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Essay on Environment, Pollution, Importance, Speech Article

Essay on Environment, Pollution, Importance, Speech Article

Throughout evolution, man has always been dependent on the environment to survive. Nature, environment provided everything the human needed to thrive on the planet earth but the soon the greed of man started ripping off nature for its own benefits. Today our environment is struggling to survive as we human race destroyed everything in our sight for our own good. But destroying nature is like destroying ourselves. There would be no life on the planet earth if there’s no environment. Hence, our environment should be protected and nurtured.

In this article, we have given you a sample essay, speech on Environment, environmental pollution, issues, problems and its prevention and protection from problems like pollution. The information in this article will help you to write a perfect essay on the environment and to prepare a speech on the environment. It can also help you with paragraph writing. At the end of the article, we have given some tips you can follow while writing your essay and delivering your speech. So let’s go ahead.

Essay on Environment, Importance, Problems, Solutions Speech & Article


To attempt to describe the environment is an attempt to describe our basic identity. We all are thriving under the blessings of the environment. Daily needs of food, recreational resources everything is supplied through a sustained environment which makes it the most essential part of our life. Sadly the environment which is our lifeline is being destroyed by ourselves. We are writing the chapter of our own destruction and that chapter is environmental pollution.

Importance of Environment

The importance of the environment lies in everything we see and experience around. If we are in the middle of a summer evening and see fumes coming out of a nearby vehicle, we start feeling more uncomfortable despite the heat then being not so unbearable. This is an example of how environment granting us respite from heat degrades due to human intervention. The significance of the environment lies in the fact that several species getting more threatened day by day makes the environment a more unstable space at the time. Importance of Nature in Our Life Essay, Speech, Article

Problems faced by Environment

The environment of the world is currently faced with several challenges each of which are extremely threatening for the overall sustainability of existing biospecies. Some of the core threats can be described as follows,


Pollution is endemic that currently consumes the entire breadth of the planet in a bid to destroy the biodiversity of life on the earth. Pollution in its definition stands for the contamination of the environment through the release of the synthetic or foreign substance which is harmful to any form of life. In the present day, there exist various types of pollution.

Air Pollution

The problem of air pollution has deteriorated over time. The air we breathe in is loaded with disparate amounts and kinds of pollutants ranging from sulfur oxides, excessive carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide which is mainly released through the combustion of fuels, natural gas, and coal. Methane, a type of greenhouse gas is one of the worst gaseous air pollutant as well as benzene products which are non-methane but contribute heavily to air pollution. (Essay on Air Pollution, Speech, Article)

Water Pollution

There is the problem of water pollution where natural water bodies like the sea, rivers, lakes, and oceans are getting increasingly contaminated due to the release of pollutants by human activity. Yearly, on an average, 22 million tonnes of chemical fertilizers and industrial-grade synthetic elements are dumped into various water bodies as well as untreated sewage in developing countries. (Essay on Water Pollution Speech, Article)

Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is another area which has been affecting the planet for long. It is the degradation of land area on account of heavy soil fills and soil displacement by harsh chemicals released from fertilizers and industrial waste. Illegal and unchecked mining activities, oil spills and even acid rain cause the topsoil to erode and chemicals to slowly get released in soil contaminating even the groundwater.

Noise Pollution

These days the level of noise pollution have been significantly higher. Continuous construction work, development work with heavy machinery and vehicle horns have contributed to this. Such high levels of noise make people more irritable, cause stress and anxiety as well as promote cardiovascular troubles. (Essay on Noise Pollution Speech, Article)

Plastic Pollution

Plastic is the epidemic which is causing a slow death of the entire biodiversity. Plastic pollution is found everywhere, as most of the daily needs products which are not reusable are discarded and plastic being non-decomposable, piles up. Recently the deepest seabed has been discovered to be containing plastic which poses extinction threats for several aquatic species. (Essay on Plastic Pollution Speech, Article)

Global Warming and Climate change

The term climate change is basically a result of global warming which is caused by the steady rise in the Earth’s temperature on account of heavy emission of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases consist of gaseous elements like carbon dioxide, methane products, nitrous oxides, which are the substances that are generated on a high level on account of heavy industrial combustion, increase in the number of vehicles.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2013 predicted that under lowest emission rates, the earth’s temperature is set to rise up to 1.7 degree Celsius while at the highest emission projections it may rise up to 4.7 degree Celsius per annum on an average.

Even then countries like the USA have refused to subscribe to environmentally friendly policies and in fact, have encouraged policies like increased production of ethanol (the process of which involves a higher degree of release of carbon dioxide which is a given greenhouse gas). Climatic models have shown that the rise in temperature has been more pronounced in the ages from 1850 to 2005, which exactly coincides with the era of the Industrial Revolution.

