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Best Essay on My Family Speech in English for Class 1-12

my family essay speech importance

In life, there are many relations of a person with many people, animals, or maybe things. The relation is nothing but the bond between two people which may be by blood, by behaviour, by field or anything else. Every person has many relations in life but some relations are so close to a person that we call it a family. This article will help you understand the meaning of family, the importance of family in life. It will provide you with information which you can use in writing an essay, speech at competitions organized in your school or college.

Essay, Speech on I Love My Family, Importance for Students

Beginning of Speech

Good morning my family. Yes, you heard correct I addressed you “my family” and why I did so? Well, I am here to deliver a speech about the family. Every person among us is having a family. What do you call a family? Is it only about blood relations? I am going to convey my thoughts about these questions now. Allow me to start my speech now.


The basic definition of a family is having people with a blood relation. But do you think this can be the proper definition of it? If you ask me I would say no. The family is not only a group of people who live together, have the same last name, but it is also much more beyond that. In school, we learn that a family is having a mother, father, brother, and sister. This may be the basic concept of a family but there are a lot of things which we should know about being a family and having a family.

Family can be defined as a group or a bunch of the same kind of things or people. It is not always necessary that it would be your relatives. What about orphans? Have you ever thought that how do these orphans lead their life without family? We think that they are not having a family, but they have the most loving and caring family with them at those orphanage homes. The people around them is their family. They never give up because of the pain of not having parents. Instead, they are the inspiration to us, the way these people live their lives, the way they succeed in life are the inspirations to us.

Many of you may have the experience of hostel life. It is not easy to live far from our own home and live life alone. Many of us feel depressed, alone, scared of living far from home with people who are not well known to us. But again I would ask you, why do these people, who live in a hostel, cry at their farewell parties?

A person cries with some feeling. It is because there is some emotion behind it. That may be because of being separated or maybe because of the fear to live far from these friends. I am giving you this example because when we talk about family, friends are an integral part of it. Friends themselves are a family to us. They care, love, scold, teach and be with us in every good and bad situation in our life.

Many times there are things which we cannot share with our family but we do not hesitate to share them with our friends. And this is because the attachment and love we share with friends. Nobody has blood relation with their friends but this relation is much stronger and transparent. Friends are another family to us.

In life, we meet many people who are strangers to us. As time passes they become close to us, they become our friends. There are some vibes which we feel by only the presence of such people in our lives; which sometimes cannot be felt by being with our own family. Like humans, people love spending time with animals like cats and dog, they love being friends with them. In many houses, we see that their pet is their family member.

A person feels relaxed and happy by spending time with animals. There are so many people who do not interact with humans much but they love spending time with animals. Animals are not only for being a pet of human but they are the family. If you have a pet at your home, it will be the first one to welcome home when you are back home. It will wait for you, it will play with you. It is not necessary that the family should have a bunch of people; a pet can also be the family of one.

Pets are again the living ones. But do you know why we feel engraved when we read some book or write something down in the diary? Yes, you are right. Books are also our family. They say a book is the best friend of a human. Many of us have so many thoughts on mind but cannot express or share them by talking with someone. The feelings and emotions are expressed well when they are written down on the page.

Books help us in relieving the stress, they give us so many solutions when we are stuck in some situation or problem. Books have the ability to make someone happy and smile. It is only a one-way conversation that we do with books; we share our feelings with it. This is the best part of this family that it never judges us or blames us instead it always helps us in several ways.

As I have said earlier, only the blood relation people are not our family, but many things in life are. It is not like that the people with blood relations are not a good family; they are the best ones who support, love, care, and motivate us at every phase of life. Living life alone and living it with the family makes a lot of difference. In a family, we talk, we fight, we argue but at the end, it is the love and bond that keeps us together forever.


The family is not about being together only, but it is what life is. The family is not a part of life, it is everything. Families are like the tree branches that grow in different directions yet the root remains the same.

Ending of Speech

It is not about how big the house is, it is about how happy the home is.

The family is like music; some high notes, some low notes but always a beautiful song. In the beginning, I addressed you as my family, it is because I shared my feelings with you people. Some of you are my friends, teachers, and guide. Every one of you has some importance and place in my life that makes me realize that we are somewhere somehow bound to each other. And this is what we call a family. On this note, I would like to end my speech. Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to deliver my thoughts.

Tips for Speech on My Family

  • Speech is not about mug up the script and speak, it is about sharing gown thoughts about the given topic.
  • Try being interactive while delivering the speech.
  • Be expressive with the emotions and gestures.
  • Try giving the speech in front of your family or friends for building up the confidence.

Tips for Essay on My Family

  • You can write an essay in the story format also.
  • Write your essay in three logical sections: introduction, detailed concept, and conclusion.
  • Use simple language while writing the essay.

Tips for Paragraph on My Family

  • An essay and the paragraph are similar only the length limit varies.
  • Try focusing on key points while writing the paragraph.
  • Explain your topic in short and give some related points in brief.

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