Coming Out of Friendzone Is Easy. Here’s How!

Coming Out of Friendzone is Easy. Here's How!

Being friendzoned is one of the worst possible things which can happen to anyone. And let me bust the myth. Girls get friendzoned too. I know the friendzone hurts, it hurts bad. I have been there. Generally, one finds it very late that he has been bloody friendzoned. But how do people get friendzoned? How can you avoid getting friendzoned? How to come out of the friendzone? I will answer your all burning questions. So, let’s get started.

Coming Out of Friendzone is Easy. Here’s How!

How people get friendzoned?

Before finding the solution, we must understand the problem. Why your crush might friendzone you? Or you do it to yourself? Let’s check some scenarios.

  1. They don’t feel the same way about you. The person you love or have a crush on doesn’t need to have the same feeling for you.
  2. You don’t make your intention clear at the start. You don’t approach them soon enough due to fear of being rejected.
  3. You are being too much of a “nice guy”/ “nice girl”.
  4. You love them like crazy and they know it. They know that you will be around for them for a long time then why not to try some BETTER OPTION. You become a reserve stock. As mentioned in How I Met Your Mother- “You are on the hook” And trust me you don’t wanna be there.
  5. You are available for them all the time. They take you granted.
  6. You think that you will become their good friend first then you will approach them.
  7. You don’t show any sexual inclinations. (wait guys, that doesn’t only mean intercourse)
  8. They just love the idea of being worshipped by someone. (Yes, there are people like that out there.)

Well, these were some of the reasons behind why people get friendzoned. Now let’s see how you can save yourselves from falling in the pit of friendzone.

What to do when you are in the friendzone?

  1. You should make your intention clear to them from the start or else they will think that you just want to be a friend and are not interested in them. I know it might sound desperate, but it’s better to face rejection and have a closure than sulking for years.
  2. If not, after being friends, approach them as early as possible. Or else how on the planet they will come to know? They might be expecting initiative from you.
  3. Don’t be available for them all the time. Respect your dignity. You don’t wanna be their servants.
  4. You should flirt with them a little bit. Be subtle and don’t overdo, they should not get offended by it.
  5. More eye contact, please! It is the best way to convey your message without words. Gather guts to make eye contact. You’ll also get to understand what they feel. Eyes have their language.
  6. Don’t be a Crying Shoulder for them. I know it’s good to be there for someone. But you don’t want to someone emotional dumpster. It’s like they share their happy moments with someone else and dump their sorrows and problem on you.
  7. Rejection is better than being friendzoned. You don’t want to spend years running after them sacrificing your dignity and self-respect. Gather some courage and tell them what you think. You’ll either win their heart or will have a closure for you.
  8. Make a call. One day you’ll realize it’s not worth investing your time and emotions on them. If they constantly get in a relationship with other people and not you, it’s better to quit it.

What Next?

Now, if it is confirmed that you are friendzoned, what next? The answer is with you only. What do you want? Do you want to be there and wait, waiting to get lucky? Well, that’s is also possible. But rather than putting it on luck try things that will make you attractive to them. They may pull you out from friendzone.

Some people cannot handle it for long. So, it is better to clear the air, get over with it and move forward. Yes, it can be difficult for some but remember it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of fish in the ocean.

So this was it guys. I hope this article helps you to get a fresh perspective on the matter and might help you to come out of the friendzone. Please share your views on it in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share the article with your besties who are in friendzone.

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