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essay speech on importance of education in Indian society

We know that we, as Indian society is obsessed with education. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s bad too. You must be wondering, why I am saying that? If you are a student then you know the answer. There is too much pressure of studies and success most of the times. Parents, teachers and even society expect an exceptional result from you in your academics, and that puts a lot of pressure on you guys.

I don’t believe parents are only the culprits here, this is how our current education system and society works. Sadly, rather than the talent, we focus more on grades. Even though there is a little darker or greyish side to it, let’s focus on the sunnier side of it. We will discuss this point in the form of speech, essay or paragraph writing.

We have given this article in such a format that this information can be used as a speech or essay for your school and can even be referred for school work homework. Note that this is for reference for only; you should not just copy it in your academic work. Let’s jump into the speech section.

Speech on Importance of Education in Indian Society

Good morning all. Today we have gathered here to discuss the importance of education in Indian society. I don’t need to tell you that we Indians consider education as a paramount priority. All our career, success depends on our exams and the percentage we get into the exams. When we get good marks,  we can go for a better college and subsequently a good job if we are able to secure good marks there too. And a good job will earn you good money in life. This is the overall outcome of education. A good job and good money from it.

But we have to see another side too. In the Indian education system, students go through lots of hard work, tuitions, expectations and whatnot. We get very less practical knowledge and more of theoretical knowledge. I do understand that theories are important but I think one should also get vocational training, entrepreneurial or business training along with life and soft skills training. After all, life is not about only physics, chemistry and maths; there is much more to it.

If we compare our education system with the developed countries we have so much to achieve. We are still lacking in basic facilities, curriculum,  sports facilities,  digital initiatives. I, as a student, I dream of such an education system where we will get theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge too. We expect the help of technology to ease out the whole process.

Let children be children, don’t take away the best days of their life from them.

That was my view on this topic of the importance of the education system in India. Some of our audience can sceptical about these points, but this is what students want. Please listen to us. I know, today we have people here from the education system who can take decisions and I respectfully request them to think about what students.

On that note, I will like to end my short speech. I would like to thank our principal Madam for allowing me to speak freely on this controversial topic. She could have stopped me from raising such a controversial topic. I feel this is the change we want to see in the system and I deeply thanks our Principal Madam for this opportunity. Thank you all, have a good day.

An Essay on Importance of Education in Indian Society

We all know that education is very important in our life. If you have a good education and able to secure good marks then you get good career opportunities, which will give you financial stability to pursue your dreams. There are always two sides to coin, so is the Indian education system. Here we are exploring the darker side of it.

Indian education system put a lot of pressure on the students and indirectly on the parents too. For most of us, education is the most important thing. Without a degree, you cannot even get a decent job. And that’s put too much pressure on students and in return too much of expectations from the parents. Nowadays even 95% is mediocre.

You will find small children with huge backpacks carrying their all copies, books, and project materials. This is not good for their small backs. We see children go to tuitions after school, they spend more than 12 hours in academic-related activities only. When will they play? after all, they are kids. On top of it, they are expected to do good in sports and extracurricular activities too.

Think from a student perspective. How much pressure is there each of a student? They are not able to express that doesn’t mean they are happy in this system. This pressure builds the anxiety and self-doubt in students which may lead to self-harm and suicidal thoughts in later life.

Importance of Learning versus Education

Before understanding the importance of learning in our life we need to understand what is the difference between education and learning. Education is something that we get from the textbooks from the school and colleges You cannot survive all of your life on textbook knowledge. Real problems need real solutions.

No education system in the world teaches life skills in the school or colleges. In the real world after formal education, we left alone to decide and choose the very important decisions of life.

Learning is a lifetime activity, and we need to understand the importance of learning. One can learn from life itself. One can’t use textbooks to deal with real-world problems. We are human beings, we need to use our brain, mind, heart to understand and solve a complicated problem in life.

Along with the basic education, we need to introduce this way of education too. Our Indian education system, society, and parents need to understand the importance of learning in life. Education teaches us concepts, explains what are the things but they don’t teach you how to use it in real life.

Importance of Sex Education

The World is changing on the behest of technology and the Internet. Children now exposed to content like never before in history. Not all content is good for students at their tender age. A lot of Indian children exposed to online porn content, teenagers are exploring their sexuality by watching porn videos.

Porn is for the entertainment of adult, it’s not a great source for learning about sex. The Indian education system, parent, and society need to understand the importance of sex education. This will give them authentic, curated content which helps them know themselves better and find the answers to newfound sexuality.

Importance of Digital Education in India

We are still lagging behind in terms of infrastructure, quality education, but in some places, we do have a decent quality of education. We need to take them to the next level, get them ready for next-generation education. These schools can introduce to digital education, online courses, Edu-tech services. The best mix of traditional and modern digital education can bring magic in Indian education.


Students from the country need to be heard, they want a good education but along with that they also want to enjoy their childhood. We give too much importance to the education which restricts kids ability to explore other aspects of life. When these students enter the real world they face a real-world problem which no education system or parenting methods address.

In the last couple of articles, I noticed that you guys are looking for the speeches, essays, and paragraphs in different length of words like 100, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Rather than writing some stuff in a little bit of different language, I tried to consolidate all of it in speech and essay format only. I know you guys are smart enough to convert it into different types.

I have deliberately kept the language of given speech, essay simple. If you are looking for advanced levels of speech or essay then just get the overall idea of the topic and write it yourself. Write it in your own language and vocabulary.

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