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New Year 2021 Speech In English For Students, School, Party

New Year 2021 Speech In English For Students, School, Party

Here in this post, we have given you sample speeches for students for the new year function, celebration, party in school, home or office. It is the evening where our friends, family or colleagues meet and have a good time. You can use your welcome or thank your speech to appreciate, inspire them. Let’s take a look.

New Year 2021 Speech In English For Students at Home, School, Office Party

Following are sample speeches for new year celebration at the office/workplace. You as CEO, Director or Senior level manager should use this new year celebration event as an opportunity to appreciate, inspire your employees. It is a good time of year, everyone is in the party mood, make their day by appreciating them. Do not discuss negative things this evening, there are 364 more days for that. You can also update them with companies progress or make some announcements etc (but keep it light, don’t let it sound like a board meeting). Here goes the speech.

New Year Speech in English for Students in School Function

Nowadays even schools and colleges celebrate a new year. So if you are a Principal, Dean, HOD then here is a sample speech for you. You can use this speech to share last year achievements and plan for the next year.

Good afternoon all, allow me to wish you a happy new year first. 2020 was a very disturbing year for all of us. We won several national level competitions. Four of our students selected in the national team in various categories, kudos to them. I am delighted to tell you that all of the teachers/ lecturers are now XYZ certified. ABCD school/college is recognized for quality education, and we are making sure that we are not just up to date but ready for the future too.

We are planning to welcome 2021 with new digital courses for students. There is good news, these courses are totally free and on completion of this course, you will get 4 credit points. We are planning to improve the sports facilities too. We encourage sport along with academics.

Remember a new year signifies a new opportunity to start over. Forget the backlashes, failures and aim towards excellence. We ABCD school will be always with you on your journey towards success.

Finally, I am fortunate to find myself among such talented teachers and bright students. Let us grow together. Once again let me wish you all a happy new year. I hope this year will bring happiness and success in all of our life.

New Year Speech at Office Party for Employees

Good evening All,
Before leaving 2020 behind let me take the opportunity on this new year celebration night to thank you all. Over the year we saw some good some bad things, but we not just survived but we excelled. We bagged 17 big client deals, we expanded to 4 new states and our sales are the best ever. We established ourselves as the leader in the electronics manufacturing industry in India. All this success is because of you people, so, Thank You. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There is much more to do and we will. Today we are here to celebrate the new year and new opportunities it will bring. This demands hard work and we are ready for it. Aren’t we?

We have successfully established industry standard procedures and policies which will help us all to succeed this year too. But we need to work together, leaving behind politics, limiting policies. It is my new year resolution and promises to create a healthy environment where we all can strike the balance between work and life. Together we will achieve the best for all. Let’s make this year our year. Have fun, and I will see you in 2021.

New Year Speech for Friends and Family Party / Celebration

Hello, friends and family. It is a new years eve once again, let us take this eve as an opportunity to thank and appreciate each other. We tend to ignore this in our daily life, we got assignments, deadlines, and target to achieve. In all this, we forget to look around and appreciate people who keep us running. This year let us make a resolution to acknowledge them who stands behind us no matter what, who love us unconditionally.

On this eve of the new year celebration, I would like to thank my family, especially my wife who not just take care of home and children but have a successful career too. I am really proud of you (Name). I really don’t know how you manage it. I think I need to take a couple of management lessons from you. I would also like to thank all my friends who stood behind me when I was going through a financial problem. Thank you, buddies. So, raise the toast for all of us and welcome the new year.

This is a bit of formal family and friends new year party speech. Here in this speech, we are talking about professional life and related issues like work-life balance etc. New year eve is a great time to appreciate those who stand behind us, we generally miss it in our rat race or sometimes we want to say it but don’t know how to. Make this new year speech your medium to convey your message. Check the following sample speech.

This is not necessarily a welcome message, this speech can be used for home, office, school, and other new year parties.

Inspiring New Year Speech, Message

There are days which are embossed in our memory, our graduation day, first child, wedding, buying a dream home. Let us do something different this time, let us make this new year ever a memory for a lifetime.

A new year brings new expectations and goals and let’s not forget new challenges too. Forget the past failures, this new year is a new opportunity to start over. Let’s find confidence in ourselves, let us create a possibility to achieve all that you and your family always dreamed of.

Allow me to stop on this positive note and welcome you all to new year bash. I wish you a successful, confident and happy life. Thank You.

Let us know if you liked these speeches for new year event, function, celebration, party at home, school or office. We will be delighted to know that.

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