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Importance of Reading Newspapers in Our Life Essay, Speech

Importance of Reading Newspapers in Our Life Essay, Speech

You certainly remember how your grandpa wakes up early in the morning and reads the newspapers while sipping some hot coffee or tea. It’s kind of our daily ritual. Our elderly always tell us to read the newspapers daily, but most of us don’t like reading newspapers a lot. You must be wonderings what is the big deal with these newspapers and why they are so important in our lives? Hence we have written this essay on the importance of newspapers in English for class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Well, Newspapers are very important in our daily life because newspapers provide us with the information all around the world. Newspapers tell us about everything happening around us from the weather, crimes, politics, sports, entertainment to the latest inventions, research in science and technology too. These are not the only important uses of newspapers. The list is very long, so buckle up. In this article, you’ll find all the necessary information you need to write an essay or to deliver a speech in your class or in a competition on the importance of newspapers in our daily life. So let’s explore the world of newspapers.

Essay on Importance of Newspapers in Life for Students & Society

The man is a social animal. We live in a society and we share our thoughts, information, knowledge, ideas, and sentiments with each other and our language helps us to do that. We share our knowledge with the world in many ways and newspaper is one of them.  It is one of the major sources of gaining knowledge about the activities taking place in the entire world. Since ancient times, human beings can share knowledge through many means and ways. Newspapers have always been the major source of information since the beginning and it has immense importance in our society.

Importance of Newspapers in Our Daily Life in the Society

Today the newspapers provide you with information about economics, science, politics, sports, entertainment, current affairs, social activities, crimes, inventions, and whatnot. Most of the knowledge we gain every day comes from what we see, hear, touch and read. Reading is the best way to get any knowledge you want. And the importance of reading books and newspapers is undeniable. Newspapers are like the treasures of information around the world in the cost of pennies. Reading newspapers not only gives us loads of information but also it helps to enhance our language because it contains the superior quality of vocabulary and grammar.

The government use newspapers to spread awareness about the governments schemes, campaigns, acts, rules and to inform people about emergency situations like earthquake and flood. The conventional form of newspapers is the printed news on the physical piece of paper but in this today’s modern life the advanced internet technology has made the information available electronically at your fingertips.

Now you can read the newspaper online on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The E-Newspaper has become a norm today where you can read news online on your smartphone or computer screen. The rising use of technology has also lowered the purchase of newspapers and they have become outdated because today many websites provide you with the news without paying a single rupee.

Reading newspapers gives us so much information about the world and it keeps us at the speed of the things going on in the world. It is very important for any individual to read and enhance their knowledge.

Importance of Newspapers for Students in Schools and Colleges

As everyone knows newspapers are the treasure of information. You can read news and information from all around the world by sitting in your home. Reading newspapers benefits people from all age groups. From a kid in school to our retired grandpa, everyone can be benefitted with the newspapers and students are no exception to that.

In school life, every student has to maintain the balance between his academics and extracurricular activities too. An ideal student is good in academics as well as in other factors of school life such as sports, community service, fitness, etc.

Newspapers provide students with knowledge which will be helpful for them in their school life. Reading newspapers help students to be updated with the latest news, current affairs at the national and international level, new scientific inventions, the latest news in politics around the world. By reading newspapers, they can improve their vocabulary and grammar too. Hence reading newspapers will be very beneficial for students in their school life.

Schools can provide newspapers in the school libraries to encourage the students to read the newspapers. Schools and colleges can also start their own school newspapers and college newspapers and newsletters for daily, weekly or monthly basis which will feature the news about the current things going on the school or college.

Students can participate in the editorial process too. It would be a great initiative to encourage students to read the newspapers also it would be a great introduction to journalism for the student.

Importance of Business Newspapers for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Reading business newspapers is very important for the citizens of any nation. It allows the citizens to engage in the ongoing economic processes and to participate in political decisions that affect their lives at the local, national and international level. As the name suggests business newspapers contain news about the businesses, startups and commerce industry in the country and worldwide.

Reading business newspapers gives us the information about the large range of business components like, which new companies are started, which startups have secured fundings, which companies have been acquired by other companies, company mergers, trading opportunities, stock market opportunities and risks, investment knowledge and opportunities and much other essential information.

