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10 Ways to Beat Plastic Pollution, Paragraph, Essay, Slogans

10 Ways to Beat Plastic Pollution, Paragraph, Essay, Slogans

The theme for 2018 World Environment Day was “Beat Plastic Pollution”. A lot of people, celebrities joining the “Beat Plastic Pollution” campaign to spread awareness about plastic pollution. This campaign will tell us how we can reduce the use of plastic by making subtle changes in our daily life. Today on 5th June 2018 everyone who wants to join the campaign can share your idea to Beat Plastic Pollution on social media with #BeatPlasticPollution hashtag.

10 Ways to Beat Plastic Pollution Poster Ideas, Essay, Slogans #BeatPlasticPollution

There are two approaches to Beat Plastic Pollution; first, governments and/or scientists innovate alternative substance which is cheap to produce and functional like plastic and then ban plastic. The second approach is to appeal to common people to stop or reduce the use of plastic.

Second method alone cannot Beat Plastic Pollution as there are people of different mindsets out there. They are used to it, they don’t have time to show off that they use green products.

But we individually can do our bit and these are the ways we can Beat Plastic Pollution

  1. Use paper bags or clothes bags.
  2. Fashion brands can make a trend out of the reusable clothes bags and make it famous.
  3. Do not buy single-use plastic container products like water bottles, ketchup sachet, etc.
  4. Governments should open places to buy or deposit used plastic from people, let people earn from plastic waste.
  5. Avoid plastic cutlery, cups, etc.
  6. Spread the message on social media.
  7. Use a reusable container like tiffin boxes, thermos bottles, etc.
  8. Help to recycle existing plastic.
  9. Teach children about the dangers of plastic pollution.
  10. Simply, If you can’t reuse it, refuse it!

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Essay on Beat Plastic Pollution, Speech, Paragraph in English

Plastic is a functional material, it is waterproof, it has required strength and it is cheap too. That is why it was easily accepted in society and industry as well. But over the years it is gone out of the control, now it reached such level where it is harming nature. There are millions of tonnes of plastic in the oceans.

There are millions of tonnes of undegradable plastic in garbage pits. Across the world, 1 million plastic bottles are bought in a single minute, every year we use 5 trillion disposable plastic bags. It takes more than 100 years to dispose of the plastic, it kills nearly 100,000 marine animals each year; it is destroying coral reefs thus marine environment too.

If we want to save the planet from this explosion of plastic then we need to replace it with an environment-friendly alternative. But we also need to consider the functionality of plastic, which made it so popular. One more aspect we should focus on is the cost of production, the alternative of plastic also needs to be functional, multipurpose and affordable.

It is very important to start somewhere but it has to reach to the last person on the planet. We also need to consider that not all people are nature lovers or environment-friendly, there are millions of people out there who don’t get food to eat. People are struggling with daily life, they don’t have time to be eco-friendly and all.

Other people who might understand the “Beat Plastic Pollution” call but might not feel positive about the change as they are used to it now. Plastic pollution is a global problem, the solution which will work in the USA will not work in say India or Indonesia. People from developing nations generally do not accept sudden big changes like banning plastic all at once. People from some cities in India don’t wear helmets or buckle seat belts, simply because they don’t want to. So we need to consider all such nuances while designing the solution.

An online hashtag campaign is good for awareness but these kinds of campaigns fade away in a few weeks. People will join in #BeatPlasticPollution, post their selfies or apply some filter, share some ideas, etc. And after a few days, they will forget everything. Plastic pollution is a very serious problem, it is eating our planet; we got to address this now.

We need to involve policymakers, experts, people from grass root levels to make a plan, to build a solution which will address the plastic pollution problem at each level. The best way to Beat Plastic Pollution is to find a biodegradable substance which will be comparatively functional and cheap to produce.

Businesses will adopt this green and eco-friendly alternative, as they are easy to address and manage to comply with policy than the general public. If plastic is simply banned by businesses then there will no plastic products on the market itself.

The issue is that we don’t see any significant progress on this front. Innovation is the only solution here. There are already silicon and paper-based products available in the market, but still, plastic-based bags and containers, etc get used because of its cheap price.

Recently Maharashtra State government from India, banned the use of plastic bags, they declared penalty for shopkeepers, stores find using them. This is a good start but only this will not Beat Plastic Pollution, we need to do more to be plastic-free. Check out our Essay on Plastic Pollution

Slogans for Beat The Plastic Pollution Campaign

We can use social media to spread the message of “Beat Plastic Pollution” campaign, it will be very effective if we add a slogan or a short message.’s default slogan is a catchy one, we can use it too, “If you can’t reuse it, refuse it”. Here is the collection of some other slogans we can use.

  • Marine Lives Matter.
  • Beat the shit out the plastic.
  • Plastic, we don’t want it.
  • Enough is enough, no more plastic.
  • Our children will cruise on the ocean full of plastic.
  • Dive in to see a coral reef with plastic life.
  • Live in a garbage pit for a day to understand Life of a Fish.

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