Best Speech on Chandrayaan 2 Mission in English

Speech on Chandrayaan 2 Mission in English

With each coming day, India is marching toward the dream of becoming the most elite country in the world in space research and exploration. Today, India is one of the few countries who have done some commendable work in the field of space research. And on July 22, 2019, India reached one more milestone in the journey by launching its second lunar expedition, the Chandrayaan 2 mission of India and ISRO. Hence we have given this speech on Chandrayaan 2 in English to give you more information about Chandrayaan 2 and also to help you prepare a speech around the topic, Chandrayaan 2.

As the Chandrayaan 2 is an ongoing space mission, it has become a hot topic for exams, groups discussion, debates, essay writing, speeches and other competitions such as quiz contests, etc. in schools and colleges across India. Hence we have given you all the necessary information in this article to help you with your speech on Chandrayaan 2 in English.

This speech on Chandrayaan 2 contains the information like aim and purpose of the Chandrayaan 2 mission, about Lander Vikram, Rover Pragyaan, the budget, cost, current status, location, the position of the Chandrayaan 2 mission and Vikram Lander. Also, we have written this speech in simple English language to make it understandable to all the students in class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and even the UPSC, IAS aspirants. So let’s start.

Speech on Chandrayaan 2 Mission in English

Good morning everyone, honourable chief guests and Principal sir, respected teachers, and all the students present here. Today, I am going to talk about the Chandrayaan 2 Moon landing mission of India and ISRO. I feel honoured to stand here today and be able to share my two cents of knowledge with you.

India is on the way to fulfil the dream of being the top country in space research and exploration and recently we took another step in this journey. And we Indians, have never been more proud. Yes, I am talking about the Chandrayaan 2 moon landing mission of ISRO.

The Chandrayaan 2 mission grabbed the attention of the whole world. Chandrayaan 2 is the follow-up mission of Chandrayaan 1 which was launched in 2009 which was started with the aim of helping the scientists of ISRO to confirm the presence of water molecules on the lunar surface.

The name Chandrayaan comes from the Sanskrit language where “Chandra” means the Moon and “Yaan” means spacecraft. Chandrayaan 2 is a mission unlike before. Chandrayaan 2 mission will help to explore the south polar region of the moon which is very less explored. This is the 2nd lunar expedition of ISRO.

The Chandrayaan 2 Mission was launched on 22 July 2019 at 2.43 PM IST(9.13 UTC) from the second launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre(SDSC) or Sriharikota Range(SHAR) in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

The Chandrayaan 2 mission will help the scientists of ISRO and the whole of mankind to gain a better understanding of the moon. The Chandrayaan 2 will conduct various studies on the lunar surface which will help us to understand more about the origin and evolution of the moon. Based on the studies conducted by the previous lunar mission Chandrayaan 1, Chandrayaan 2 will try to collect more information to confirm the presence of water molecules on the lunar surface. (Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet)

One might argue that why do we have to spend millions in space exploration. Then let’s talk about the purpose, aim, and benefits of Chandrayaan 2 moon landing mission. The primary purpose of the Chandrayaan 2 mission is to conduct researches to find the water molecules on the lunar surface and to examine the new rock types to examine their composition which can help us understand the origin and evolution of the moon.

Moon is the closest celestial body from the earth. Successfully landing on the moon and conducting the researches on the moon helps to test many theories and many first time technologies before going big. Also as it is closest to earth, it will also help us to understand more about the origin and evolution of earth too. (Here is a detailed Essay on Chandrayaan 2 mission of India which will also help you while writing the speech.)

The Chandrayaan 2 mission will also help in expanding India’s footprint in the space. After the Mangalyaan mission (Mars Orbiter Mission), which was India’s first interplanetary mission in 2013, India became the 4th country to reach mars after Roscosmos, NASA, and the European Space Agency. It also made India the first Asian country to reach Mars and the first in the world to do so in the 1st attempt.

When a country makes successful space flight, it inspires a whole generation of student, scientists, explorers to work and pursue a career in space research and exploration and the Chandrayaan 2 mission also aspires to the do the same.

Another purpose of Chandrayaan 2 is to surpass international aspirations. After the Mangalyan mission in 2013, and Chndrayaan 1 mission in 2008, India has become one of the elite countries with advanced space research programs with successful missions.

