What is The Difference Between Feminism & Toxic Feminism?

What's Toxic Feminism & How It's Overshadowing Feminism

Feminist demands equality, justice, and liberty for themselves without being hypocritical about men’s right and preferences. So to summarise in a few lines, The feminist makes a clear distinction between sex and gender, regarding sex inequality between men and woman as biological and gender inequality as cultural and the root cause of all evils in the society. The feminist seek is not the abolition of distinction on the grounds of sex but the elimination of gender discrimination. The biological fact, the feminist argue, should neither necessarily be disadvantageous to women nor should determine their social destiny. Now I am sure one has an idea about what feminism truly means.

Feminism began as a challenge to overthrow the patriarchal structure of society. The features of feminism are as follows:

  • the demand for equal pay for equal work
  • non-discrimination at workplace
  • right to abort
  • right to determine whether to bear one’s child or not.

What is toxic feminism? I’ve been asking myself the same question time and again. The belief that women should always be higher up than men. Often backed with physical or verbal abuse towards the other gender. Not to be confused with feminism. When it comes to sexual harassment victims, self-proclaimed feminists will often say, “she can come forward when she is ready.” 

That is entirely valid and appropriate, and victims should come forward whenever they feel comfortable. But telling your story often doesn’t serve the same purpose 20 years down the road. As feminists, we should stand together and encourage victims to come forward sooner rather than later. If we foster a supportive community, we could change the course of assault cases to come.

We also wouldn’t expect men to keep their stories in the dark. We would expect them to come forward right away in the same circumstance. 

What kind of example does it set to fight for “equality” but hold men and women to different standards? This concept also shows its face when we give women special treatment –– think about how often we expect men to let women go first, even pay for dates and drinks. This happens daily, as we see society pushing for women to appear strong and powerful but simultaneously coddling and protecting them. This does not create any new branches for improvement but blurs the line between positive and stereotyped perceptions of women. Being a feminist is all about equality. It does not define the treatment based on gender roles. This is not to say that chivalry is dead. It is to say that chivalry should go both ways. 

We also want to find a diverse job field—for instance, the scientific research program or STEM program. Thus, many institutions are created only for women. But why do we need a separate institution? This only indicates that women need special treatment. In what we see and practice every day, feminism lifts women because society has pushed them down far too long. By definition of feminism, it means equality. I don’t believe in a separate reservation for women. If a particular person is qualified enough for the job, he should be treated as an equal for the same. We don’t need the “Females are the Future” T-shirts, the National Women’s Days, or the general commotion surrounding the movement. 

I believe that we are capable enough to fight our own battles. We should hold ourselves higher and focus on human rights. The change in society will not come through marketing skills but actions. And, it starts with looking human as humans and not gender-based mundane. 

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