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India is a democratic republic country where the number of villages and towns is greater than the number of urban centres. Today we find that many people are leaning towards western culture and lifestyle. It includes an important factor called Urbanization. Urbanization in India is increasing rapidly. This article will provide you with information about Urbanization in India which you can use in for writing your essay on urbanization or to prepare a speech on urbanization in India. Let’s start.

Essay, Speech on Urbanization in India Trends, Problems, Effects

Beginning of Speech

Good morning honourable chief guest, respected principal, professors, and dear friends, we are living in a developing country. The progress in various fields is happening rapidly in our nation. This progress is converting rural India into urban India. I am here to deliver the speech on Urbanization in India. I will start my speech now.


Urbanization is the process which is converting the rural areas into urban centres of India. It is not a single field’s development or conversion. There are changes and developments in several fields like demographic, social, economic, technological and environmental aspects of life in a society. Things are changing from traditional to modern. The population is emerging to urban cities from rural areas. People are finding more opportunities and platform for showcasing their knowledge and talent. Urbanization means not only shifting of population from rural to urban areas but it means developing the rural areas too.

Urbanization has positive as well as negative both impacts on our country. It is developing the country as well as people. Towns are becoming cities and cities are converting into smart/digital cities. Industrialization is the second side of urbanization. The main occupation of India is seasonal agriculture. Many people are left jobless as agriculture is seasonal. Urbanization is growing industries in many areas and mostly these are urban areas. As the industries are growing, employment opportunities are also growing. This is one of the reasons because of which people are migrating to urban areas.

Effects of Urbanization in India

In rural areas, there is a lack of facilities and services of lifestyle. People are getting luxury and ease of life in urban cities. This is another reason for the migration of the population. As many people are migrating to urban areas; urbanization is becoming a need. Urbanization is resulting in the great growth of industrialization and migration of people. People are getting employed which is resulting in growth in the economy of our country.

Towns are becoming cities and cities with the development of infrastructure, the lifestyle of people, economy, employment opportunities, and education. Urban cities are also having the best educational institutes, hospitals, industries, shopping centres, and transportation. The standard of living is getting better in cities.

Problems with Urbanization in India

Urbanization is changing many factors of life than in rural areas. People are accepting western culture more than the Indian tradition. Because of this youth is feeling ashamed of accepting our traditional culture and they are leaned towards western culture. All the festivals and functions are changing with the modernization. Fashion is another point which attracts people towards urban cities. People out there are following our culture directly or indirectly and the people of our own country are leaving it behind and moving towards western culture. Because of all these facilities, people are shifting to urban areas which are resulting in growth in population in urban regions.

The population is migrating to cities and the houses in cities are tremendously costly which rural people cannot afford so they settle down in a small area of a city with some huts or small homes. This is increasing slum in cities. People start their life in cities and sometimes there is no mean for them to earn because they are not enough qualified. This leads them to beg for money. We see many beggars while going out somewhere at signals and out of temples etc.

Urbanization is making changes in our life and country but these changes are sometimes harming us indirectly. As industrialization is growing up, people are looking out for lands for building new industries; this results in cutting off trees, it is also increasing pollution. This is becoming the reason behind many new diseases. Concretization of roads is increasing. This is helping us in many ways but because of this also trees are vanishing. The number of road accidents is increasing. As the cities are getting crowded, the apartments for a living are growing. The forests are destroyed and everywhere there are only buildings and apartments.

The country is developing and coming up with the statistics of the world in economic, social and other fields. There are always two sides to everything in life. Urbanization is giving many things to top our country but simultaneously it is harming us in many ways. As people are behind getting successful and rich, some of them follow the wrong paths and do crimes like robbery, kidnapping etc.

The safety of people is also getting affected by this. The occupation is shifting from agricultural to non-agricultural. India’s main culture and tradition are getting vanished slowly. All these facts are in our hands. How we should keep our culture and tradition, how we should keep the balance in life. It is not like people should not get developed with the moving world but the tradition of our country should also be there.


Urbanization is helping our country in development and lifestyle. Also, it is harming us directly or indirectly in many ways. It is upon people how to take this thing and how to prevent self from these harms. Urbanization in India is a great step towards the country development.

Ending of Speech

We live in a democratic country where there are many opinions for any single thing or activity by people. Population accepts new trends and things easily without looking for the consequences of it. I would like to end my speech by requesting all of you to think and accept positive things around us and urbanization is one of those. Thank you for paying attention and listening to me.

Tips for Speech on Urbanization in India

  • Speech is not about mug up the script and speak, it is about sharing gown thoughts about the given topic.
  • Try being interactive while delivering the speech.
  • Be expressive with the emotions and gestures.
  • Try giving the speech in front of your family or friends for building up the confidence.

Tips for Essay on Urbanization in India

  • You can write an essay in the story format also.
  • Write your essay in three logical sections: introduction, detailed concept, and conclusion.
  • Use simple language while writing the essay.

Tips for Paragraph on Urbanization in India

  • An essay and the paragraph are similar only the length limit vary.
  • Try focusing on key points while writing the paragraph.
  • Explain your topic in short and give some related points in brief.

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