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6 Major Types of Pollution & Their Harmful Effects On Us

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The man was nurtured by nature since his existence but the man started to harass the nature by his deeds. Various types of pollution have affected the environment so severely that firm actions should be taken to save our mother nature from the decay. Pollution damages the natures in various ways.

We have managed to damage everything that nature offered to us. From the soil, we stand on, to the air we breathe, and even the water we drink everything is contaminated by humans. Pollution has become one of the global problems in the 21st century and it has various forms. There are the following types of pollution. Let’s see them.

6 Different Types of Pollution & Their Dangerous Effects on Humans

Air Pollution

Air pollution can be defined as the introduction of harmful substances such as smoke into the atmosphere causing a decaying quality of air. Air pollution has become a severe problem around the world. This type of pollution is caused by both natural and man-made actions. Natural phenomena like a wildfire place a huge amount of smoke in the atmosphere.

Human actions like burning fossil fuels by the vehicles, massive industrialization, mining, and other such things hamper the air quality at very high extent. The air we breathe has become so contaminated that it is causing many dangerous health-related problems such as respiratory diseases like asthma, lung cancer, and even the shortened lifespan. Air pollution is one of the main reasons for global warming.

Water Pollution

Man cannot live without water. The human body is made of 70% of water, still, the water we drink and see around us has become very polluted. The oceans, lakes, and rivers are hs become very polluted by human actions. The sewage water, untreated water from factories with dangerous particles is released directly into the water sources. This affects the life of creatures in the water as well as human beings. Drinking polluted water can be very dangerous. Diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery are spread through contaminated water.

Sound/Noise Pollution

Sound pollution can be defined as the disturbance caused by excessive noise that may harm the balance of human or animal life. The main source of this type of pollution is outdoor noise which is mainly caused by machines and transportation systems, motor vehicles, aircraft, and trains. Continuous honking, loud engines noise, noisy sound systems at parties and festivals are also part of the sound pollution.

Noise pollution affects both health and behaviour of humans and animals. Noise can damage your psychological health and peace of mind. Noise pollution can cause hypertension, high-stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful effects.

Soil Pollution

Damaging the natural fertility of the soil by using chemicals like strong pesticides, insecticides are called Soil Pollution. The use of chemicals while farming, also the massive industrialization, improper disposal of waste, oil drilling, mining and activities by other heavy industries causes this type of pollution. There is a high possibility of health risks, from direct contact with the contaminated soil.

The fertility of the soil is affected by soil pollution and the soil cannot grow the crops anymore. As the soil cannot grow plant anymore and the plant roots hold the soil, the soil erosion happens. The particles in the contaminated soil by nuclear or chemical activities can cause serious health problems to humans.

Thermal Pollution

When the overall excess atmospheric heat that creates undesirable effects over long periods of time is called thermal pollution. The excessive temperature can be considered a rare type of pollution with long term effects. Global warming is a broader version of thermal pollution. Thermal pollution can affect the specific area where it is initiated such the power plant with huge chimneys that put the steam and gases in the atmosphere.

Light Pollution

The light pollution can be defined as the over-illumination of an area due to excessive lights. Larger cities are more prone to this type of pollution. Huge LED billboards, lasers shows, neon signs, building lights, traffic lights, are the main reasons behind the light pollution. Excessive lights can damage your eyes as well as cause mental disturbance.

Pollution has become a critical issue around the world. we should take the necessary steps to stop and control the pollution and protect our nature.

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