The phenomenon of climate change is actually a byproduct of global warming which is expressed in the troubles like rising sea levels, bleaching of coral reefs, widely oscillating trends of drought and over rainfall and related weather patterns. Scientists are of the opinion that given ocean temperature is slow to rise compared to land temperature, the fact that oceans are steadily getting warmer post-1979 is a clear indicator that due to thermal expansion of water, oceans are set to rise feet above every year at the current rate of global warming.

Ocean acidification is another challenge which will be indirectly caused by global warming on account of absorption of carbon dioxide by seas which are set to increase and hence make ocean life more acidic in nature destroying the aquatic ecosystem.

A high level of global warming and associated climate change would mean the food supply is often threatened on account of unpredictable climatic cycles and there is a higher chance of diseases from virus and bacteria which were otherwise dormant. It basically threatens the entire ecosystem with challenges to which until now there has been no experience with. (Essay on Global Warming, Speech, Article)

Ozone Layer Depletion

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas which is found 15 to 30 kilometres above the earth as a protective layer belt which prevents harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun to enter the earth’s atmosphere. From the definition itself, it is much clear that it is one of the most environmentally necessary layers in the atmosphere.

However, the presence of polluting agents like chlorofluorocarbon carbons (CFC s), bromine, chlorine, and other volatile organic compounds, have significantly spread into deep layers of earth’s upper atmosphere. The chlorine or CFC elements, upon receiving sun’s ultraviolet rays react to produce chlorine which replaces the ozone molecule with chlorine reacting with the oxygen of ozone thus creating a gap or ‘hole’ in the ozone layer.

The ozone hole is measured as the loss in ozone column which lies above the earth’s atmosphere. Lower stratosphere part of the earth has seen more ozone depletion. Every year, Arctic and Antarctica are mapped to study the extent of ozone depletion where Arctic records are more variable than Antarctica records. Ozone layer over Antarctica has been more affected by pollution as the extremely low temperature causes the higher conversion of CFC s into chlorine there.

Ozone layer depletion is the reason behind increased cases of skin cancer and cataracts in human beings. Ozone layer depletion causes significant troubles in the reproduction of phytoplankton which are essential to serving as the food for most aquatic animals. In other words, the ozone layer depletion is directly linked to the ecology chain and also dominates to accelerate further climate change.

Increased Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the gross amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which are released by a single individual and help to push up the incidence of global warming. Every human activity is based upon higher consumption amount with a far less proportion of recycling available, creates a loop of carbon accumulation. This is the same carbon amount which goes back into the atmosphere as greenhouse emissions and stays there contributing further to global warming.

Every human activity that involves burning of fuel, usage of machinery and plastic production for human consumption, indirectly piles up as a carbon load on the environment. Increased levels of consumption, deforestation, food production to cater to the increasing population, all these forces combine together to raise the carbon emission on ecology.

Although after the Paris Agreement, over 200 countries agreed to keep the annual rise in temperature to 2 degree Celsius per year, in 2017 it was established that although fossil fuel emissions have been mostly flat yet carbon emissions across major countries would slightly be raised in 2017.

Thus, for every mile of travel, we make using fuels which are nonrenewable or every product we use which is made at industries using nonrenewable sources, we add up to the current plague of climate change by contributing to global warming at each level. Essay on Importance of Trees


We all must be familiar with the term called deforestation. It is basically the replacement of forest or tree surplus lands by human activities in order to facilitate development. According to estimates, almost 18 million acres of land is lost every year that otherwise was tree-covered into hubs of human activity.

It is characterized by the systematic destruction of forest areas as well as little or marginal afforestation compared to the amount of loss incurred. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization have estimated that half of the tropical forests of the world was destroyed and almost 15 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions are a direct result of the same.

Mostly tropical rain-forests are more targeted for deforestation owing to good quality timber and flora fauna available there which makes it a profitable gain both of felling and selling of trees as well as using the rich soil for other purposes.

Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Congo are examples of countries which experience more deforestation than others. Since forests serve as the most important carbon sink mechanism by absorbing the harmful effects of carbon emissions, rapid reduction in forest space has severely degraded the existing environmental equilibrium. (Essay on Deforestation Speech, Article)

Loss of Biodiversity

All the above challenges to the environment have directly shown up as the loss of biodiversity over the years. This is visible and manifest in the extinction of various species from the ecological cycle. Extinction happens because of some species’ inability to cope with harsher change in their habitual climate or loss of availability of food due to the latter being threatened by the climate change phenomenon.

