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Essay on Bullying in Schools, Causes, Effects, Paragraph

Essay on Bullying in Schools, Causes, Effects, Solutions, Paragraph

Man is a social animal. Throughout our evolution of thousands of years, we have learned to make groups, communities to face the difficulties which are impossible to face individually and survive in the race of life. We learned to communicate, share our thoughts and ideas to gain knowledge and use that knowledge to make better choices in life. Unfortunately, when people form a group, it created competition amongst the member to prove their superiority. And thousands of years down the lane, it gave birth to the bullying. Hence we are giving this expository speech, essay on bullying in schools to create awareness about bullying in schools and colleges.

Bullying has become a major problem in schools and even workplaces too. And the massive boom of technology has also made it online which is called cyberbullying. In this article, we have given you all the information about Bullying in the school, causes and effects of bullying and the ways and solutions to stop the bullying. This information will help you write an expository essay on bullying in schools, in your exams, homework and even in the essay writing competitions. It will also help you in preparing a speech on bullying and in paragraph writing too. So let’s start.

Essay on Bullying in Schools, Colleges, Causes, Effects, Solutions, Paragraph

Bullying is a kind of forcing or harassing technique applied to people by another person or group. This is done just to force them into some action which is not done by the forced person by free will. Bullying occurs when someone or a group has a perception of being stronger or superior and applies their strength in a hateful and wrongful manner on some innocent person/persons.

Bullying as an activity is most common among children although among adults too it is much common nowadays. In this essay, one would learn more about why and how bullying takes place and learn that it is a crime in every case.

Causes of Bullying Behaviours Among Students in Schools

Most often than not, the exact causes of bullying would be embedded in social structures which are difficult to fathom under ordinary circumstances. Bullying is most likely to be found happening among children and is, therefore, a quality that assumes proportion as a child itself. The primary causes of bullying among children can be classified as follows:

Negligence at home

Kids, who belong to parents who widely neglect the responsibility of children, are unresponsive to their needs and cannot cope with the attention a child seeks naturally, often go out to become bullies in school. Out of the need to get attention and therefore desire attraction, children start ‘demanding’ the same by means of wrongful command towards other vulnerable children.

Because of the fact that these children, if neglected at home, do not receive empathy, it is the same passion that makes them prone against empathy for the contempt they hold while bullying others.

Sibling rivalry and lack of equality among siblings

A very important clue for the case of bullying is found in the personal equation of children in their families especially when they have another sibling at home. Often, in many homes there takes place a certain amount of discrimination between siblings. Some families pamper children or neglect them on the basis of gender while several families just vent out their personal preference for a particular child by giving them more leniency.

In any of either case, it might happen that either of the siblings grows up to develop a feeling of rivalry for each other on account of preferential treatment meted out by family members. Such rivalry more than other issues develops a bitterness towards weaker sections or weaker children who can be easily dominated.

Such kind of instinct more than often develops bullying tendencies especially if sibling rivalry at home translates into one sibling feeling and acting more powerful than the other. If family members fuel such behaviour, often the kid takes it as a license to apply a similar contemptuous behaviour towards other kids as well.

Witnessing bullying between parents

This brings up the issue of adult bullying which is often translated into power equations between the husband and the wife. If a child would constantly see parents engaging in power struggles and the father dominating the mother, often they grow up to view such harassment and subjugation of people to be a normal and valid affair. Such trends go on to create a ripple effect in children and ultimately they vent it out on other children who are vulnerable.

Although these are causes of bullying in children, yet bullying even exists among adults as well. The chief cause of bullying in adults would be the following:

Gender power

It is known to most that men naturally feel privileged to dominate because of numerous social and family reasons that do not rectify their entitlement to patriarchal unreason-ability on time. In the office or workspaces, often there are men who wrongfully use their higher authority or position to just bully women who are inferior to them. Although such bullying might not be sexual in nature, yet it is a type of harassment characterized by subjugation, harassment and sadist pleasure drawn out of belittling others. (Essay on Gender Inequality )

Narcissism and verbal bullying

Narcissism is a trait that is often neglected in most social relations and people. Although it is one trait that can have a significant ill effect in the manner in which narcissist people exercise domination in their personal equations with people. Characterized by extreme selfishness and absolute lack of compassion towards any person’s psychology, narcissist people can verbally abuse without even feeling guilty at any point. Such trends, remaining unchecked only creates immense difficulty for people who interact with them on a daily basis.

