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How to Create A Healthy Relationship with Your Parents?

How to Create A Healthy Relationship with Your Parents

The Dunphys do it all the time. The whacky family in this American drama series Modern Family does seem like crazy a lot at times but what is most endearing about them is how everyone, with all their quirks, still has a healthy relationship with their family. So, Luke gets dating lessons from Phil while both of them are having mindless fun jumping on the trampoline.

Claire knows how Alex is feeling after her breakup with her boyfriend and decides to give her some space to deal with it rather than barraging her with questions. It looks good while you are watching it on the telly but isn’t what you see there inspired in some way from the real world?

There are people out there like that in the real world too, where families give each member space but everyone comes together for a big huddle when anyone in the family needs it. Small things and small gestures on your part are all that it takes to maintain a healthy relationship with your parents.

How to Create A Healthy Relationship with Your Parents?

In this article, You find the ways and tips to create a healthy relationship with your parents. Let’s take a look at them.

Own Your Life’s Small Problems

They did everything for you when you were a baby; when you were a toddler and even now when you are perfectly capable of doing things on your own. Remember they wiped your butts when you couldn’t but now it’s time you pick up the tissue. You wish to be treated as an adult who can think clearly for himself and take his/her own decisions.

Let this reflect from your actions. Parents seem to be the easiest solution to each of your life’s problem even when the solution is staring at you right in the face. So, instead of calling your mother while she is in the office, about what you can have for lunch, simply open the fridge to scout around for what you can do to fix up a meal.

Chances are that your mother would already have taken care of it but on some days when she cannot, cut her some slack. Other days we are sure your mom would love getting a call from you; once a child always a child for the mother.  

They Fulfil Your Financial Needs But They Aren’t Money Dispensers

Till a certain age when you are financially dependent on your parents, it’s perfectly ok to ask them for money to meet your expenses. And even after, there is no harm asking them for financial help at times if you are in a crunch. Your parents would really appreciate if before raising an out of the regular demand you ask them if it is the right time for it.

They might be running a tight ship for that particular month and would be more than willing to accommodate your demand a little later if you show them that you understand, rather than throwing a fit. When the urge arises though to throw a fit, remember how little kids bawling on the supermarket floor look like when denied a toy!

Have That Small Dining Table Conversation

Even if you feel that you have least or zero interest in how your father’s day went or what is the big news that your mother is so excited about. Make time for your parents. They for one would be very much eager to know how your day at school or college was.

Just because they did not see the latest Avengers movie with you, doesn’t mean that such movies are not up to their alley. You never know you might end up having an hour-long discussion with your mother about Black Panther.

They Are Your Trusted Listening Ear

Even if you feel that the subject matter of a discussion is such that it might lead to a heated conversation with your parents, don’t assume that they will not want to have that talk with you.

They are bound to have a difference of opinion and talking it out with them might just give you a new perspective towards things. If nothing else, it will let you know what they think and they will get to know about your frame of mind.

Take That Call

The party is in full swing and you are right in the middle of a dance-off on the dance floor when your mother calls. Agreed that it is not the perfect timing but once you have done with your dance moves, make sure you return the call or text back. Parents call you not with the intention of disturbing you but only because they are worried about your well being.

In the worst-case scenario, they might want to reach out to you in case of an emergency. You don’t want to end up seeing thirty missed calls from mom on your phone for it strikes fear in the hearts of the bravest of men!

So, there were some effective ways of creating a healthy relationship with your parents. What do you think about these? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and siblings. Thank you. 🙂

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