you to put your gratitude into words for thanking your guest for attending the Christmas party, function, event. so let’s get started.

Vote of Thanks for Christmas Day Celebration in School, Home, Office

Thank you Note, Speech for Christmas Party at Home, Office

Hello, everyone. I hope you are enjoyed today’s Christmas party/function at our home/office. Christmas is the festival which should be celebrated with your loved ones. With people who you love and care for you and you feel the same for them. Feeling gratitude and not expressing is like wrapping a present and not giving it. Therefore, here I am standing in front of you with my heart filled with love and gratitude.

I would like to thank everyone for attending this Christmas party/function/event and adding charm by your presence. This party/function/event couldn’t have been successful without all of you. Thank you, everyone, for such lovely gifts. I’ll keep them close to my heart. 

Thank you, John, for making all the arrangements for the party. The food was delicious. I especially loved those spring rolls. I would like to thank David for playing such awesome music and get us grooving.  Thank you, Aunt Lisa, for those mouth-watering choco-chip cookies. Those are impeccable. Don’t forget to share the recipe with me. I would also like to thank Abhay for doing such amazing and beautiful decorations. I just loved that thing you did with the balloons and ribbons. 

It is rightfully said that happiness is only real when shared. I feel lucky that I have got you guys to share my happiness. Thank you again, everyone, for being here and participating in our happiness. Make sure you take the cake with you. Thank you so much.  Anchoring Script for Christmas Day at Home, Office & School

Vote of Thanks for Christmas Celebration Function at School

Good morning everyone. I am Ajay Chavan. No matter what language you speak, a kind and smiling “Thank You” always speaks to everyone’s heart. That’s why I am here to present the vote of thanks for today’s Christmas celebration.

First of all, I would like to thank our chief guest Mr. XYZ for attending the function and enlightening us with their presence.  Once again I would like to thank Mr. XYZ for taking out time from their busy schedule and attending the celebration at our school. Thank you so much. I would also like to thank our Principal Mr. ABC for permitting us the organizing this Christmas party. I want to thank all the teachers being here and guiding us for making this event successful.

I want to share my gratitude with all the parents present here. Thank you for taking some time out from your schedule and being here. I hope everyone had a good time. I would also like to thank the student committee who worked very hard to make this celebration successful. Also, thank you to all the students present here for attending the celebration. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I would also like thanks to the catering services for such excellent food and beverages. It was very appetizing. 5, 10, 15 Lines on Christmas Day, Xmas, Paragraph in English

It is rightly said by J. K. Kennedy,  “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” I would end my speech here. Thank you, everyone.

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