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Essay on Cricket Match in English Paragraph & Speech

Essay on Cricket Match in English Paragraph & Speech

In India whenever the child is born, his future is already been decided by their parents or relatives. Everyone wants to make him a Doctor, Engineer, Pilot etc but every child in India at least once dreamed of becoming Cricketer like Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar or M. S. Dhoni.Cricket is like religion in India, every individual in India has played it once in their lifetime. Sport plays one of the Important parts in everyone’s life. Every individual should at least have one sport as their hobby. Cricket is one of My favorite of all the sports.

Essay on Cricket Match in English Speech, Paragraph for Students

Cricket is an international sport which is played worldwide, But the cricket we all grew up playing is Gully Cricket played on the streets we all loved playing it. Though international cricket has their own set of rules we had our own rules.Like if the ball hits the tree or a wall then it will be considered as a four and if the ball directly hits then it will be declared as out.

While playing if the ball by mistakenly goes into the neighbor’s house getting the ball back was one of the challenging tasks. Wearing cricket jersey we all friends gather on the streets, and to divide all the players into teams. There were two teams with two captains, the captains were chosen on basis of how he used to play or how famous he was in the group.

The match was played with each teams bowling four overs. The last over of the match is always exciting and crucial. There is so much of chaos everywhere everybody thinks himself as if they are the great coach, everyone starts giving advice, suggestions in all the tensed situations. During this, situation if one of the players wins the match for his team he is automatically declared as the real hero of the colony, he is respected everywhere.

And on the opposite team, because of whom the match was lost is showered with scoldings for not performing well and the looser team has to field again. Today this game of cricket has changed so much but the Gully cricket will always be the same, played with so much fun and unity. Essay on IPL Cricket 2020, Indian Premier League Article

This essay is written for students of grade, class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 hence the language is kept simple. We hope you guys can help us to translate this article into other regional Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Telugu etc.

You can also share your childhood memories about cricket in the comment box below. We love reading your comments. 🙂

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