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Essay on Road Safety in India for class 5 to 12 in English

essay speech on road safety in india rules laws english

“Road Safety is Not Just a Slogan. It is a Way of Life.”

Students travel to school by either walking, or school bus, or any other medium of transportation. All these ways require the understanding of road safety for students for being safe while travelling. Hence schools and colleges always emphasis on road safety measures and try to raise awareness about road safety to the students. They are even asked to write an essay on road safety, paragraph or deliver a speech on the topic of the importance of road safety. Hence we have written this essay on Road Safety just for you.

In this article, we have given you all the necessary information regarding the road safety in India, its challenges, remedial actions, and how its an individual as well as a social responsibility to follow traffic rules and road safety measure to ensure the safety of themselves as well as other.

This information will help you to write an essay, speech or a paragraph or topic like, “road safety is my responsibility”, “Road safety is not just a slogan, it is a way of life”, “road safety, challenges, and remedial action”, “road safety time for action”, “Road safety is a mission, not an intermission”, “the importance of road safety for youth, students, bikers and pedestrians” etc. So let’s start.

Essay on Road Safety in India for Class 5 to 12 Students

In ancient times, there were no resources for travelling. Later, man invented the wheel for increasing the speed of human life. Rather than walking, they used bullock carts, horse carts for travelling which decreased the efforts of man and increased the speed to reach any place.

Next invention was the engine which reduced the time to travel extremely. The combination of engine and wheels resulted in a vehicle. Vehicles play a major role in our lives. They reduce the time needed for many works such as travelling and transportation of goods etc. Mainly vehicles are used for travelling.

There are several types of vehicles like bikes, cars, buses, etc. Today there are many ways of transportation by road, by air, by water, by rail, etc. but mainly we choose to travel by road in our day to day life. Road travelling is easy and convenient for us but as every coin has two sides, there are many drawbacks of road travelling. Today Road Safety has become a necessity in India. The major disadvantage of roads are accidents, which can hurt or cause the death of a person.

Road Accidents Statistics in India

The statistics of accidents in India is increasing. In 2013, over 1,37,000 people were killed due to road accidents in India. In 2014, there were 489,400 accidents which were more than in 2013. 146,133 people were killed in road accidents in India in 2015. As this ratio is increasing rapidly, it is surveyed that there is one death every four minutes due to road accidents in our country. 16 children die on Indian roads daily. This is the statistic surveyed in previous years.

Now the question arises, why does this ratio of accidents is increasing so rapidly? There are many reasons for these accidents. The age group of people who die in road accidents is 15-35. Most people in our country do not follow traffic rules. They are careless about other’s lives and even about their own life.

They do not use safety measures like a helmet, seat belts for their own safety. Youngsters, youth are mostly seen to be over-speeding the vehicles. But somewhere they are forgetting that these are the main reasons that cause accidents.

Causes, Reasons behind Road Accidents in India | Road Safety Challenges

Have you ever thought of why and how do accidents happen? There are many reasons for these daily accidents. Following are some of them.

Poor Road Infrastructure

Accidents happen because of our mistakes but there are many other reasons too. Many times the road infrastructure is not maintained properly in our country, this is another main reason for causing accidents. Many times people try to dodge the puddles on road, these puddles get filled with water when it rains and drivers fail to predict the depth of them which causes an accident.

Missing road signs such as speed breakers, narrow roads, school ahead, etc. can also cause accidents. No warning signs and safety barricades at the accident-prone areas can also result in accidents. This happens many times in India, and because of the poor infrastructure of roads, people lose their lives.

Ease of Getting a Driving License

It is very easy to get a driving license in our country, which approves people who are not properly trained for driving. A person gets the confidence to drive a vehicle after getting a license but if he/she is not well trained then it will cause danger for them and maybe for others too. Nowadays the government is taking steps to improve the process of getting a driving license.

Now the candidate has to first pass a written exam about road signs and safety measures, traffic rules to get a learning license. It also requires that you are trained in a driving school. The permanent driving license process is also made strict. Now the person has to pass various driving tests to prove his/her driving skills and get a permanent driving license.

Looks and Mileage over Safety

While buying a car, people in India focus more on fuel efficiency and performance instead of safety. In other countries, it is mandatory to provide airbags in every car when you are manufacturing it but in India, a person needs to pay more money to get airbags safety facility in the car. We can’t blame only manufacturers in this case because if customers are not interested in safety then why manufacturers would be? They are more focused on earning profits.

Growing Population

The rapidly growing population of India is causing many problems for the people. The rising population results in the lower supply of resources. The number of vehicles on the road is increasing rapidly. There is no space to travel in public transports. Roads are being overcrowded with people and vehicles. This is a very big problem which challenging road safety.

Lack of Road Safety Education of Safety Measures, Rules, and Awareness

Sadly there is no much road safety awareness and education amongst the drivers as well as pedestrians in India. Road safety does not concern many people. They do not follow the traffic rules and are usually found violating the traffic rules. Children and youth are not given necessary road safety education by the parents as parents themselves are not aware of the importance of road safety.


