India’s Version of Illuminati 9 Unknown Men- Secret Revealed

India's Version of Illuminati - 9 Unknown Men
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There is fiction and then there is Dan Brown, a genre of fiction that makes you wonder if it really is fiction or a fragment of reality that has been wrapped in the garb of one. His novels are like food for thought for the conspiracy theory lovers and each one of his work has sent hordes of tourists to places that were mentioned in his novels, like the Louvre, for instance, to see if the novels are indeed a reflection of the truth.

When it comes to intriguing tales like these, India too has its own share that sound mystic and have baffled historians and conspiracy theorists alike for ages now. The west has its Illuminati and so do we, the difference lies in the fact that the Indian Illuminati came into being way earlier than their counterparts in the western world.

Do You Know About 9 Unknown Men- India’s Version of Illuminati?

What Do the Legends Say?

Founded in 273 B.C, this secret society was created by King Asoka according to historians, after the epic battle of Kalinga which saw at least 100000 soldiers and 150000 villagers lay down their lives. This massacre had a profound impact on the mighty emperor and it pained him to no end.  He felt burdened under the humungous price the human society had to pay through the carnage, for his victory which seemed trivial and meaningless.

It was then that he decided to formulate this secret society, integrating men with rebellious attitude into it. He had realized that men with superior intelligence and capabilities were often indulging in more maleficent and violent ways of life. That is when the Nine Unknown Men or the Illuminati of India came into being. They were men with supreme intelligence who were woven together into this group by Asoka. The world became aware of the existence of these men through a book called The Nine Unknown by Talbot Mundy in 1923, which shed light on this secret society of men.

The Power Vested in the Unknown

The power that was bestowed upon these nine men with brilliant minds was so immense that they became a sort of power brokers, having the wherewithal to make or break political alliances and veer the society towards the trends they wished to see. The aim of this secret society or the Illuminati was to assimilate all knowledge and then safeguard and preserve it, a job that was too excessive for one person alone but possible for a group of exceptional men as they were.

It was the knowledge which if allowed to fall into the wrong hands could wreak havoc on mankind. Each of these nine astounding men was entrusted with a book which contained secret information about a particular advanced scientific subject that had to be kept away from the world. The men were tasked with constantly updating the book with the latest discoveries and to keep editing the subject matter with time.

The books Entrusted with the Illuminati

The book by Talbot Mundy revealed the subject matter of the books which each of the Illuminati were given to preserve. Over a period of time, this list has come to be acknowledged by the world as being an authentic list.

  • Propaganda

Mundy says in his book The Nine Unknown, “The most dangerous of all sciences is that of moulding mass opinion because it would enable anyone to govern the whole world”. This formed the crux of the first book which dealt with the techniques of propaganda and psychological warfare.  Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory Truth, Reality & Myth Busting

  • Physiology

The second book, as per Mundy, is on physiology and encapsulates the knowledge about killing a person merely by a simple touch. Also knows as ‘the touch of death’, it involves killing a person by reversing the nervous impulse. Conspiracy theorists maintain that certain portions of this book made their way into the world and became a part of the martial art form of Judo.

  • Microbiology

Microbiology and biotechnology form the subject matter of the third book.

  • Alchemy

Alchemy and transmutation of metals were what the fourth book was all about. It is said that temples and other relief organizations in those days used to receive anonymous donations in times of natural calamities; leading many to believe that book along with the secret sect did exist.

  • Communication

Terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial, both forms of communication were included in this book, leading us to believe that those men possessed knowledge about the presence of extraterrestrials in the universe.

  • Gravity

The book on gravity apparently talked about the yet unknown principles of gravitation and specifics about the ancient aerial mode of transport, the Vedic Vimana. It is said to be on the lines of Vaiminika Shastra which is based on aerospace technology. The Mystery of Spooky Aleya Ghost Lights in West Bengal

  • Cosmogony

The universe and outer space formed the crux of the seventh book. The hypothesis lends strong credibility to the fact that those men were aware of the outer space and matters of the universe.

  • Light

Using light as a weapon and harnessing its speed and power was something best contained in this eighth book of the Illuminati.

  • Sociology

Evolution of societies, forming trends for them and steering them in a direction needs rules, and these were laid down in this book.

So this is how we put some light on the mystery of Nine Unknown Men- The Indian Illuminati. I hope you guys liked this article. Share this article with your friends and let them know about India’s own Illuminati. 

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