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Farewell Speech for Seniors by Teachers, Principal, Juniors

farewell speech by juniors for seniors

If you guys are expecting a typical 500 words long, formal farewell speech for seniors then please don’t waste your 10 minutes reading this. You can do something better with your time. Here we are talking about REAL farewell speeches, not REEL ones. Here in this post, we are giving you a sample farewell speech which you can use as a reference in writing your own farewell speech for senior students. We are giving a separate farewell speech for seniors, students, friends, teachers, and principal. You can take reference from these 3 farewell speeches. Let’s start.

Best Farewell Speech for Seniors by Teachers, Principal, Students

Leaving school or college for better opportunities in life is not a sad moment, rather it’s a time of celebration, a moment one should always cherish in their memory. One should learn from all the good, bad experiences he/she had in school or college life. They should gather all these experiences and use them in a bright future they are trying to build. You as a junior student, teacher or principal wish them in this journey. It’s not the time to find the problems advising them, it’s time to celebrate. So, take this farewell speech for seniors as an opportunity to wish great life ahead to leaving seniors.

Farewell Speech for Seniors by Juniors

Do you remember, how these leaving seniors welcomed you guys in freshers’ party? How they helped you in settling down? Finding a PG or rented room is easy when a senior comes forward to help you. They might have helped you in cracking aptitude in an on-campus interview or shared their old notes and books. This farewell party is the best time to thank them all.

Let them know how grateful you are to them and what you learned from them. Thanking somebody for what they have done for you builds a long-lasting relationship. The connection that seniors will have in their professional life may later help you with finding jobs etc. You can request seniors for their references. In short, take this farewell party speech as an opportunity to build that connection. Here goes the speech…

Good evening all. At first, let me thank you guys for allowing me to speak my heart out for our awesome seniors. No, it’s true; these guys are awesome. How? Let me share my experience with you people.

Well, ragging is a gone thing on our campus but as a small-town guy, I was very afraid when I admitted to the hostel. Few of my cousins told me their horrible ragging stories, I was literally afraid of going out for the first few weeks. On top of that, I was home seeking, I never left home for more than 4 days. Then I met Sharad, he made me comfortable by being there as a big brother. Once he saved me from a brawl with local goons. He also helped me find a better room in the second year. This may not sound that great story, but if Sharad was not there at that time, I could have run away to home.

So, let me take this opportunity to thank my big brother and all you seniors who helped me and other juniors like me. Best of luck for the future. Let me say it one more time, “You Guys are Awesome“.

Farewell Speech for Seniors by A Teacher, HOD or Principal

Most of the time professors, head of department and principal are stricter in such events. As a former student, I would like to tell you guys that, student expect little softness, frankness from you guys. Gone are those days where teachers need to be strict and you know what I mean.

No one expects a friend out of you guys, we know that is a very big thing to ask for but at least smile when you speak with students. Here is what leaving students expect to listen from teachers or principal. If possible, add it in your farewell speech.

Dear Students,

I congratulate you for successfully completing your degree. You have completed a major milestone in your life, here onwards you will be going to a different world. It’s tough out there but it’s fun too. There will be hurdles, there will be competition but one who has guts to face them only can win them.

I don’t want to give too much advice here, but let me tell you that. Don’t afraid of situations, fight them. Don’t stop learning, life is the biggest university. So, Keep Learning.

Farewell Speech for Friends, Coworker, Colleague at Work

Sometimes you can find a great friend in your senior. You guys are like homies, sharing a room, mess and a lot of month-end blues. Though you guys are going to celebrate a farewell at a different place than an auditorium (you know what I mean). Take this farewell *party* as an opportunity to celebrate your friendship. Here in this scenario, you don’t need a reference farewell speech. Just open your heart and thank your buddies.

Tips for Farewell Speech for Seniors

  • I haven’t written introductory salutation and welcome note you can add it yourself. I like being a little informal. If you tend to use it, be short and precise.
  • Try to use your own experiences rather than a copy-pasted farewell scripts. It doesn’t matter how small or big that experience is. Be original.
  • It is not compulsory to have a long farewell speech. Give a short experience-based story.
  • Remember, it’s not a speech competition. You are celebrating these guys and that should come from the heart.
  • You can use a bit of informal language to make the event lighthearted and fun.
  • Dear Teachers, it’s a farewell speech, not a 45-min long lecture. Please remember that.
  • Dear Principal sir, you don’t need to be hard all the time. You can smile a bit while delivering your speech.

I hope you liked this Farewell Speech for Seniors Leaving College by Juniors, Teachers, principal, Friends, boss, at work. If yes then please don’t forget to leave your comments below. Thank you.

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