What Is Micro Cheating & Its Signs, Effects on Relationship

What Is Micro Cheating and How It Affects Your Relationship

We have heard and read about it, maybe even experienced it at a time or two but then this small act born out of lies and betrayal of trust has many forms. Some might call it infidelity some might call it cheating and many times it takes the form of micro-cheating, which seems innocuous but then it totally depends on what one’s perception of trust and loyalty is.

What Is Micro Cheating & Its Meaning, Signs, Effects on Relationship

Micro Cheating is the latest jargon on the block which includes everything from texting or sexting with your ex, Tinder swiping or even harmless flirting with that cute stranger you bumped into at the party. The most common form of micro-cheating is being in constant touch with an ex over social media, obviously without it being in the knowledge of your current partner.

Micro cheating sits right where the line between loyalty and unfaithfulness seems to blur a little. It’s a no man’s zone or a grey area where you are neither into a full-blown relationship with the person or are you being completely faithful to your partner. Depending on how close the person is to this line, the behaviour tends to bend towards infidelity or simply micro-cheating.

What Makes Micro Cheating So Alluring?

If it’s the most common explanation that you are looking for, then it’s probably the thrill and the excitement associated with indulging in something that you deem is not totally right or is prohibited. It gives you a sense of an alternate universe where you want to see what it would be like to live the other life, a life with your ex. It does not mean that you do not love or are unfaithful to your partner, not unless you cross the line which takes you from the grey side to the dark side.

The crossing of this line can be both physically or emotionally where you start to pour your heart out to your ex about how your life with your current partner is all miserable for starters. We are humans after all and it is but natural for us to get attracted to someone beautiful or charming. Not all of us are also saints that we shut this attraction in a box and think nothing of it. The most common reaction thus is to act on the urge to interact with an attractive person.

What It Does to Us or to The Relationship?

Surprisingly, micro-cheating at times proves quite fruitful for your existing relationship. You get the hit of dopamine hormones surging through your body and even a small remark of appreciation form some guy or girl is enough to give your dwindling confidence a major boost.

For instance, if you are a girl wondering whether you have lost some weight and have not received any positive feedback on the same from your partner, your days go mellow. Then one day right after your workout session, there comes a guy who comments on how toned up you are looking. Wham, that there is your confidence booster and also the small window which opens up for micro-cheating.

Where you go from here is totally your choice. You may have a small flirtatious conversation with the guy, even take his number and share a few messages, maybe even go out for a coffee with him. It is bound to charge you up with a fresh surge of energy that is sure to get filtered down into your relationship as well with your partner. But when this occasional meeting turns into a regular affair without the knowledge of your partner, which is when micro-cheating takes on a different form.

As long as you stick to the ‘rules’ of micro-cheating, it poses no serious harm to your existing relationship. If you are still committed to your partner and fully invested emotionally in your relationship, micro-cheating might even act as a catalyst in seeing the positives in your partner.

We are in no way advocating that you go right ahead looking for an opportunity to commit micro-cheating, but if you are already doing it you must know when and where to stop. You might have started on a harmless note of texting but it takes only a moment of weakness for you to go down that slope of cheating.

Most partners are not in favour of micro-cheating and so it might dent your relationship. You do not love him or her any less but it does not mean that he or she is supposed to be agreeable to it. This is where you must use your discretion. All couples must be clear about what they are looking for in terms of commitment and loyalty from each other and once you know what your partner expects out of you, you should tread cautiously on this slippery ground of micro cheating.

A moment of introspection would do you good too. Is there something that is missing in your relationship which you are seeking outside? If your answer to this is yes, then maybe it’s time you sat down and had a discussion with your partner.

So, now you know what is Micro cheating. If you liked this article then please tell your thoughts in the comments and share it with your friends. Thank you. 🙂

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