Now let’s talk about the anatomy of the Chandrayaan 2 mission rocket. The Chandrayaan 2 rocket consists of components like a launcher, an orbiter, the Vikram Lander, Pragyaan Rover. The launcher, GSLV Mk III (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III) which is India’s most powerful launcher to date and it is completely designed and fabricated in India itself. The GSLV Mark III is also called as Bahubali due to its massive lifting power.

The orbiter will observe the lunar surface by orbiting in the lunar orbit and relaying the communication between the earth and the Chandrayaan 2 Lander Vikram. Lander Vikram is designed to execute India’s first soft landing on the lunar surface. The lander is named after Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, the father of Indian Space Programme. The Pragyaan rover is the Chandrayaan 2’s 6 wheeled robotic vehicle, which will collect samples from the lunar surface and also take images of the surface.

You might be wondering how much money it took to launch the Chandrayaan 2 mission. The Chandrayaan 2 mission was allocated the budget of 978 crores which approximately 141 million US dollars. It includes 603 crores for the space segment and 375 crores as launch cost. The unbelievable facts here is that the cost of the Chandrayaan 2 was comparatively very less than other countries lunar expeditions. NASA spent 25 billion dollars which are approximately 1,62,500 crores. Woah!

How many of you have watched the blockbuster Hollywood movie the Avengers Endgame? Please raise your hand. Well, interestingly the cost of the Chandrayaan 2 mission was half of the production cost of Avengers Endgame which had the budget of 356 million US dollars. Isn’t it amazing!

As the Chandrayaan 2 is an ongoing space mission, there are many developments on a daily basis. There are latest updates about the current status, position, location of the Chandrayaan 2 and Vikram Lander. The Vikram Lander followed the scheduled trajectory from its orbit of 35 km to just below 2 km above the lunar surface where we lost the contact with the Vikram Lander on September 7.

On September 10 Vikram Lander was located by the Orbiter but no communication could be made with the lander. It is said to have no harm to the lander but it is in a tilted condition on the surface. Recently it was announced that NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is scheduled to pass over the part of the moon where the Vikram Lander is supposed to be. NASA’s orbiter will take pictures of the area and will share them and other information with ISRO.

Chandrayaan 2 has put India in a group of elite countries with advanced space programs and made every Indian proud. It also gathered praise from all around the world. Chandrayaan 2 will inspire a new generation of students, explorers, scientists, and engineers about space exploration. And soon we will send our first human on the moon.

On this positive note, I would like to end my speech on Chandrayaan 2. I hope you liked it. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Principal sir, for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts. Thank you.

Tips for Speech on Chandrayaan 2 Mission in English

Delivering a speech on a stage in front of many people is still a nightmare for many people. But don’t worry. The art of delivering a perfect speech can be learned and mastered. All it takes is practice and patience. Here we have given some tips to help you in your speech on Chandrayaan 2 mission in English. Let’s see them.

  1. Make sure you use the right figures, number and information in your speech. So keep updated with the latest information for this type of topic.
  2. Practice your speech in from of your friends, family members or even the mirror to gain the confidence of facing people.
  3. When your name is announced, walk calmly to the stage and take a deep first and calm yourself down.
  4. Do not rush to deliver the speech. Speak clearly and loudly enough to be audible to the entire audience.
  5. Do not mumble, pronounce your words fully and correctly.
  6. Avoid cold beverages & oily food before the speech.
  7. Make appropriate use of hand gestures and your body language.
  8. Interact with the audience to keep the speech interesting. Like I did in the speech where I asked the audience how many of them have seen the Avenger Endgame movie.
  9. Talk confidently. Let your body language be confident too.
  10. How to deliver a perfect speech? This article will help you furthermore.

I hope this article will help the students from class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and even the UPSC, IAS, IPS aspirants in their speech, essay writing, debate, quiz contest, and group discussion. The speech is written in simple language and can be formatted easily to make a short speech or long speech of various length such as 100, 200, 250, 300, 500, 750, 1000 words.

If you liked this speech on Chandrayaan 2 and it helped you, then please leave your valuable comments to motivate us to work more. Thank you. 🙂 

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