Long Term Effects of Bullying on Students, Victims,

The effects of bullying according to psychological studies are much underrated even though they are extremely serious at times. The important factor to note here is that bullying affects both the victim and the one who bullies.

The manner in which bullying affects the victim can be clubbed as follows:

  • A feeling of loneliness and depression
  • Stomach aches and irritable bowel movement
  • Turning into a social recluse
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • High levels of social insecurity
  • High levels of inferiority complex

The above effects stem out as a response effect to the traumas that bullying brings with it. Bullying is characterized by high levels of irrational behavior and abuse over emotionally vulnerable areas, bring out the inner sense of insecurity and loneliness in children. In several cases, as shown in scientific studies, kids are bullied over race, ethnicity and communal validation.

The white supremacy ideology of Western countries often makes kids of Hispanic, Asian or Black origin get bullied. In such cases, the psychological analysis suggests that it often causes irreversible social inferiority complex in people who feel ashamed of their origin and lead them to adopt ways later in life that is marked by disrespect to one form of ethnicity or several forms of ethnicity.

Bullying that takes place along the lines of looks and beauty standards often takes place in girl groups.  This has the power to permanently damage a girls’ way of perceiving her body, being ashamed of the looks she has because of the constant rebuking and insult she receives from the bully.

The one who is the bully is also not exempt from experiencing the effects of bullying in the long run. The common effects they face are:

  • Addiction or substance abuse in adult life
  • A tendency to vandalize and destroy social relationships
  • Difficulty in close relationships
  • Cases of a high level of dropouts
  • Engagement in sexual crimes

Bullying based on caste is also a common practice in India. Often lower caste children are still treated with contempt in common or public spaces that lead to a gross violation of their self-respect as well as making them vulnerable to other problematic lures.

Bullying in the Schools

Bullying as a trend is most commonly found on school premises. School being the place after home where children spend most of their time, bullies who wish to project hostile instincts and intents take it as the most opportune place to get their intentions fulfilled. On several accounts, boarding schools are places where major bullying activity takes place as there is a higher degree of interaction among students. Bullying in school might take place in various forms. Some of them are:

Bullying over the level of class

This is one of the most common forms of bullying where senior students bully juniors just on the basis of the former being class wise senior to the latter. Enforcing harsh behaviour, mocking juniors over little things are some of the ways in which seniority is used as a tactic to humiliate others.

Bullying over Class, Parents’ background

Children, learning more out of observation when they chance to see parents belittling other people on the basis of social class, affiliation or financial status, they learn the same thing. In school, such children would target other children who are not equal to them in money or status and ridicule such vulnerable ones.

Bullying over Looks and Appearance

Children would often take the most vulnerable aspect of a person and inflict jeering on the basis of them. In several cases, children who do not fit the societal standard of good looks or normal looks are often bullied by children or their peers. For example, the film Wonder showed how a boy with birth defects was initially bullied by most of his classmates.

Bullying over the misuse of power and affiliation

Children who have parents who are powerful might often take their birth status as the license to start power projection in a wrongful manner in schools. Terms like ‘brat’ have in fact emerged from such instances where kids of powerful parents behaved irresponsibly as they took their parents’ identity as a license for misconduct in any sphere.

Thus bullying in school is not only a common affair but also a very serious one. There should be enough measures in place to ensure it is checked at the right moment.

Cyber Bullying: A disturbing trend

Recently we all have witnessed words like cyberbullying and cyber harassment. It is a new form of bullying that has come up ever since the internet has invaded our lives. Cyber-bullying has spread more in the United States during the late 2000s and initially, most cases that were reported were high profile.