This type of news and information is particularly useful for business owners and entrepreneurs. This information helps business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their various business strategies and work accordingly. Hence the importance of business newspapers is very high.

Importance of Newspapers in Regional Languages

In countries like India, there are hundreds of different languages spoken by the millions of people and there is not a specific language spoken by the whole population. Hence it becomes very necessary to publish the regional newspapers in different regional languages to make the news available to the people in the language they understand. Also, to accommodate the needs of a populational of a particular region, there are regional newspapers which focus on the news of that particular area.

Importance of Community Newspapers for the Society

Community newspapers are published to cater to the needs of a local, geographically small areas like a village or a small town. Community newspapers contain information about local businesses, charities, festivals, upcoming sales, events, properties for sale in the area, and municipal council decisions that affect local society. Best Essay on Newspaper, History, Uses Speech & Article

Community newspapers are different from national papers, as the information provided is specifically about your community unlike the national papers, where you will likely to read about the news event in other countries and finance statistics in a different country. The community newspapers help to bring communities together and develops a community consciousness.

Importance of Advertises(Ads) and Classifieds in Newspapers

You must have seen many ads in the newspapers sometimes the whole a page full of ads. But have you wondered why the ads are important in the newspaper? Newspaper advertising has been one of the most important forms of advertising since the newspapers were initially published. And the main beneficiaries of these advertisements are the business and advertisers.

Millions of people read newspapers every day and what could be the best way for advertisers than having millions of people seeing their ads? Also, the newspapers agencies have to generate the revenue too and the money generated from these ads is one of their major revenue sources. Hence Ads are important in the newspapers.

The Classifieds area in the newspaper contains various job opportunities, sale/rental of the apartment, etc for the aspirants. Businesses posts their requirements, qualifications and other necessary information about the job vacancies. The classified area in the newspapers helps the aspirants who are looking for a job or planning to buy or rent an apartment by giving them all the news they need in a single place.

Importance of Cartoons in the Newspapers

Newspapers have played an important role in the history of any nation. Initially, the newspapers used to contain only the news. But sometimes a drawing can express a topic more effectively than the words. The cartoons you see in the newspapers are another way of providing the news in a humorous way.

Political cartoons in the newspapers are very popular nowadays because of their accurate expression about the topic in a humorous way. Hence political cartoons are very important in the newspapers.

Importance of Recycling the Newspapers

Although newspapers provide a tremendous amount of information, we must remember that the paper used for the newspapers is made from the trees. And I think is don’t have to tell you about the importance of the trees to our environment. The newspapers should be recycled so that they can be used again and we don’t have to cut down the trees for more paper.


A pen has the power of changing the world. Likewise, Newspapers can be used as a weapon for wrong deeds. Hence even though the newspapers are the source of trusted information, it shouldn’t be misused as it has the potential of causing catastrophes.

Tips for the Essay on Importance of Newspapers

  • Essays generally have three sections and those are Introduction, Main story and the conclusion respectively. Try to write the essay in that format and maintain the flow between the sections.
  • Before beginning to write the essay, try to figure out what type of essay you are writing. Don’t worry! This article on types of essays will help you in that.
  • Each type of essay has its own specific way of writing. If you can figure it out you can write the essay in a better way.
  • The conclusion plays a very important role in your essay. The conclusion should be the summary of the whole essay in a few lines.
  • Use the darker ink to make more impact.

Tips for Speech on Importance of Newspapers

  • Don’t hurry to deliver your speech. Talk calmly and with confidence.
  • To make you a Pro in the speech delivery game, we have written a special dedicated article on How to win a Speech Competition.
  • Take a deep breath before starting your speech.
  • Use hand gestures but don’t make it look artificial.
  • Maintain the highs and lows in your voice to depict the intensity of the lines.
  • The topic of the speech will change the way you are going to deliver the speech. Try to add an emotional touch to your speech.

I hope this article helps you to write an essay on the importance of the newspaper in our life. We hope you guys can help us to translate this essay in other regional Indian languages Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, etc. Thank you. : )

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