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Father’s Day 2021 Speech from Daughter, Son in English

Father's Day 2021 Speech from Daughter, Son in English

Father’s day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June every year, so this year in 2021, it falls on 20th June 2021. Here we have given 2 sample speeches, one from son and one from daughter. You may not find all the references given in speech relevant to you. That is obvious as every son or daughter will have a unique relationship with his/her father.

So take an overall idea from these sample speeches and modify according to your preferences, memories, and experiences. These speeches are more relevant for personal use. If you are looking for a fathers day speech to be used at a formal event celebrating fathers, you might need to change the speech a bit.

Follow the given link of another article where you can find the history of father’s day, date, why and when it is celebrated. We have also given several dad quotes which you can use to wish him. Plus, we have given a fathers day gift ideas too.

Father’s Day 2021 Speech from Daughter, Son, Speech on My Father, Dad

Fathers Day Speech from a Son

Hello everyone, Good evening.
Everyone knows about mother’s day, I am not sure all of us even heard about a father’s day. Why is it like that? Don’t our fathers love us? Is their love is less compared to mothers? This might have happened because of the way mothers and fathers treat us or express themselves.

Generally, a mother is considered as compassionate, loving and caring; whereas fathers like discipline and order. Our mother keeps us in the womb for 9 months, she takes care of us for decades. She is more vocal about her love, she expresses it every day. In contrast, fathers stay busy running the family, earning money and all. On top of it, they are not that expressive. That might be the reason we don’t realize the love of the father.

That was the case with me too. I was very close to my mother since childhood, who doesn’t? Right? I mean I am still close to her, in fact, she still thinks I am her 4-year-old toddler. That’s cute, isn’t it?

I am 30 years old, married to a beautiful lady. I never had a connection with my father. But recently my wife and I had our first child. My whole world changed from that day. My daughter is so cute, I don’t want to go away from her at all. But, I have job responsibilities too. I had to go to the office to earn money.

This separation from my newborn child was killing me and one day I realized that even my father must have gone through this and suddenly I was in tears. I never understood his love. Within a few minutes, I had a flashback of my childhood.

He used to buy me dozens of toys, now and then I used to urge him to take me to theme parks, movies and all. On top of it, there was the home mortgage, car instalments, insurances, taxes and whatnot. But he never said no to me. Now I wonder how he pulled up his financial responsibilities. If my daughter does the same things now, I might not able to do all those things for her. How did he manage it all?

We often hear that men don’t cry. But now I remember that when I was 7, I met with an accident. I was hospitalized for 15 days. One night he was staying with me at the hospital, he might not have realized that I was awake. I saw him crying a river. But I was so stubborn that, I just ignored it. Now I feel so bad about my self. I never understood him.

I couldn’t sleep, so I visited him at his place. He opened the door, my throat was chocked, I was not able to say a word. I just hugged him at the door and cried like a baby. Two or three minutes later we sat on the sofa, I said, “Dad, please forgive me. I never understood your love, I am sorry. I love you, Dad, please forgive me”. He hugged me once again, kissed me on the forehead, smile at me and said, “it’s OK my dear”.

My mother was also happy that I realized my fathers love for me. We shuffled all our old albums, he was remembering everything. He had a story behind every picture, I was not even remembering when he took those many photos.

Being a father is not easy, it’s a big responsibility. I hope I will be a good dad to my daughter. Friends, Do not repeat my mistake, our parent loves us unconditionally. Yes, mothers are more vocal, but fathers also love us like crazy. Do respect them, do take care of them in old age.

Thank you all for hearing me out, and Dad, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are my hero.

Speech on Father’s Day from A Daughter to Her Dad

Good evening all,

So, today we are celebrating Father’s day and I am here on the podium to speak about my father. Where Should I start? hmmm… let me say he is not my father. He is much more than that, he is my guide, my inspiration, my hero and the most important, he is my friend. Sounds strange, right? I know.

In our country, not all fathers share the same relationship with their daughters. I don’t, why? Is it a social norm or what? I think I am the lucky one that I have beautiful parents. Most of the time mothers play the role of a compassionate one, right? But, in my case, things are opposite. My mother keeps us in check and my dad is cool.

Generally, fathers don’t express their love, but my dad, as I said he is out of the world, he never stops showing his love. When I come home late at night or travelling somewhere, he gets nervous. But as soon as reach home he is the same cool dad; but dad, I know how much care about me. Mom tells me everything.

There is one more thing I would like to share, my father is very protective of me, but positively. He never forces it on me, he beautifully hides it from me. He gives me freedom and trusts me, and in return, I feel the responsibility to never break his trust.

I wish every girl in this world should have a dad like mine. I can talk about him for hours but I will spare you guys. Dad, let me tell you that, I am the luckiest person in this world to have you as my father. I love you, you are my hero. And one last thing I want to tell you when I will get married I will not leave our home. I am going to stay with you guys only. I love you, dad…

Tips for Father’s Day or Speech on My Father

  • The first and most important thing, as you are talking about your father, speech has to be an emotional one.
  • You should talk about your relationship, memories with him.
  • Before preparing a speech draft, try to remember all those moments. Try to visualize those moments.
  • While delivering a speech, do not read from the script. Let your heart speak out.
  • Maintain eye contact with your father occasionally so that he feels the speech and you too.
  • No one else can give you perfect speech, it’s all within you. If you love you, dad, all content is within you.

Note: If this “speech on my father/dad” article helped you in any way you can share your experience with us in comments. If you like these speeches of Father’s day then share it with your friends or siblings. Thank You. 🙂

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