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Essay on My Favourite Hobby, Interest Speech, Paragraph

Essay on My Favourite Hobby, Interest Speech, Paragraph

Have you ever done a thing or activity of your interest such as reading books, writing, dancing, painting, etc. ? The thing that keeps you engaged for hours without getting bored? The activity which we perform intensely that comforts us for which we lose time but never complain. Those leisure interests are considered as hobbies. In this article, we are going to talk about the topic of my favourite hobby. The hobby can be writing, painting, drawing, reading books, dancing, singing anything. Let’s start.

My Favourite Hobby, Interest Essay, Speech, Paragraph in English

A hobby can be anything from playing guitar to playing football hobby distracts you from the outside world allows you to get fully indulged in performing the activity like if you are reading a book you contemplate each moment like you live it that’s the magic of the reading. On the other hand, you acquire the knowledge you learn something new with each book you read.

People do things as per their interest, Hobby can be picked up for joy and it can also become our profession. A hobby can be as productive as reading a book to artless as collecting stamps or coins. A hobby is based on our interests and it changes from time to time so do our hobbies. We learn many things from our hobby, we master every inch and corners of that activity. What interests what makes us happy becomes our hobby, sometimes our interests change from time to time so do our hobbies. Essay on Cricket Match in English Paragraph & Speech

No matter who you are or from which country you belong, every one of us has ridden the bicycle in our childhood. Even now I love to ride the bicycle in my spare time or anytime that I get out of my schedule, traveling on two wheels around the city gives me pleasure and joy. I explore many places without burning fuel or hurting the atmosphere with dangerous gases. Importance of Reading Books for Students Essay, Speech

Cycling keeps me healthy it is the low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is fun it requires minimum physical stamina and is eco-friendly. People ride the bicycle for fun some ride for adventure and for every occasion there are a variety of choices in bikes to choose from.

There are different types of bicycles, geared and non-geared each bike specifically designed to suit different purposes of cycling events. For mountain biking non-geared bicycle is not efficient cyclist may require extra efforts to climb the mountain in this scenario geared mountain bikes are a boon as you pedal your way to the top, gear mechanism helps the cyclist to put minimum efforts and achieve maximum output. Essay on Importance of Music in Students’ Life, Society

Before the invention of cars and bikes, people used cycles as the transportation medium. Although travelling by cycle was the only standard medium at that time, covering long-distance journey on two wheels was exhausting. Now in the modern world, people barely get time to ride a bicycle, streets are filled with the automotive vehicle it is slightly dangerous to cycle amidst of high-speed heavy vehicles.

My hobby taught me one life lesson “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you, must keep moving”. This quotation suits the modern lifestyle where people barely have time for themselves but somehow they manage to connect with the off-road journey on the pedal-driven vehicle. Cyclotrons bring the crowd together where people gather to commute on bicycles around the city neighborhood. it is the simplest sport for the common man which consists of no competition, just pure exercise and enjoyment. Essay on Environment, Pollution, Importance, Speech Article

However, there are thrilling sports like BMX(Bicycle Motorcross), Mountain biking, track racing, etc. that require skills and physical fitness some people make careers out of these sports. Cycles are best they are multipurpose. people sell snacks they carry milk containers they sell toys, moreover, villages still use cycles for public transport. This shows that one can avail of many benefits from riding a cycle apart from just fitness.

Having a hobby is essential it is the best distraction it not only connects you with the habit that you love we get self-satisfaction and joy out of it. Not every hobby is productive but some hobbies are good to pass the time. Cycling hobby has taught me various lessons in life and I continue to practice this hobby till my legs give up.


Remember whether it is gardening, painting or playing guitar, playing football or basketball or video games, cooking food or dancing in when the mood strikes having a hobby can always make you happy.

If you liked this essay on my favourite hobby then let us know about your funky hobby in the comment section below.

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