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How to Prepare and Deliver The Best Speech, Tips, Techniques

How to Prepare and Deliver The Best Speech

Speaking is the most used form of communication in daily life. Speaking with your friends is another thing and delivering a speech in front whole class is a whole other thing. Delivering a speech in front of the class is not as difficult as it sounds. All it takes a little bit of research about your topic, structuring the information, and delivering it to the audience. In India, almost all school and colleges organize speech competitions on various occasions. This article will provide some tips, hacks, and ways which will help you to deliver a better speech in front of your classroom or in assembly.

Useful Tips, Techniques to Know How to Prepare and Deliver The Best Speech

A journey of the thousand miles starts with a single step.

Likewise, a great speaker has to start somewhere. He/she did not reach there in a single day. Even the accomplished speaker have the stage fear because that eery silence in the podium when you are about to start the speech really tests your mettle. So here we are to help to conquer your stage fear and help you to deliver the best speech in your life.

We have divided the whole “Delivering the speech process” into three phases.

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Delivery

So let’s begin with each of the section,

Research Phase of Speech Tips, Techniques

The research phase of the speech is all about how you prepare yourself for the speech. This phase consists of doing research about the topic of the speech, collecting information, statistics, and facts about the topic. Following are the tips for the research phase of your speech. These tips will help you to find and analyze the information you have collected. So, let’s start now.

There are cases when you are given,

A single topic for all the competitors 

In this case, you have to be the best in the race because the material for the speech will be almost the same as the topic is the same for all. So you have to stay one step ahead of them by thinking out of the box. For example, you can think of the topic from another point of view. Showcasing the different side of the topic will add a positive point to your score.

A list of several topics where you can choose one topic

In this case, you get a choice to select your topic from the given list of topics. So while choosing the topic, make sure you are interested in that topic, also you are at least loosely familiar with the topic. Do not go for the topic, just because it is simple. From the scrutinizer’s point of view, a participant who deals with more complex topics gets more points.

The topic is given on the spot at the podium

Sometimes you have to be ready for whatever comes your way no matter when and where. In this case, the topic is given to you at the venue itself. You have to prepare yourself in a few minutes. These few minutes will test your abilities to understand, research and deliver the speech on a given topic in a very short amount of time.

As there is very less time to collect information, facts, and statistics about your topic, the scrutinizers give more importance to the way you deliver your speech, such as your confidence, your body language, and how you interact with the audience.

The freedom to choose the topic on your own 

In this case, the participants are asked to decide their own topic and prepare a speech about the topic. So while choosing the topic, make sure you are familiar with the topic and interested in it too. When they give you the freedom to choose the whichever topic you want, they are expecting that you challenge yourself to choose a fairly complex topic. For example, if you are a college student, then they are expecting you to choose topics on the current situation, problems faced by the society, the latest research in science and technology etc, such as Demonetization in India, Corruption in India, Digital India Campaign.

While doing your research make sure that the information you take comes from a credible source and it is genuine. Make sure all the statistics are up to date and credible.

Writing Phase of the Speech- How to Write the Best Speech?

After collecting enough information, facts and statistics about the chosen topic, now it’s time to write down your speech. Writing your speech is a very important part of this whole process because the way you structure your writing affects the delivery of your speech. So let’s see how we should structure our speech writing for better speech delivery.

  1. Before starting the writing part, it’s time to evaluate the information you have collected in the research phase. Eliminate unnecessary things and focus on the important things.
  2.  You need to define a structure of your speech which will help you to deliver the speech in an improved way.  The first section will be the introduction part, which will make the audience familiar with the topic. The next sections will include a detailed explanation about the topic, and in the last section, you need to conclude the topic.
  3. Determine milestone while writing your speech. These milestones will help you to structure your speech.
  4. While writing your speech don’t only copy points from the gathered information but read all the information and write the points in your own words which will help you understand and remember those.
  5. Make separate paragraph for the statistics, dates, and numerical data, because you can’t modify it and have to speak as it is while giving the speech.
  6. Follow a pattern while writing the speech, change paragraphs with some connection points.
  7. If there are positive and negative points in your speech then don’t mix up them. First, write either all positive or all negative points and then the other.

Delivery Phase of Speech – How to Deliver Speech Confidently?

This is the most important part of the process. Delivery of speech is the phase for which you did the previous two phases. Before delivering the speech, you must know on which topic you are going to speak and you have collected, structured and written down all the information that you need to speak.

  1. Do not drink cold water before delivering the speech, it constricts the throat and affects the strength and pitch of your voice.
  2. Know your audience, means to know if your audience is familiar or unknown to the topic on which you are going to deliver the speech.
  3. Don’t mug the script, convey your own thoughts to the audience this will reduce your chances of mumbling.
  4. When your turn comes, walk slowly to the stage and stand confidently at the lectern and take a pause of a few seconds before starting.
  5. That small pause is for letting your audience settle down and give attention to you and also to take a look at the crowd and determine how loud your voice should be so that it can reach at the end of the podium.
  6. Stand confidently. Make good use of hand gestures but avoid unnecessary and artificial gestures. Maintain eye contact with the audience.
  7. Start your speech with something catchy such as a well-known quote, saying, story or even a joke related to your topic.
  8. To keep the speech interactive, ask questions to the audience once in a while during the speech.
  9. Maintain the variation in the pitch of your voice. Take pauses whenever they are necessary.
  10. Keep your voice clear and avoid mumbling.
  11. Mistakes will happen but accept them and keep going.
  12. Execute the punctuations, means where there are punctuations such as questions, exclamations, commas, full stops etc. make those changes in the way you deliver your speech.
  13. Adding an emotional touch to your speech will help you to convey your thoughts in a better way. It will also make the audience connect with you and help you to score those extra points.
  14.   Do not rush while speaking, speak calmly. Let people understand what you are speaking.

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These are the hacks and tips which will help you in the whole process from selecting the topic to delivering the speech. You can follow these steps and hacks for performing better and delivering the best speech. Delivering the speech is not only reciting the script but it is the opportunity to convey your own thoughts to the audience on a given topic. Use this opportunity in a better way of sharing your thoughts among people.

If you liked our humble attempt to help you guys, then please let us know in the comment section below. 🙂

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