9 Amazing Popular English Shows for Teenagers to Binge

9 Amazing Popular English Shows for Teenagers to Binge

If you are going through that phase where hormones are running your lives for you then these TV shows are going to sure hit home. Covering all facets of teen life from goofy awkwardness to high school crushes, they are extremely popular among teens across the globe. Well, they are for you too if you are about to leave your teens trying to make the transition to adulthood. They will transport you back to days when all you wanted was to fit in. Let’s take a look.

9 Amazing Popular English Shows for Teenagers to Binge

Sex Education

Sex education is the story of a teenage boy who has a sex therapist mother and he teams up with his high school classmates to start an underground sex therapy clinic at school. Boasting of veteran actors like Gillian Anderson and a younger star cast including Asa Butterfield and Ema Mackey, this Netflix original series is ruling the charts. The show is aimed at getting the eyeballs of the teen populace and the adult lot alike, though it is attracting flak for its explicit content.

Stranger Things

Currently, on its second season, it is as gripping and enticing as its first season. It’s all about preteen goofiness and monsters who scare you but don’t make you pee your pants. A story of six kids who must face their demons, literally and figuratively while handling their teen issues at the same time, is what makes Stranger Things popular amongst teenagers. Continuing the cast and crew from season 1, the second season has added some new faces.

13 Reasons Why

The show follows the life of Clay played by Dylan Minnette, who is a Liberty High student. In the first season, he receives seven cassettes which deepen the mystery already shrouding his crush’s suicide. The second season has a series of Polaroids which try to expose the secrets hidden in the school. The series is quite addictive and touches upon several pressing teen issues like depression, sexual consent, drunken driving, and suicide. The show is a mirror that shows you a glimpse of high school life as it is.

Game of Thrones

If you have not seen this then most probably you have been termed as an outcast belonging to the 10% of TV watching human race who haven’t seen GoT. While people are eagerly waiting for the new season, the teens are busy having their own chat groups discussing the lives of nine families, each fighting for the throne of Westeros with the Starks being everyone’s favourite. The star cast includes Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, and Sophie Turner to name a few.


Benedict Cumberbatch has teenagers glued to the screen watching him as the iconic fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, in the British crime drama series by the name Sherlock. Set in modern-day London, the quirky detective along with his mate the trusty doctor John Watson played by Martin Freeman, flies through intriguing mysteries, baffling you at every step with his methods. Brilliant writing, coupled with a superb screenplay and editing make for a binge viewing for this one. The world eagerly awaits Season 5 of this series.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina Spellman is a teenager who also happens to be a half-witch, as if handling her teenage wasn’t enough. The characters and the story have shades of Archie comics and explore the life of Sabrina who learns that she is half-human and a half-witch when she turns 16. With Sabrina making big decisions like whether to sign the Book of Beasts and join forces with the Dark Lord, this one is quite popular among teenage girls.


This American teen drama series takes you to the Archie Comics universe. The series follows the life of Archie Andrews, a teenager living in Riverdale and who is facing teenage issues while making things seem perfect on the outside. While wading through teenage romance, sex, and high school, Archie and his teenage gang get embroiled in a dark mystery of Riverdale. The setting gets a sombre look after a student dies and Archie and his group try to solve the case.

Cloak and Dagger

Marvel thrives off the love it gets from every age group, with teenagers being their favourite. Their latest offering Cloak and Dagger is based on the Marvel Comic series which goes by the same name. The story deals with two teenagers Cloak and Dagger who come from completely different backgrounds but both possess superpowers which are linked to each other. Drawn towards each other through their superpowers and attraction for each other, the story also has shades of teenage issues.

Everything Sucks

The American TV series is a parody on the US teen life in the 1990s. The story is set in the fictional town of Boring, Oregon where a group of teenagers studying at the Boring High School plans to make a movie. The series while having an interesting storyline weaves in teenage issues like mental health and sexuality in teenagers.

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