11 Most Overrated Things Among Indian Teenagers

most overrated things in indian teenagers youth

I think being a teenager is not about your age it’s about your thinking and attitude. I have seen a few teenagers who are very serious about their career and at the same time, I have seen many adults doing stupid things and acting irresponsibly. Our society mocks teenagers for not being responsible, sensible, and career-oriented. But I think it’s not correct. This behaviour of teenagers is natural. Although the behaviour of teenagers is natural, there are many things about them which are extreme and overrated. Here are some of the overrated things among Indian teenagers. Let’s take a look at them.

11 Most Overrated Things Among Indian Teenagers

Teenagers’ extreme and impulsive behaviour is the part of the physical, psychological and sociological changes they go through. They love to experiment with things and they adopt new things quickly. That curiosity takes over their minds.  We are not stereotyping teenagers rather we are showcasing what is actually happening around in Indian teenagers lifestyle. So what are those things which are mostly over-rated amongst Indian teenagers?

Brand Obsession

Today’s Indian teenagers are highly obsessed with brands. This obsession mostly comes from their friends. Buying expensive, branded things have become a cool thing and they do it to keep up with friends and flaunt it. If you have any teenager around you, you must have come across similar statements like following-

“My friend bought iPhone 7, I should buy it too”,  
“CCD is too cheap, let’s go to Starbucks”
“Hey did you saw that sexy top in Forever 21”
“Yaar… I am tired of clicking pictures from this phone, I need a DSLR”

Slang Language

Using slang especially from English has become a cool thing now for Indian teenagers. I have seen girls calling “Bi**h” to each other on Facebook. The super excessive use of “F**k word. Using AFin almost every status update “Bored AF”, “Sleepy AF” which is the abbreviation of“As F**k”. S*it, Bull*shit, A**hole, the list goes on. Not only Indian teenagers but even famous humour based websites also use words like “something AF”, then why to call names to teenagers only. Even the media does the same. Isn’t it?

Facebook Affection

This is becoming a thing now. They write long posts about Mothers Day, Fathers Day and post them on social media but in reality don’t even wish their parents the same (even adults are doing it though). They post statuses about humanity, philosophy, literature and whatnot which are usually just forwarded messages. They tweet about #PrayforParis but ignore floods in India. Changing Facebook profile picture with coloured filters without knowing what it means is also an example of that. Here’s our detailed article about Social Anxiety and FOMO which sheds light on the topic.


Being in a relationship is something to flaunt around for Indian teenagers these days. If you are not dating someone, then you are not cool. Having a boyfriend or girlfriends has become a status measure. Instagram has become the place to post photos with your GF/BF, which you cannot do on Facebook. (because of parents and relatives 😛 )It also comes with posting emotional stuff about love, life, trust and whatnot. Posting emotional updates, removing WhatsApp DP after the fights with GF/BF, “Luv Suckzz”, “Lyf Suckzz is all part of that.


“But first, let me take a selfie” Selfies have taken Indian as well as the youth around the world by storm. Taking selfies has become a must thing, even when it puts life in danger by clicking selfies near mountain cliffs, waterfalls, and even wild animals. This fad is not restricted to teenagers now. Even grown-ups are doing it. And these selfies come with POUTS!

Grammar Nazis

Well, Grammar Nazi is the word for people who obsessively correct grammar and spelling mistakes of others on social media. Helping people is a good thing but doing this for the sake of making them look miserable on social media is another thing.

Love For Western Music Bands

It’s good to have a global choice for the music but I have seen many guys boasting that they listen only western music and Indian music is crap. This affection towards western music is a real thing in urban Indian teenagers. Many of you must have heard the recent news of Coldplay India Tour and how it made people go crazy. Learning for different cultures is really amazing but attending concerts to click pictures for Instagram is the next level of stupidity.

Following Western Trends

Many Indian teenagers follow westerns trends without knowing the meaning or reason behind them. From  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, No Shave November, Don’t Judge Challenge, Dabbing, Watch me whip Watch Me Nae Nae, Harlem Shake to whatnot. There’s no harm in doing so but some trends have got them into trouble such as Extreme Selfie Challenge and Blue Whale Challenge.


“Dude, Tere Paas Hardwell Concert Passes Hai Kya?”
“Bro, Tu Nucleya Aa Raha Hai Kya?”
“Yaar… Tomorrowland Jana Hai Yaar…”

EDM was introduced in India a few years back and it has successfully captured a vast amount of Indian youth’s attention. Nowadays teenagers want to attend EDM concerts which have very expensive entry passes. I know the following music is a good thing but doing it just to show off in your friend circle is not cool.

TV Series

India is the second-largest country where 12% population is English speaking, so naturally English TV series have become the part of Indian teenagers’ life. Although there are few people who watch it on TV when it is broadcasted, while a majority of them download them from torrent sites and some of them watch it on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.  You’ll feel left out if you are the only one who hasn’t watch Game of Thrones. I have seen many guys indulging themselves in a serious discussion about certain TV series. And using some catchphrases from them on social media is also a thing.

Smoking and Drinking

Well, this is a serious issue. Indian teenagers are opting alcohol consumption and smoking lately. Posting the picture on Instagram or Snapchat while smoking Hookah is becoming a cool thing amongst the teenagers.

There many more things that Indian teenagers are busy doing, these are few of them. We are not judging them at all. Teenage is a phase, everyone goes through this. Everyone does stupid things in these years, only the ways of doing it are changed now. Rather than mocking teenagers, we should understand them and let them enjoy their life while helping them to understand the consequences of their actions.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide what is wrong and what is right. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below. 🙂

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