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Kindergarten Graduation Day Speech for Principal, Students

Kindergarten Graduation Day Speech for Principal, Students

Education is one of the most important things in our life. Education makes us able to understand the things around us better, read, write and earn our living. Our education starts with kindergarten and it goes on. The importance of Kindergarten education has been proven and it prepares the children for their further formal education. When the kids graduate from kindergarten, it is very necessary to appreciate them and inspire them for their further formal education.

At every kindergarten graduation day ceremony the chief guests, the Principal, teachers, parents, and even the students are asked to speak and share their views and thoughts on the stage in front of the audience. So, in this article, we are giving you the kindergarten graduation day speech for the chief guest, Principal, teachers, parents and even for the graduating kindergarten students.

If you are given the responsibility of hosting the graduation ceremony then we have anchoring script for kindergarten graduation ceremony too. We have also given some special tips for the speech on the kindergarten graduation day at the end of the article. So make sure you stay tuned until the end. Now let’s start.

Kindergarten Graduation Day Speech for the Principal, Teachers, Chief Guest, Parents, Students

Kindergarten Graduation Day Speech for the Chief Guest

Good Morning everyone, principal Mr. XYZ, all the teachers, parents, and my little friends. I feel very happy to be here and witness the graduation ceremony of these little wonders. I won’t take much time of you and will express my thoughts in brief.

Education is the stepping stone for every citizen in society. Education helps us to write, read and make us capable of earning or living. Education opens the doors of opportunities to the bright future. At this moment I feel very overwhelming to see these children has already climbed the first step of the ladder of their education and are heading to the next step which is the formal education or grade school.

Kindergarten education allows the children to learn while playing and learn many new things. I would like to congratulate all the graduates for successfully completing their kindergarten education and wish them success in their further journey.

I would like to end my little speech now. Thank you, Principal Mr. XYZ, for inviting me to such a beautiful ceremony. Thank you.

Kindergarten Graduation Day Speech for the Principal

Good morning everyone, honourable chief guests, all the teachers, parents, and my lovely students. Today I am very happy because all these lovely children are graduating from kindergarten and soon will be going for further education. As our Chief guest, Mr. ABC said, education is the stepping stone for every citizen of the country.

It is correct in every aspect. Education moulds the children into the responsible future citizen of the country. It shapes their minds for a better future and presents new opportunities for them. It is a very honourable thing for me to see my students graduating here today. I would like to congratulate them and wish for their further journey. Thank you.   

Kindergarten Graduation Day Speech for Teachers

Good morning everyone, honorable chief guests, respected Principal, all the proud parents, and our lovely students. First of all, I would welcome all you to this beautiful ceremony of kindergarten students’ graduation.

I and all other teachers are very proud to see our students successfully complete their kindergarten education and graduating now. It was fun to teach all these little wonders. We found our self very happy by teaching them. They all were very clever and intelligent students. We feel happy to contribute to their journey of learning. I hope they do good in their future and behalf of all the teachers I would like to congratulate all of them and wish them the remarkable success ahead. Thank you.

Kindergarten Graduation Day Speech for Parents

Hello everyone and good morning to all of you. As a parent, I am very happy and proud at the same time to see my child graduated from kindergarten education. I am very sure this kindergarten education has prepared my child for his/her formal grade school education and he/she will do his/her best to make his/her parents and teachers proud.

I would like to thank Principal sir and all the teachers for giving valuable knowledge to my child. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk here. Thank you.

Kindergarten Graduation Day Speech for Students

Good morning everyone, respected chief guest, Principal sir, all the teachers, parents, and my dear friends. Today is our graduation day. All the time we spent here learning, playing will be in our heart for the rest of our lives. All the teachers are very friendly and intelligent. Miss XYZ is my favourite teacher. She never scolds anyone. I will miss this place and all my friends. Thank you.

So, these were some sample speeches for chief guest, Principal, parents, teacher, and students. We have deliberately kept the speeches short as the children have a short attention span, they would get bored and won’t pay attention if the speeches are long. Also, we have used simple English language with simple words so that kindergarten students would understand them. Now following are some tips for the speech to make it interesting, so the students won’t get bored.

Tips for Speech on Kindergarten Graduation Day

  • Keep the speech short so that the kids won’t get bored.
  • Add some jokes and punch lines, to make the speech interesting and to keep the kids engaged in your speech.
  • Use simple English and simple words so that the students will understand them.
  • Wish them for their further success in life.
  • You can also give insights into the reports, which will be helpful for the parents.
  • Use poems and quotes in your speech to make it interesting.
  • Make the kids laugh, they will love it.

So these were the speeches for kindergarten graduation day ceremony for principal, chief guest, teachers, parents, and students. I hope it helps you.

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