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National Flag History, Importance, Essay, Paragraph, Speech

National Flag History, Importance, Essay, Paragraph, Speech

A flag is a piece of a fabric cloth that is used as a symbol, decoration or sending signals, messages. Any person can make a flag for any reason or any occasion. But as a country, we have only one standard flag called as a ‘Tiranga’ or a ‘Tricolor’ which represents India or Indians across the Globe. In this article, we going to talk about the national flag, its history, importance in the form of an essay, paragraph, speech.

Essay on National Flag, Tricolour History, Importance, Paragraph, Speech

The Indian flag is the symbol of our freedom, national pride, and history. Millions have died for our National flag, we should uphold its glory by all the means. Whenever we look at the Flag, it feels so beautiful we feel so many different things such as honour, patriotism, freedom, pride, safety, Goosebumps and thankfulness that’s the power of the National flag.

Our National flag can be seen on buildings, forts, Parliament houses, Government or public-serving building etc. Later every common citizen of India was allowed to hoist the flag over their homes, office, factories etc on any day. There is flag standee seen in the individual’s car which shows how much they love their country.

We celebrate our national holidays with great pride, we decorate the school, college buildings with the Tricolour all over. Wear Tiranga sarees, dresses and clothes. Children’s love wearing the Flags or Tricolor badges on their pockets depicting the love for the country. On this day we salute our national flag with patriotism. There are also different ways in which this National day can be celebrated.

We also get overwhelmed when we see Our National Flag rising high when some Indian wins an Olympic Medal or a World cup. It makes us feel prouder, we roam around on bikes with our flags to show our respect to that athlete who had done such great work for our country, the atmosphere everywhere is totally different. But what after the functions or the events like this we see the flags fallen on floor or grounds, as a responsible citizen it is our duty to pick up the flag and keep it with us and later dispose of it properly. we should always give our best in safeguarding the pride and honour of our Flag.

The Indian National Flag itself is an inspiration for all of us since childhood, we rise above our religion, politics or the region where we belong. It reminds us of the duty towards the nation we should always safeguard it.

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