Is dating In Your Teenage Years the Right Thing To Do?

Is dating In Your Teenage Years the Right Thing To Do

It was only yesterday that you absolutely hated having anything to do with the opposite sex. And then when you got up one fine morning, all you ever wanted to do was spend time with that boy or girl who you just couldn’t stand up until last week. That’s the hormones and your teenage years coming into play, guiding you into matters of the heart.

There are butterflies fluttering in one part of your stomach while the other half is in knots because of the anxiety. You can almost imagine yourself looking like your favourite cartoon character which had the angel with the halo sitting on one shoulder and the devil on the other, with the spiked fork and lashing tail. Both of them whisper sweet nothings into your ears about what you should go about dating that boy or girl and if it is even right to do so. Then let’s see if it the right thing to date in your teenage years.

Dating In Teenage Years- Benefits, Facts, Disadvantages, Problems

The very first thing that you need to ask yourself is what exactly do you see yourself doing when you picture yourself going on a ‘date’ or rather what your perception of a date is. Girls generally start going all giggly and shy around boys once they reach the age of twelve or so and boys maybe when they are a year older. At least that is what was said by the American Academy of Pediatrics in their study on teenager dating.

If you are just beginning to enter this phase then it is quite normal to have your ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ sit next to you in your class or during lunch hours. It’s perfectly ok to spend more time with your special friend than you do with your girl gang or your boy squad. You are just beginning to explore the world of interacting with the other sex and of sharing stuff with them which earlier was the domain only of your BFFs.

It’s a healthy interaction and in fact, it makes you more social in your peer group as there is no shying away from talking to boys and girls now. It is also perfectly fine for you to have a special friend for a short period of time as you realize that you actually find him or her quite irritating of sorts and you make a new best friend soon. It’s completely understandable for you are just beginning to get comfortable about how boys and girls behave and getting rid of the awkwardness that you earlier felt in a one to one interaction.  How to deal with Unrequited, One-Sided Love? Signs & Success

If you are in the age group where you have been given the gift considered the ultimate one for your age, the cell phone, you probably are into the next phase of dating which involves texting each other and sending funny pics and emojis that include cute hugs and kisses.

You might even want to hold each others’ hands while hanging out at the mall or connect on social media since most teens this age are already on Instagram, Twitter and most definitely on Facebook. But this is where you must take a breath and pause for a second before you decide to get serious about the whole dating thing.

High school brings on a lot of pressure onto teens and we don’t mean only the literary pressure. It is the pressure of peer group acceptance where every second person sports a committed or into a relationship status on social media. You must ask yourself if you really like the person you are dating or is it out of your desire to keep up with your social circle. Are You In a Toxic Relationship? Here’s How to Find Out.

This is the stage where you tend to progress from dating to a romantic relationship where all you want to do is spend every living moment on this planet with your boyfriend and girlfriend and talk away into the night on your mobiles.

The angry glares from your parents seem to flare the desire to flout the talking on the phone timeline or getting back home in time deadline even more. Most teenagers feel that their feelings are something they cannot discuss with their parents, forgetting that most parents are in a ‘Been there done that’ position and can maybe help them sort out their confused and mixed feeling about dating. You Were Here – Tale of A Heart-Broken Girl

In fact, taking your parents into confidence at this level might even help you figure out if you have been acting like a total jerk in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is quite natural for you to be even physically attracted to your boyfriend or girlfriend at this stage and if you open your heart in front of your parents, they can guide you well and they will most certainly not trivialize the whole thing.

Rather than do something which you may regret later, you must level with your folks. And during your talks with your parents if they try to sneak in a little word of caution about how you must progress about this dating thing, trust us it’s for your own good that is stemming out maybe from their own experience. 9 Secret Hints to Know If A Girl Likes You

Also, it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep your academics on the back burner while you are in your dating phase. You never know the pretty girl sitting next to you might be totally into nerds or the handsome new admission in your class might want to join your study group!

I hope I put some light on dating in teenage years. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends. 🙂

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