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Speech on Motivation, Inspiration for Students, Youth

Speech on Motivation, Inspiration for Students, Youth

In this article, we are giving you a simple and straightforward yet powerful, motivational speech for students, and youth. Here we are talking about Self Motivation, Discipline, Confidence, Inspiration, Money, Success, Happiness, Life and all that fall in between. This speech might be the inspirational dose you are looking for. Let’s get started then, shall we?

Powerful Speech on Motivation, Inspiration for Students, Youth- Make Your Own Story

You have taken the first step, congratulations. You are reading this means you wanna do something, but you don’t know what or how. That’s absolutely okay at this point in time. At least you are trying, that’s a good sign. Millions of people don’t even realize that they need a dose of inspiration. They are swamped by their routine. On another hand, you chose to take a step, Congratulations buddy. Seriously, millions of people don’t even reach this phase of their life.

What I am going to tell you today is little different than famous self-help books or motivational speakers, or not, I don’t know. This worked for me so I can talk about it. Isn’t this how it supposed to be? We tend to get inspired by others, say a quote, a book, a movie, a person and a lot of such things can motivate, inspire one. But “You”, yourself are the best source of motivation. People don’t realize this as we kind of taught to get motivation from others.

Rather than looking outside, look inside. You may or may not control outside thing, but you can have complete control of yourself. If you decide you can do anything, yes anything. Do you want to lose weight? Yes, You can. Do you want to get rich? Yes, You can. Do you want to happy? Yes, you can…

Nothing is impossible in this world, all that matters is how badly you want it.- SueNil

Use your failure, struggle as inspiration, fight against it. If things are not working, change methods and try again. If you don’t try or stop trying, one thing is sure that you will never get it. So, what you will choose, defeat or one more chance? Think.

Everyone has the same brain, but everyone trains them differently; consciously or unconsciously. We all have the same potential, some people use it and some don’t. Which side do you want to be? Some people have excuses for everything. Some people just do it, they fail, stand up and try again. They don’t stop until they reach there, and they never stop after that too.

Remember life is a journey, it’s not a destination. It rule applies to everything. Relationships, happiness, trust; it’s a lifetime journey, it is not a one-time thing. It doesn’t work like that.

Have you seen a sine wave? See this picture, it looks like this. This wave represents our life, there will be crest and troughs, or you can also say valleys. You got to live and survive through both, both are inevitable. But there is a rule to handle this wave of life. Do not overreact when you in a positive phase of life and do not lose it all when you are in a negative phase of life. Both times will pass for sure, you should be ready for both and try to make best out of the situation.

See, there is no magic formula here. Its life, it is complicated and it is simple at the same time. It is up to you how you want it. But if you don’t play this game, you are not going to win for sure. You might fail sometimes, that’s part of the game. You will not find a single successful person, businessman, leader, an athlete who hasn’t fail. They are there because they fought through failures. Do not just make them a role model for their end results, study their struggle, and understand their journey.

And ultimately you will find it’s all same, only forms and shapes changes. We all need to make difficult choices, we all need to work hard to get something in life. It might sound heavy, but you will not understand it until and unless you actually do it.

So, take baby steps, start something. If you want to hit the gym or lose weight, stop, don’t jump right away. Take baby steps, at least try to do basic stretching in the morning, have a sleep schedule, portion control your food. Hit the gym once you discipline yourself. You can use this process for anything, it can be applied to study, relationship or anything. Take a pause for a minute or two and think about it.

Remember, whoever created us God, Mother Nature, Evolution, Science or The Big Bang for that matter, He, She, It must not have created us to be miserable, right? Will you create something complicated like a human to look ugly and be measurable? No, right?

Then move your ass from that couch and do something…..

If you want to do something in your life, you got to dream it first. It can be ridiculously big, others may laugh at it, but you got to have a dream. Do not dream of some petty things, dream big. Do not think about how to achieve it at this point in time. A dream, which will have all that you ever wanted, it can be a mansion, a sports car or a happy life or all. Your dream should be like that when you think about it you should forget everything, all your pain, sorrows, and problems.

Now, the main question, how to achieve it. You cannot fulfil your dream if you just keep dreaming. Move to next step now. Set a Goal. Ask yourself, how much, how many and when you want it? It is very important to set targets, then only you can plan it. Note down what you want and draw a timeline. Be a little realistic, you need to consider what all you need to do to achieve your targets. You might need to learn something, you might to move somewhere, and there will be responsibilities on your shoulders. You need to think about all of these aspects and decide the timeline. Give a 20% margin on timelines. Now you know what you want, how much you want and when you want it. Then what are you are waiting for? Wake up, Stand up and Go Get it.

For most people, money is the definition of success. I am not pessimistic, I don’t have a problem with that. Money is very important, no second opinion on that. There are millions of things you can buy with money. You can travel, you can enjoy different facilities and services. But there are some things you cannot buy with money. You got to understand one thing, the ultimate emotion, feeling humans strive for is Happiness or Contentment. You can buy pleasure with money but Money can’t buy Happiness.

Money can get you friends, but not friendship. You may get a picture-perfect life partner, but money can’t guarantee true love. It is very difficult to make someone understand this if they don’t want to understand. It’s all up to you. Remember, Money is like fuel in the car, not the destination. You must have heard this thousand times, but it’s true. Life is a journey, enjoy every day, every minute of it.

You have everything you ever wanted, desire, passion, skills; all that left to do is; believe in yourself. Success, happiness is different for everyone, do not copy others; Make Your Own Story.

If you find this Motivational, Inspiration Speech helpful, let us know your views in comments, we like to hear from you. Share this speech with your friends who need that little dose of motivation, they will thank you later for this. 🙂

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  • I really like this dose of inspiration, so precise… I believe everyone came across some situation when they do look inside for answers. Look inside…had complete control of yourself ….try all methods until you find the one which help you achieve your goal …dream big…walk with faith, hope.. set the target… take steps towards it ….some of best words. That sine wave e.g. was perfect . Truly inspiring