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Essay on Selfie Addiction, Selfitis, Causes, Effect, Article

Essay on Selfie Addiction, Selfitis, Causes, Effects, Article

Selfie is the latest trend in teenagers, hundreds of people are risking their lives to take a selfie which will fetch them more likes, sadly a large portion of students and youth are facing selfie addiction and they don’t even know about it. Schools, colleges can introduce this topic essay, speech, debate competitions or group discussion to spread awareness about selfie addiction its causes and effects. Here we have given a sample essay on Selfie Addiction, Advantages and disadvantages of Selfie Craze. Information is given in essay format but with little modification, you can use if writing a speech, article or for paragraph writing. Let’s take a look.

Essay On Selfie Addiction Among Students, Youth, Selfitis Condition

First and foremost question is can we call it the selfie addiction? The answer is Yes and NO. Yes, because a person who takes selfie get a habit of repetition, finds it difficult to stop or control it. But at the same time, there are no medical symptoms or diagnosis available for Selfie Addiction. “Addiction” word is used here metaphorically. It means the craze, fad, mania among the young generation, students, especially among teenagers.

Before understanding the advantages and disadvantages or good and bad sides of selfie addition we need to understand what is a selfie and selfie addiction, its origin, meaning etc. Some recent studies by the American Psychiatric Association actually confirmed that constantly taking selfies is a mental disorder, going as far as to term the condition “Selfitis”.

What is a Selfie and Selfie Addiction or Selfitis

In short, selfies means self-portrait typically taken with a front camera of a smartphone with hand or with help of selfie stick. The main reason one takes a selfie is to post it on famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or share it on WhatsApp. Sometimes people use timers but most of the times take a selfie right away. When you take a self-portrait with a group of friends or people it is called as “Groupie”. “Selfie” was declared the word of the year by Oxford English dictionary in the year 2013.

Selfie addiction or Selfitis can be described with a chain of actions, starting from the obsessive compulsion of taking own pictures while doing anything, posting it on social media to get likes and comments. It also includes the frustration and anger of not getting a ‘perfect’ selfies and not getting the desired number of likes and comment. And In some cases, selfie addicted person can indulge in self-harm for not getting it. How Does Social Media Affect Your Relationship?

History of Selfie

In 1839, American photographer Robert Cornelius took daguerreotype (the old method of taking photos) of himself, which was also a first photograph or a person ever taken. Technically it is a first selfie taken in the whole world. Self-photo or portrait is not a new thing, with help of new cameras people have taken it, but the word “Selfie” was not used for it. It was first used Dr Karl Self-Serve Science Forum’, a post by Nathan Hope mentioned “…..And sorry about the focus, it was a selfie.” Hope described selfie was a common local Australian slang to describe the picture of yourself.

Sony Ericsson Z1010 was the first mobile phone with a front-facing camera which was released in 2003. Since then the Selfie trend started slowly and picked up worldwide in the last couple of years. Word Selfies became so common that the Oxford English Dictionary declared it as “Word of the Year” in 2013.

Now famous social networking platforms encourage users to take selfies. The selfie trend is used in politics and government campaigns too. Indian Prime Minister started a “Selfie with Daughter” campaign in India, which was very successful. Currently, we see advertisements from various brands to take a selfie with a loved one for this year’s valentine day. Celebrities, politicians, adults, illiterate, teenagers, kids everyone takes selfies and groupies now. It has reached to Space and Mars too. Astronauts also take selfies in space and Mars Rover took a selfie on Mars. It is becoming a staple diet for marketing strategies.

Advantages of Selfie

Selfie itself is harmless to anyone, its the addiction surrounded to it can be a problem. There are some good and some bad sides to it. Here are some positive points about selfies.

Boosts Confidence

When people take a selfie and post it on social media they get likes and shares. It makes them feel good about themselves. People who generally don’t express themselves can express their emotions through it. Introvert people find it difficult to interact with other people, selfies give them a chance to express themselves without leaving their comfort zone. All in all, it can boost the confidence of people for some time. Would You Prefer A World With Or Without Social Media Essay

Capturing the Moment

People take more selfies than a typical photo, it is quick and trendy. You don’t need a photographer or an expensive digital camera to take a selfie. Selfies bring that convenience and control. So people capture more moments in their life.

Nowadays almost every smartphone has a front-facing camera. There are few companies promoting their smartphones as “Selfie Expert”. These smartphone makers adding built-in filters, make it easy to share selfies directly on social media platforms.

Disadvantages, Negative Points of Selfie Addiction

Every coin has two sides, though selfies in itself is a harmless thing, peoples’ behaviour around it adds negative connotations to it.

Risking Life

There are hundreds of reported deaths because of selfies. People go to dangerous places like cliffs, sea, building tops etc to take a selfie which will give them more likes. And sometimes an accident happens. This Selfie craze is also rampant in Indian teenagers. A lot of teenagers died while taking a selfie at dangerous places. These dangerous selfies are also called as Killfie or Selficide. Essay On Social Media Addiction, Causes, Effects, Solutions

Experience vs Photo

We find people taking selfies with food, scenery and almost everything. Rather than enjoying the food, place or experience people prefer a selfie first. This is making subtle but a big impact on teenagers brain, they are enjoying photo than the experience. What’s FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) & Social Media Anxiety?


There is an unspoken competition between friends to post a selfie which gets more likes. Peer pressure makes them do risky things to stay ahead of the competition. If they don’t get expected likes over social media then they feel bad about themselves. This can lead to depression too.


Is selfie good or bad? The answer totally depends on the person, not on a photo. It depends on us, how crazy we are for a selfie, how much importance we are giving to it. There is nothing bad in taking selfies but one should not allow this addiction to take control of our senses.

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