9 Popular Motivational Hindi Movies for Indian Teenagers

9 Popular Motivational Hindi Movies for Indian Teenagers
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Films always have a great impact on our lives. Movies help us to step out from our daily life and take a tour of another world, another journey. Movies leave a lasting impact on our lives and some movies are made to motivate us to get our ass off the couch and work for our dream. Here is a list of such motivational and inspirational movies which will motivate the sh*it out of you. Let’s see them.

9 Popular Motivational Hindi Movies for Indian Teenagers


The movie has the lead character Rohan coming back home to a six-year-old half brother whose existence was till then unknown to him. A constant battle between a strict father who has his own ideas about Rohan’s life and career and his own teenage, Rohan surprisingly finds an ally and a friend in his little brother.

While engineering is the way of life which his father wishes to finalize for him, Rohan wants to break the conventions and become a writer, to the chagrin of his father. Ronit Roy as the father and Rajat Barmecha as Rohan, convincingly portray their roles with finesse in Udaan and give you a lot to think about. Why parents misunderstand teenagers?


Based on the true story of Dashrath Manjhi, also known as the Mountain man, the movie showcases his life and struggles as he challenges a mighty mountain. Working hard for 22 years, he manages to carve a road in the mountain which becomes a blessing for his villagers. Nawazuddin Siddiqui played the role of Manjhi and impressed audience while giving some great life lessons.



Facing a rejection every time she applies for a job as a school teacher, a woman with Tourette’s syndrome never gives up on her dream. She manages to get the teachers’ job in the same school where she was a student once but is handed over the most notorious class in the school. Taming the rebels with her unconventional teaching methods and pushing them to excel, Rani Mukherji as the protagonist inspires you to keep an open mind towards life. The movie gives out the message loud and clear: an ailment should never be a deterrent in you following your passion.


Indian women have it in them to give everything for their country. They are no less than Indian men when it comes to sacrificing everything for the honour and pride of India. Sehmat, played by Alia Bhatt, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to risking her life acting as the undercover RAW agent in Pakistan. The movie is based on the novel ‘Calling Sehmat’ by Harinder Sikka, which makes for a fabulous read itself.


When his wife uses a dirty cloth during her menstrual cycle, his love for her and concern for her health drives Laxmikant Muruganatham, played by Akshay Kumar, to go on a journey of discovering an affordable solution. Ostracized by society and even his wife, he does not stop until he finds an economic and safe solution for women who shy away from using pads during their periods. The Bollywood movie was based on a true story of Muruganatham, who continues to inspire people in real life as well.


In a country where hygiene is not given paramount importance, especially in villages, one man stands up to change the system and challenges bureaucracy. Along with fighting the system, he also works towards educating the society about the health consequences of defecating in the open. Played by Akshay Kumar, the character of Keshav is out on a mission to get his wife into a house with a toilet!

Secret Superstar

The story of a teenage girl with big dream hiding under a burqa to continue singing on the internet, Secret Superstar is a movie which pushes you to keep on following your dreams and to believe in yourself. Success comes to those who keep at it despite the hardships that present themselves. Battling the cultural setbacks and an abusive father, Insia played by young actress Zaira Wasim, manages to bring a smile on your face while you strive hard to hold back tears.


Diljit Dosanjh brings to life the story of Sandeep, a hockey player whose hockey career comes crashing down when a stray gunshot accidentally hits him and leaves him paralyzed from waist below. He overcomes his disability and makes a comeback into the hockey world, eventually leading India to a spectacular win.

Mary Kom

Who doesn’t know Mary Kom and her sports achievement but watching her story and her journey in a movie is a different experience altogether. The story inspires one to go for one’s passion without being bogged down the world. Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom inspires all women who wish to pursue sports as a career.


Women have been excelling in sports since long but what is even more endearing in this movie is how the father of four girls takes it on him to make his girls realize their potential in a sport like wrestling. Breaking all stereotypes, the father and daughters inspire women and parents alike. Aamir Khan as the doting yet strict father leaves a strong impact on the audience in the movie.

So, that was it guys. If you want to suggest some more motivational movies for teenagers then write them down in the comment section below. Share this article with your friends and plan to watch these movies to get pumped up with motivation. Thank you. 🙂

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