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Best Speech on Pollution Types, Causes, Effects in English

Best Speech on Pollution Types, Causes, Effects in English

Pollution is one of the major problems faced by our world and we are kind of aware of the problems and reasons for the pollution be it water, air, soil or noise pollution. However, what we usually do not know is the systematic manner in which it brings upon the destruction of this environment we are living in. In this article, we have given you the information about pollution, it’s types, causes, effects, solutions and control measures etc. This information will help you in preparing a speech on pollution. Let’s start.

Speech on Pollution Types, Causes, Effects in English for Students

Note: We have tried to make this speech pollution an interactive one. Your audience will focus more if you interact with them. In this speech rather than giving too much of stats, we focused on emotional or inspirational quotient.

We always expect the government to do things, yes, they supposed to do their things. But don’t we have our responsibility too. Why don’t we adopt environmental friendly products and why we still litter on road, why we still mix up dry and wet garbage? No matter how much awareness one spreads people don’t do it? Why?

In today’s greedy world everyone wants something out of everything. People think that they don’t get anything in return directly from a pollution-free environment. Generally, this feeling, emotion or behaviour of people considered negative but if it is used constructively it can help us to clean up existing pollution from India.

A few months back we saw a dreadful accident clip on youtube where more than a dozen vehicles crashed into each other on Delhi expressway. This happened due to unprecedented smog levels. That day visibility on road was less than 10 meters, means vehicle drivers were not able to see more than 10 meters ahead of them. Several people died in this accident. Where this smog came from?

Some might not know so let me tell you, SMOG is a combination of fog and smoke. Smoke which gets released by millions of vehicles in Delhi and nearby place mixes with the smoke of burned wheat husks by farmers in Punjab and Haryana; it combined with morning fog. Generally, people say pollution does not affect us directly but in this case, we saw a real, brutal direct effect of pollution. This incident, the death of people is still not enough for the people of India to think, to act against pollution.

Pollution has indirect effects too, air pollution cause respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, asthma and even lung cancer. Inhaling this polluted air has reduced average human life expectancy in India. Our parents had a chance to play with their grandparents, but our grandchildren might not have that chance. Earlier people used to get sick due to old age when they used to cross the age of 75 etc. Nowadays it reduced to 55 years and with present pollution, lifestyle, stress, and depression it will come down to the age of 40. A lot of children nowadays have low eyesight, they need to use specs at a tender age 2 or 3.

Same way soil pollution, water pollution brought us several life-threatening diseases. Our land is getting barren day by day because of disproportionate use of chemical fertilizers which make makes it barren over time. Later these farmers can’t reap good crops from their fields and they kill themselves as they can’t pay their debt. Increase farmer suicide rate in rich states like Maharashtra is a raising alarm, still, we ignore it. Essay on Environment, Pollution, Importance, Speech Article

There very simple things which we ignore causes pollution. We use a lot of paper for printing newspapers, books etc. Millions of trees are cut across the world to make paper. These trees are our first level protectors from the pollution and we are cutting them. We are destroying the jungle for building roads and homes.

We throw away a lot of food, restaurants also throw away a big amount of cooked food daily. A lot of resources gets wasted because of this. There is a growing trend of cosmetic food going on, mainly in urban places and western countries. People want to buy only those fruits and vegetable which are symmetric in shape and which looks good. Because of this a lot of fruits and vegetables are thrown away. In America, they throw a humongous amount of such fruits and vegetable. This amount of so huge that with this product one can feed the whole African continent.

Today all this information is available over the internet, I also go all of this from there only. What I am trying to say is If I can get then everyone can get. We all have smartphones and an internet connection, we download music, watch videos, use social media on it. Why don’t we read about pollution, it’s causes and effects, solutions, initiatives taken?

Governments try to bring new rules and policies like recently the Indian government banned plastic bags. But still, people don’t participate voluntarily in such cause voluntarily. So, in this case, the government and people need to come together and create a solution which is beneficial for both.

Do you know that in Europe there is a country called Sweden, they buy thousands of tonnes of waste from England? Sounds crazy right, why someone will buy waste from another country? It is because Sweden recycles its waste completely and creates different raw materials and energy from it. Sweden makes money from its waste.

Same techniques can be applied in developing countries like India too. One thing for sure is we don’t need to buy waste from another country as we already have trillions of tonnes of waste in our country. There is a simple rule in business, where is a problem there is a business.

The government needs to open channels to turn waste into money. Say if they open a waste collection centre where people get paid for segregated waste. People will not throw away their trash, they will come to the collection point and sell their waste. This is one simple solution likewise we need to learn from Sweden, Singapore, and Japan. They use different techniques to keep their country clean. The government needs to invest in research not only in waste management but on how to make money from it.

People in the country like Norway buy more electric cars than fuel-based cars. Norwegian government’s green policies and supporting infrastructure made this possible. India is also taking baby steps toward introducing electric cars in India. The Indian government has the plan to have 40% of electric vehicles in the country by the year 2030.

This is good intuitive and needs to be implemented correctly. India needs to build infrastructure for electric vehicles mainly charging points. They also need to give subsidies to attract people towards eco-friendly cars and bikes option. Some of the Indian state governments are giving such subsidies and it is a good sign.

People will not participate in the eradication of pollution until and unless they get something from it. We need to use this behaviour to the nation’s advantage and build some parallel solution on top of it. I am also part of this nation, you are too and we do have this common tendency, but no one will accept it. It’s time to accept it then only we can build something out of it.

I wish to see a pollution-free, healthy and happy India, it will not happen on its own, I need to do something, we need do something and today I take a pledge that I will do whatever I can do in my capacity to make it happen. This speech is my small effort in this direction.

Note: This is a 1000 plus words long speech, you may need to have a smaller speech of say 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 or 700 words, in this case, you can summaries some paragraphs as per your need. In the case of bigger speech like 1200, 1500 words you can take content from the essay part. For younger kids of class 1,2,3,4; you can check this – 10 Lines on Pollution in English

Tips for Speech on Pollution

Delivering a speech on a stage is a nightmare for many people. Here in this section, we are giving you some best tips for delivering a speech on pollution. Let’s go.

  • The best way to make your speech perfect is by delivering it with confidence. So to make your speech on pollution successful practice your speech in front of your friends, family members, and even in front of the mirror. It will help you to gain confidence.
  • Use suitable hand gestures and body language while delivering your speech on pollution. But it should come naturally, do not overdo it or else looks comedic.
  • It’s a speech about pollution, so gather all the latest data, statistics about the pollution. Collect data by watching documentaries on the given topic, go through various initiatives taken across the world (e.g. Beat Plastic Pollution).
  • Visual content helps you to recall the information comparatively easily.
    Deliver your speech with confidence. Do not mumble.
  • Even if you make mistake or fumble, do not stop. Even elder people make mistakes while delivering a speech, it can happen. Correct the mistake and keep going.
  • Be loud enough to be audible to the audience but do not burst your lungs either.

If you liked this speech on pollution, types, causes, effects, solutions then please let us know in the comment section below.

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