In order to sustain a stable ecological cycle, it is highly essential that the food chain is maintained. Loss of biodiversity even in minor forms with regional fluctuations can result in destabilizing the food chain.

For example, an increased rate of low phytoplankton caused by ozone depletion would mean the aquatic animals relying on it for food getting food-deprived in the long run. If seen on a wider horizon, animals thriving upon aquatic animals as food would also be reduced and hence there is liable to experience a breakdown in the food chain.

Agrochemicals and other chemicals have significantly deteriorated the population of insects in Germany and North America and enhanced loss of insect biomass in the long run. Such trends, more than anything only contribute to the displacement of the ecological cycle and has the potential to ultimately destroy the environment to the point of no return. World Environment Day 5 June Theme, Celebration Ideas

Solutions to Save the Environment | Environmental Problem Prevention and Protection

The solutions to save the environment can range from initiating government steps to community steps. At each level there must be a wide range of accountability and steps should be taken for a sustainable environment regeneration wherever it is possible to do so.

Steps the government or legal authorities can take include key international agreements and conventions. Notable is the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty of 1996 that put a ban on all kinds of nuclear test and explosions to prevent nuclear pollution and exploitation. Then the Vienna Convention for protection of the Ozone layer, United Nation convention to combat desertification, the Paris Agreement of 2016 that officially committed nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, before matters escalate until the government or higher levels, there needs better restructuring, reshaping of ideas at community and individual levels in order to mitigate environmental threats. We, as individuals have the power to initiate large changes visible at the macro level. The simple steps would include:

  • Reducing the number of electronic items plugged in but not used for the day
  • Reducing dependency on fossil fuels for regular fuel needs
  • Utilizing jute and other biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags
  • Not using plastic for every daily need but substituting it with other durable products like stainless steel, glass, cloth, and recycled paper
  • Opting for recycling and reuse of old newspapers
  • Not depending upon harsh chemicals when natural and cheaper alternatives are available
  • Banning microbead products as they contain dissoluble chemical compounds

The other alternatives which involve relatively more people coming together would include:

  • Segregation of plastic and electronic waste into separate places and improvising on the recycle mode of these products
  • Regular cleaning of neighbourhood lakes, water bodies and ensuring the waste is disposed of in a sustainable manner.
  • Organic grocery market for neighbourhoods to reduce dependency and use of fertilizer loaded items
  • Carpooling for commuting to the same place.


The bid to save the environment is not something that can be undertaken in a vacuum. There needs to be an adequate amount of resolution and practical approach. The intention to care for the environment should be instilled much early in children so that they learn to respect the resources they get. Leaving behind a healthy environment for the future generation is currently the need of the hour and requires a commitment of each one of us.

Tips for Essay on Environment

Writing a perfect essay sometimes can be a difficult task. Whether it is an essay in your homework, or an essay writing competition, writing the best essay on the given topic demands you have enough information about that topic and the proper representation of that information in form of an essay. Don’t worry. Here are some tips for writing the best essay. These tips will help you to write your essay on Environment. So, let’s see them.

  • Essays are made of 3 parts and those are the introduction of the topic, information body and ending with the conclusion. So, write your essay on the environment in this format.
  • There are various types of essays such as persuasive essay, expository essay, etc. So, before writing the essay, decide what type of essay you need to write. Here are Types of Essay Writing.
  • Before starting to write the essay, decide the key points and their sub-points and either write them down roughly or keep them in mind.
  • It is an essay on the environment. So give emphasis to the various things about the environment. Such as pollution, problems faced by the environment and their solutions.
  • Avoid any spelling and grammatical mistakes in your essay on the environment.
  • Keep your handwriting neat and clean while writing your essay.
  • Use a dark inked pen to write your essay to make more impact.

Tips for Speech on Environment

You must be wondering sometimes that how those speakers deliver their speech with so much confidence and grace and they must have born with this talent. Well, they are not. The art of delivering a perfect speech in front of hundreds of people can be mastered with prolonged practice and commitment. It is a long-term process. It takes time. So start now and go further in the journey of the perfect speech. To help you with it, Here are some useful tips which will help you while delivering the speech on the environment.

  • Confidence is the core of any speech. So be confident while delivering your speech on the environment.
  • To gain confidence, practise your speech in front of the mirror, friends, and family members.
  • While preparing the speech, keep your statistics and figures updated in the speech.
  • Be loud enough to be audible to the audience.
  • Make suitable use of hand gestures while delivering your speech on the environment.
  • Depending on the topic of speech, add some emotional touches to your speech.
  • Don’t make your speech sound robotic. Maintain highs and lows in your voice.

I hope you find this article, essay, speech helpful. If yes then please leave a comment below. Thank you. 🙂

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