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7 Ways to Deal with Your Anger in Your Teenage

7 Ways to Deal with Your Anger in Your Teenage

‘Teenage’ – Probably the best phase of everyone’s life. You are not a child anymore, neither are you an adult. The struggle to stay sandwiched between these phases is the most difficult as well as a funny and memorable part of your entire life. Hence, it is very important to manage your anger at this age.  Actually, you can enjoy both the phases, the younger to you treat you as adults and you can pass on your words of wisdom to them, while the elder to you treat as kids and you can still enjoy the pampering you receive. But unfortunately, this is the age you get more uncontrollable anger.

But, it is not as easy as it may seem, in teenage hormones, use their ‘Bramhastra’ to make your life unstable, emotional, develop hatred, infatuation, etc. These small changes can have a lifetime impact, hence it is very essential to deal with them. We are gonna tell you ways to relieve your stress and manage anger and save yourself from major impacts on your way life ahead.

7 Ways to Deal with Your Anger in Your Teenage

Here are 7 tips to deal with your anger in your teenage.

Meditation And Relaxation

The very first step to deal with anger is to avoid getting rushed up for little things. You can say precaution is better than cure. Always prefer meditating for at least 10 min in the morning to start your day calmly. A mesmerizing start of the day leads to a wonderful day. Your mood sets delight mode for the rest of the day.

Consult A Counselor

Anger leads to nothing but a tensed mind, frustration, and mental breakdown. Talking your feelings out oozes your emotions and gives a way to convert anger into the flow of words which can let you feel peaceful. A counselor doesn’t necessarily mean a professional one, it can be your friend, your parents, your teacher or anyone with whom you feel comfortable, reliable, understand you and have patient listening skills. 8 Best Instagram Story Games & Challenges to Play in Self Quarantine

Stay Away From Distractions

Teenage is an age where anger is up to the brim of the mind. So, staying away from distractions can unload some amount of hassle, and you can focus only on major concerns. By distractions, we mean toxic relationships, unwanted friendships, inessential habits, unconcerned disputes, peer pressure, etc. The more you focus on yourself the more you will be happy and away from the anger.

Watch Out for Your Expectations

Teenage being a very tender age is affected a lot by artificial and evanescent happiness. There is nothing to blame in it, it is just the way you feel and it’s completely normal. But, if these demands which are needed to satisfy your temporary happiness are not completed, sometimes you may feel suffocated and may make you angry.

For e.g. – If someone has a great dressing wardrobe and you cannot afford one, instead of feeling inferior and stressed always try to find out how you can upgrade your wardrobe with minimum expenses. DIY videos, fashion guide, fashion articles can be of your help here. Keep a close watch on such demands to be self-sufficient and content.

Maintain A Private Book

This is the simplest method of all. You can be your own therapist. Have a nice book by your side always. Whenever you feel like abusing someone or yelling at someone and actually make conditions worse for yourself, always use your pen and start writing the hell amount of feelings going on in your mind at that time. Transferring your anger on paper will not have any adverse effects on you or someone else and will save you from further embarrassment.

Analyze Your Anger

Always analyze yourself first before judging others and creating an unnecessary scene. Being in a state of anger is nothing but just that your emotions are either not understood properly by the other person or you are not properly expressing them. Another thing is maybe you are getting angry on little issues and problems which may seem big as an elephant to you but practically are tiny as an ant. So think over what is actually making you angry and what can be done to overcome it.

Fulfill Your Tummy

The best way always to deal with anger. Whenever you feel like bursting or storming out, gobble lots of your favorite dessert, eat lots of chocolates if you like them and of course drink a lot of water. Water cools down your body temperature and provides you scope to think and act.

Bonus Tips:

Playing your favorite sport, jogging in anger, quickly switching to your favorite hobby, reading your favorite book, etc. can also lessen your anger quickly. Remember every problem is followed by a solution, so don’t haste and don’t waste your energy and time as well in getting angry. Never act in any way that may affect you and your parent’s lives forever.

Keep Smiling!!

I hope these tips will help you to cope up with the anger in your teenage. If you think this article is helpful, then please rate the article with a good rating. And if you have some of your own tips to handle the handle please let us know in the comments below. Thank you. 🙂

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