The idea of cyber-bullying is quite similar to the idea of bullying with the difference being in the fact that in case of cyber-bullying, the harassment happens over online platforms or mediums which is virtual and not direct or physical in nature. Cyber-bullying can be identified when someone is trolled, harassed and humiliated repeatedly by any random person. The person may or may not be a friend, but uses means of stalking, commenting in a foul manner and initiating unnecessary ill intention just in order to hurt someone’s weak spot. 8 Tips to Protect Yourself from Cyberbullying

It may also involve sharing private messages of someone without their consent and spreading malice against them. The manner in which cyber-bullying is carried out can often be more harmful than on spot bullying. This is because of the following reasons:

  1. Online platforms have 24-hour access for bullies
  2. Online spaces are more personal and intimate as well as more pervading in mind.
  3. It is difficult to register a serious complaint unless the administration is prompt and effective.

Teenagers suffer most because of online cyber-bullying as they have minds that are highly impressionable. When they post pictures in a casual manner on twitter or Facebook or Instagram and find someone with ill intention constantly trying to harm them with distasteful texts, messages, it creates a huge mental burden on them.

Often cyberstalking and harassment has maligned someone’s reputation to such extent that they even contemplated committing suicide. Such trends are not only disturbing but are a grave crime for society in the long run. Essay on Right To Privacy in India Judgement Speech, Article

Solutions and Measures to Stop Bullying

There have been several degrees of measures adopted in order to make bullying an offence. In the United States, for example, all 50 states have passed strict anti-bullying legislation. In South America, Chile has an anti-bullying policy in place while the United Kingdom lays down a foundation for the headteacher to investigate all behavioural activities of children in school especially issues related to bullying. These measures are mostly applicable to bullying in school.

In India, there is no specific legislation or act related to bullying or cyber-bullying. There are some Indian Penal Code dictums and Information Technology act and clauses that deal with such issues. However, after the Vishaka versus State of Rajasthan case, the issue of sexual harassment as a form of bullying was dealt with and there was the dictate to form harassment committees at all levels in offices. However, without these rights and clauses, there are no specific legislation or acts that can take care of intricate and burning issues like cyberstalking by pornographic or other harassing methods.

What is needed is a widespread awareness regarding the issue of bullying and the social and psychological risks associated with it. Given that there is no well-defined legislation to protect the interests of those who are bullied, therefore one must apply a lot of vigilance to ensure that nobody is harmed by bullying. If someone is known to bully one must always take care to either complain about them gathering proof as much as possible against them or stay away from them. One should always inform parents or teachers or counsellors regarding bullying at school and by no means should one be tolerating it.


After much discussion over the issue of bullying, one can conclude it with certainty that it is a harmful practice no matter whoever commits it. Bullying only promotes ill will and hatred as well as takes away people’s self-worth. Hence every person should guard well to prevent such actions of bullying.

Tips for Essay on Bullying in Schools

Writing an essay can be a hectic work sometimes, especially when you don’t know how to write an essay. Don’t worry we are here to help you. In this section, we have given you some useful tips for an essay on bullying. Let’s see them.

  • Before starting to write your essay, think for a while and structure the essay in your mind and start writing your persuasive essay on bullying in schools later.
  • Write down or think the key points and their subpoints in your mind.
  • Essays are generally made of three parts and those are introduction statement of the topic, followed by the paragraphs of an information body and ending the essay with the conclusion. Write your expository essay on bullying in schools in this way.
  • Keep your handwriting neat and clean.
  • Use a dark inked pen to write your expository essay on bullying in schools to make more impact.
  • Keep the conclusion of your persuasive essay on bullying in schools short yet meaningful.

Tips for Speech on Bullying, Causes, Effects, Solutions

Delivering a speech is a nightmare for many people. Facing the audience and delivering your speech can be a really big deal for you. All that stage fright is natural and almost everyone has it. But don’t worry here are some tips for your speech on bullying. So let’s see them.

  • Speeches are meant to be delivered with confidence. That how they appeal to the audience. So to gain confidence practice your speech on bullying in front of your friends, family members or even front of the mirror to get rid of the stage fright.
  • Avoid consuming oily food and very cold water prior to your speech. Doing so will affect your throat.
  • Be loud enough so the audience can hear you.
  • Maintain high and low pitches in your speech on bullying.
  • Make good use of your body language and hand gestures while delivering your speech on bullying.

I hope you liked my honest attempt at spreading information and awareness about bullying in school, India. If yes then please leave a comment in the comment section. Thank you. 🙂

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