How to deal with Unrequited, One-Sided Love? Signs & Success

How to deal with Requited, One-Sided Love? Signs & Success

‘I love dreaming because in my dreams you are actually mine’. If you read this line and felt that it resonates with your life story, then, you, dear friend are nursing the bruises of a one-sided love story. It’s painful, it sucks but shit happens to everyone and it happened to you. You now have got to get up and, flush the shit out of your life, literally and figuratively. You loved someone and they do not love you back. In this article, we are going to talk about how not to suck at one-sided love, what things you can to deal with one-sided love.

How to deal with Unrequited, One-Sided Love? Signs & Success

It feels as if your world has come crashing down at your feet and the only way out is to lock yourself in a room and mope till the world comes to an end. Gotcha, right? But do you really want to suck so badly at being in one-sided love? There are ways you can deal with it gracefully and move forward in life while reminiscing about the time spent in the company of your crush when things were still good.

Don’t Pursue It Hopelessly

If your love for the other person is destined to be one-sided, do not make matters worse by going after that person relentlessly when he or she has clearly told you what they feel. You are not only disrespecting the person you love but also yourself. It’s ok to grieve your loss for a loss indeed it is for you haven’t gained the love and run the risk of losing a friend too in the process of claiming your love.

There are not many pains which can equal that of a broken heart and it warrants that you accept the pain and live through it a little, rather than pushing it towards the back of your mind. It is also ok to relive those beautiful moments spent with that person again and again for that is how the human heart and mind works.

Tub of Ice Cream and Netflix

Yes, you are allowed to drown your sorrows with a tub of ice cream while binge-watching romantic flicks on Netflix but for the love of God do not go about Instagramming about it! Everyone is expected to nurse their broken heart in some way or the other but the world doesn’t need to know about it for you are seeking love and not pity. Plus, the universe has not come to an end and you know it so why hamper your future prospects at love by posting your sob stories on social media.

Don’t Create a Fortress Between You and Your Love

You don’t need to create a barricade between you and your unrequited love. What you can do is create a little more space between the two of you. You don’t have to attend every party that she is attending or be a part of every group get together that she is a part of.

A little space will help you heal and will help you see things clearly. It will also help in dissipating the awkwardness that might have crept in between the two of you. Now, this one is applicable if you have decided to put the past behind you and to stay friends. If you feel that your heart will not be able to stay in the friend zone then the only way out for you would be to distance yourself completely from the other person but gradually, so as to keep things pleasant between the two of you.

Don’t Overanalyze and Pick Faults in Yourself

If your love was one-sided, do not start analyzing your personality minutely and cursing yourself for not being up to the mark required to attain the love of the other person. More often than not, the other person might not be harbouring the same feelings for you as you do for them.

There may be n number of reasons for your love being unrequited. The person you love might be in love with someone else or feels that there is a lack of romantic compatibility between the two of you. So, don’t just sign that gym membership the very next day thinking that you got friend-zoned because you did not have the muscles and abs to win her heart!

Pick Up a Hobby to Occupy You Productively

Having said earlier that picking up a gym membership impulsively would not be a good idea, for instance, it would indeed be a great idea if you have wanted to do it for yourself for some time. Join those guitar classes or take up power yoga, whatever takes your fancy and keeps you charged enough during the day to help you cope up with the sad feelings that are currently weighing you down. Learn a new skill, go on that girl’s backpacking trip you have been always wanted to go on.

If nothing else works, remember the line- ‘Someone somewhere is made for you. You just haven’t met them yet.’ 

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