Corruption in India is also one of the major challenges which are hindering the goals of developing a road safety culture. People violate the traffic rules and bribe the traffic police to get away from legal action. Sometimes the corrupt traffic police officers also demand bribes to make things go away and the person is most likely to bribe them.

To reduce the corruption government has issued electronic payments systems to pay the fine and a receipt for your fine payment is generated then and there hence eliminating the physical handling of money and the money goes where it supposed to be.

Remedial Actions for Road Safety in India | Solutions for Road Accidents

Road safety is the responsibility of everyone such as pedestrians, drivers, biker, and government. If everyone follows the road safety measures and also the government does its work properly then it will reduce the number of accidents happening on the roads. Following are some remedial actions, solutions for road safety by which we can improve road safety and reduce the number of accidents on roads.

Road Safety is My Social Responsibility

If you drive a vehicle on the road or using the roads for transportation, then you are bound to follow the road safety measures to ensure yours as well as other safety. People should be more conscious of all these causes and take care of not creating any problem for themselves and others too. People should follow the traffic rules and drive responsibly as well. A person should avoid drunk driving which puts his/her and other people’s lives in danger.

A person should not exceed the speed limit. Avoid overtaking at accident-prone places like blind turns and road bends. Following the driving lanes, not overtaking in the wrong places, give preference to ambulances on road. A person should not exceed the speed limit which will help to avoid accidents and traffic jams. Following the traffic signals will help to avoid traffic jams and accidents as well.

We should also follow the speed limit and not overspeeding on the roads. A person should learn proper driving before acquiring the driving license. People should also prioritize safety while buying vehicles. Wearing seat belts while driving, using helmets are the ways we can ensure our own safety and fulfil our responsibility for road safety.

Strict Rules by the Government

For avoiding accidents, the government should regulate more strict rules so that only a person who is properly trained will get the driving license. There should be strict punishments for those who don’t follow traffic rules. Traffic rules are for our safety but people don’t follow them and get in troubles. Hence we have to do our bit to help to improve the situation. Because the government can make many rules but if the people don’t follow them, it’s useless.

The government should regulate rules for vehicle manufacturers also. It should be mandatory to provide airbags with every car without any extra money. Customers should also check for safety features first and then fuel efficiency and performance etc. In coming days the government is going to regulate rules for car manufacturers. It will be mandatory to provide airbags with every car. There would be alarm beeps if a car exceeds the speed of 80kmph and continuous alarm tone if it exceeds the speed of 100kmph. These rules will help in avoiding accidents.

Road Safety Education | Creating Awareness about Road Safety in Public

Educating people about the importance of road safety will help to make better drivers, bikers, pedestrians who respect and obey the traffic rules and safety measure and put their own and other’s lives in danger. Youth and youngsters usually found overspeeding their cars, bikes while rash driving. They also race on the public roads, making it dangerous for them as well as people around them.

It is very necessary to educate the youngsters about road safety and safety rules and measure so they would drive responsibly. Schools and colleges can also organize programs to create awareness about road safety. Parents should educate their children and encourage them to obey the traffic rules.

Better Road Infrastructure by Government

The poor quality of the road is one of the major reasons behind the rising road accidents in India. The potholes on the road cause sudden braking of the vehicles hence resulting in accidents. Poorly designed junctions, intersections can also cause a large number of accidents.

Missing road signs of speed breakers, narrow roads, accident-prone areas can also result in accidents. Hence the government should improve the quality of road infrastructure to reduce the number of accidents and ensure road safety.

Technology Usage for Better Road Safety

Today, technology has become an integral part of our day to day life. The technology can be used to improve road safety too. Using technologies like GPS, drivers assist, cruise control, driverless cars, parking assistance can help to improve the driving experience and in turn reduce the road accidents.


“Road safety is a mission, not an intermission.”

For having a safe and happy life, people in India should be familiar with all the things that will help to avoid accidents. The government, manufacturers of vehicles, and the consumers should take care of all the rules and regulations. This will help in avoiding accidents and saving lives today and tomorrow.

Tips for Speech on Road Safety in India

  1. Don’t mug up the script, write down the key points of your topic and speak about them. This will help you t deliver your speech on road safety with more passion and confidence.
  2. Interact with the audience with some questions too, otherwise, the audience may find you like a speaking robot. For speech on road safety, you can ask them various questions about traffic rules, etc.
  3. Read about the topic first as much as you can and then speak whatever that comes to your mind.
  4. If you are a parent, don’t force your child or sibling to mug up the script instead help them to understand the topic and motivate them to speak confidently.
  5. If you are nervous about delivering the speech then first try it in front of your parents, sibling or friends and take feedback.

Tips for Essay writing on Road Safety in India

  1. Read about your topic, essay on road safety as much as you can.
  2. Write your essay in three logical parts i.e introduction, main concept, and conclusion.
  3. There are various types of essay, so before you write an essay on road safety determine what time of essay your teacher is expecting you to write.
  4. The government keeps bringing new policies, rules about road safety and traffic, so make sure you check their official sites to keep updated with the latest information before writing your essay on road safety.

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