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How to Fight the Rising Student Suicides in India?

How to Fight the Rising Student Suicides in India

“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, Give me another chance I wanna grow up once again”.

I am sure every teenager in India must have heard this song from the movie ‘3 Idiots’ and many could resemble with it while doing so. It has connected to youth because it portrays the pressure today’s teens and youth are facing while trying to prove themselves in the competition. The one laid by society, the one imposed by parents, by examples given and expectations laid.

I was shocked to read of this news last year (6th Jan 2019) about a medical graduate from Mumbai jumping from the 12th floor just before her exam. The suicide note she left behind was deeply saddening as the reason mentioned in it for taking this drastic step was not being prepared for the exam. Teenagers need to understand that life is not merely about the success or failure in a single exam. But is there a friendly environment when they can talk about their fears, their anxiety, and their failures comfortably? I don’t think so. In this article, we are going to talk about what solutions can be done to reduce and eventually stop suicides of students and teenagers in India and 

How to Fight the Rising Teenage, Students Suicides in India?

What Could be the Problems? – Causes of Suicides of Students and Teenagers

Though times are changing and institutes are focused on the overall development of children but our education system is still at the far extent from bringing out the best individual talent and support in developing it from career front. Family history about professions prevailed, businesses passed from generations and unfulfilled dreams of parents are still major deciding factors for teenagers to choose a profession.

This leads to disappointments of both parents and children in the long run if the expectations are not met or fulfilled. This sadly leads the youth to follow the wrong ideologies and end oneself rather than trying to overcome the odds and find ways out.

How Big the Problem is?

Suicide is a common cause of death between the age group of 15-29 years. It is a very sad state of our nation India to rank highest in the suicide rate among youth. The situation is so worse that almost every hour a student commits suicide. This is mainly due to examination pressure or low self-esteem. There is a significant increase in the suicide rate of teens including male, female and transgender of all communities. 

Experts feel that suicide is not always an impulsive decision and there could be warning signs which require attention. If children are often saying negative statements about themselves or self-harm and there’s an increase in frequency day by day then it should not be ignored. 7 Ways to Deal with Your Anger in Your Teenage

In the opinion of Dr Rajesh Sagar, professor, department of psychiatry, AIIMS, Delhi; instead of overlooking these signs as attention-seeking tactics or not taking them seriously, it is important to be vigilant to these signs as they may be desperate cries for help by the child or teenager. Battling The Demons of Mental Health In The Corona Pandemic

The youth of India has become less tolerant like never before. With instant answers on the internet (that are not given a second thought), not being able to accept failure, be it in academics or non-acceptance of love from a person of the opposite sex they like; teenagers often give in and find the astonishing easy way out. Yes! Many of them commit suicide, ending their precious life…

How to Fight it? – Possible Solution to Reduce to Suicides of Students and Teenagers

This needs to be changed..! The youth needs to be made strong emotionally to tackle failure and depression. Proper guidance from parents, elders, and teachers since childhood and at appropriate times can play a vital role and make them feel understood and accepted.

If awareness about anger management, stress management, depression handling, and anxiety-related disorders is made to the teenagers at school and college levels with equal importance to academics; it would be a stepping stone in strengthening the youth of the nation. How to Effectively Deal with Depression As A Student?

Parents need to be compassionate towards their children and give them the liberty to chase their dreams. Of course, sharing of concerns and experiences in a healthy manner can be done but it should not be forcing of some kind as they want to see their own dreams fulfilled by their ward.

“No failure is permanent and no success is final”. If the youth of India realizes this and their energy is channelized in the proper direction, the one which they like, the one of their choice; then I am sure newspapers would have less of those sad and shocking suicide news and more of success stories.

Before taking any drastic step in life teenagers need to understand that ‘Life gives us many opportunities to correct our mistakes, to try and succeed but what’s more important in itself is that we are alive to rectify them and grab a life of our dreams.’ 11 Secret Benefits of Meditation for Students & Adults

I hope you liked this article. If you have any thoughts about this article, then please let us know in the comment section below. Please share this article with your friends and family. You never know, you can save a life. Thank you. 🙂

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