The Mystery of Spooky Aleya Ghost Lights in West Bengal

The Mystery of Spooky Aleya Ghost Lights in West Bengal

Are you a badass paranormal junkie, forever on the lookout for whacky, quirky and spine-tingling adventures? If yes, then we are sure the Aleya Ghosts Lights in Bengal must have caught your fancy by now. In case you have missed out on this piece of an interesting and bone-chilling tale, this write up is going to do the needful for you.

The Mystery of Spooky Aleya Ghost Lights in West Bengal, Will-O’-The-Wisp

The tale is so full of mystic happenings that it looks straight out of an M. Night Shyamalan movie, intriguing and fascinating at the same time. Picture some glimmering lights that appear in your path while you cross the marshes in the wilderness. It’s one of those rarities when the light is spookier than the darkness.

The Legend Behind It All

These lights have given the swamps and marshes of Bengal quite a name when it comes to fascinating sites. Though these lights are called Aleya lights, their occurrence is not specific to Bengal itself. These lights have been spotted even in countries like the UK, Finland, North America, South America, Australia, Estonia, and Latvia to name a few. In other parts of the world, these lights have got names like will-o’-the-wisp, Jack-o’-lantern, hinkypunk, hobby lantern, and friar’s lantern.

Legend has it that these lights are the spirits of the fishermen who died in those marshes and anyone who dares to follow these lights meets his doom eventually. Folklore even defines the doom as not losing one’s life but losing one’s sanity on following these lights. In countries like Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland, the popular story surrounding these lights talks about a hidden treasure whose location is being marked by these shimmering lights. A Spine-Chilling Mystery of a Lake Full of Skeletons in India

The Americans have their own theory about these lights and according to them, the lights are nothing but ghosts of railroad tracks and roadside workers who died while at work. In some parts of the world, you may also pick up a story or two about how these lights are the spirits of stillborn and unbaptized children. It is believed that the spirits of these children are still hovering between heaven and earth waiting for redemption or passage into the other side of the world.

Every country that has witnessed these light occurrences has its own story and legend associated with them. For instance, the Swedish believe that these lights are the spirits of people who could not be baptized in their life and now their spirits have taken it upon themselves to lead others like them to water, hoping to baptize them.

According to Welsh folklore, these lights are just lanterns that are being ferried by tiny goblin-like fairies who are simply having some fun misleading the travellers and are completely harmless. In Australia, these lights called the Min Min lights, are witnessed in Channel Countryside and take a spookier turn.

They come directly towards the traveller and start following them. If the traveller is someone with a strong heart and iron composition and he tries to fire at them, the lights disappear, only to reappear again. There are some though who have equated these lights with evil, like the people of Uruguay who call them luz mala or evil lights.

When Science Steps In

Mankind decided to find a logical explanation to these lights way back in 1776 when Alessandro Volta hypothesized that these lights were the result of a natural electrical phenomenon. His theory stated that lightening reacted with the marsh gases like methane, which was incidentally discovered at that time, and then produced these lights.

The fallacy in his theory was that the lights seemed to follow people and receded on being followed back as if they had a mind of their own. Another breakthrough was attempted in the year 1832 by Major Louis Blesson who tried to answer the question of the moving lights. According to him, as a person changed his position he displaced some amount of flammable gas which led to the movement of lights as well.

The Modern Age Scientific Hypothesis

The Aleya ghost lights have seen many explanations being presented to the world by science. Alan A Mills who was a geologist from Great Britain laid down the theory that these lights were pre-combustion halos. He said that these halos are most likely to be produced when some compounds are heated just below the ignition point. His studies suggested that these pre-combustion halos are simply cold flames which occur in many hydrocarbons like acids, waxes, oils, alcohol, methane, and aldehydes.

The most recent explanation about these lights was given by Professors Persinger and Derr in 1993. According to these scientists, the lights were a result of geological activities and it was tectonic strains which produced these lights.

Fun Facts about These Lights

  • Many people still believe that fireflies and honey fungus are behind Aleya lights.
  • Another interesting theory suggested by some also has it that it is barn owls who are behind these lights and moonlight reflecting off the feathers of the owls produces Aleya lights.

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