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Deforestation In India, Causes, Effects Best Essay, Speech

best essay speech on Deforestation in India

“Plant trees and Save trees”- We all know this slogan right? This is not just a slogan to say loudly but something that need to follow in real life too. This slogan is to motivate people to plant trees in their surrounding to save the environment. But do we really follow this slogan? if we really do then today our country would not have to suffer through a major issue like Deforestation.

In our article, we are going to give some core information about  “Deforestation” which is being a serious problem nowadays in India. This article will be very useful when there is an essay, speech competition in your school and college competition or in your exams. This just basic information you can take reference from other resources to get more information.

Essay, Speech on Deforestation In India, Causes, Effects

The Beginning of Speech

Honourable chief guest, respected principal sir, teachers and my dear friends I wish you all a very good morning.  I am here to deliver a speech on Deforestation in our country which is affecting our environment. First of all, I would like to thank you all for giving me an opportunity to speak in front of you.

Deforestation is nothing but the cutting of the trees without knowing its consequences in our lives. We are the only one who is destroying the forests by cutting the trees and transforming vegetation into clear land for our necessity. Whether it is an urban area or rural area everyone is being so selfish to fulfil their need they are hurting the trees. Trees are the protective shield of nature. But human’s selfish and senseless mind is continuously harming the trees to earn money, to complete his basic needs like food, shelter, clothes.

Trees and humans are the same. They too have emotions as we all have. The only difference is that the way of showing those expressions is different. Sometimes they feel happy if you take care of them by watering, by providing some fertilizers for growing strong in return they will give us food to eat, shadow to save ourselves from hot summer days etc. Cutting trees can hurt them and this activity of human can make them an angry or sad so that’s why today a serious issue has been raised that is deforestation.

When we cut the trees we are taking away oxygen which we breathe in and be alive. What if one day this oxygen get vanished?  This is so scary to even think about it. So, think if it happens in real. There are many causes, effects of deforestation and we are going to discuss to get out of this problem.

The main causes of deforestation are human ignorance and greedy attitude towards nature. Ignorant people will not care about the effect of cutting trees. Many of us sometimes gone through this scene like someone is cutting the tree in front of your eye but you will ignore it like it doesn’t affect you. Another cause is Greedy attitude, People cut the tree to complete their need, to earn money, power, food, but after cutting trees they will not think about planting another tree rather they will continue to cut more and more trees in so many different places.

Due to overpopulation, industrialization, urbanization, mining, road construction flora and fauna of natural habitat are disturbed and this is going to affect our lives. If we go in rural areas we see people from the rural area are likely to be poor than urban area people so they don’t have enough money to get electricity, to buy fuel to cook food and they left with the only option that is wood which can complete their these basic needs.

In rural areas, people have no other option of employability to earn money that’s why agriculture is been their main occupation to earn money. In the hilly areas, the land for agriculture are not of the same level and size to make the equal size and level farm people cut the trees a make the land plain. Overpopulation causes migration of people and that can cause deforestation. A huge amount of people migrating towards forest area and building their houses there.

That’s why many species of animal and plants are getting vanished. I don’t know in some days the species of animal and plants we have seen today our children or next-generation, could get to see. In urban areas, for industrialization people cut the trees to make the land clear and then use this land for commercial use. Generally, most of the forest areas contain mines of coal, golds, silver, diamonds, oil and for this, they cruelly cut the trees without knowing the effect. In today’s rat race, everyone wants to be rich, wealthy and everyone is running behind the money and being so much cruel and selfish but somehow ignoring the one because of which we are alive on the earth, which is trees.

As Mahatma Gandhi has said

” Nature has enough for everybody’s need but not for everybody’s greed” 

Nature is made to fulfil our need but our greed. If human continues doing this foolish and selfish thing it will take our country in big trouble. Already we are facing so many environmental-related problems but I can say, this just a start we have to go far and to go far we have to save the forest, trees, environment. Destruction of forest can affect climate conditions and it will invite natural calamities like flood, earthquake, storm, drought, air and water pollution, landslide.

In order to maintain a balanced ecosystem, species plays an important role. By cutting the trees we are not just destroying the forest but the species also which is going to disturb the ecological system. But somewhere we are only responsible for such natural calamities. Other effects like swampiness, aridity, lack of stable soil stop the growth of trees and small plants in forest areas.

This is affecting the herbal vegetation in the Himalayas.  So many medicinal herbs are vanished due to deforestation in the Himalayas.  Timber wood which is largely used in building constructions is being reduced. Today we are all also facing the water supply problems. Deforestation is the main cause of being irregular rainfall.  As it is increasing day by day that’s the reason sources of water supply are getting dried day by day.

It is reported that forest area in India should cover the one-third of the total area of a country but India has covered only 24% forest area out of the total area. This is only due to deforestation that India’s forest cover area has fallen from the minimum recommended level. Though it may not possible to recover remaining forest area but at least whatever forest area remained we should prevent it from deforestation. To Conserve forests India took the first step against deforestation through Chipko Movement which has begun in 1973. This becomes a rallying point for future environmental movements.

Being a citizen of India it is every individual’s responsibility to protect our nature. To save the trees we must spread awareness about it in every corner of India. Don’t just speak but do act. When you cut old trees, replace those old trees by planting more new trees this could help to increase the number of trees.

The government should ban on cutting of trees and should make some strong laws against it. The forest area which is affected by natural calamities and the land which is affected by soil erosion should be identified and conserved by the government. Make use of recycled paper instead of making new paper. We need to find out alternative ways for people from a rural area so that they don’t need to cut down the trees.


India is a country with billions of people and if these billions of people started planting at least one tree a day the day is not so far when India stops suffering through the serious issue like deforestation.

Ending of Speech

I am ending my speech here and whatever I speak in front you, I will make sure that I will do the same thing to save trees because it’s our responsibility and thanks to you all for listening to my speech calmly.

Tips for the Essay on Deforestation in India

  1. Divide your content into four main parts definition, causes, effects, and preventions and last is the conclusion.
  2. While concluding use some quotes that will make the conclusion more inspiring.
  3. Don’t interrupt the flow between the sections.
  4. Leave some at the beginning of the page and then start writing your essay.
  5. It is ok if your handwriting is not good, but at least try to write your essay neat and clean.
  6. Start your essay with some phrases it will make a better impression on the reader.
  7. Make use of dark ink.

Tips for Speech on Deforestation in India

  1. Speech is the medium through which you can share your thoughts and views.
  2. Don’t just up. Read it understand it and then make your speech understandable to others.
  3. Your hand movements and gestures can make a good impression on the audience and more of it will help you to convey your message to the audience in a better way.
  4. If you have stage phobia then do small exercise at home that is stand in front of the mirror and start speaking this build your confidence.
  5. Avoid mumbling and make less use of fillers.
  6. Speak loudly and crack some jokes in the middle so that audience will not get bored.
  7. Try to maintain eye contact with the audience.

I hope you liked this essay, speech on deforestation in India. Please give your feedback in the comments below.

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