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10 Lines on My Best Friend English Essay, Paragraph, Speech

10 Lines on My Best Friend English Essay, Paragraph, Speech

Friendship is one of the most sacred relationships in the whole world. Friendship is a special relationship, one must have at least a couple of good friend in life, they make life fun. As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed, friends are mischievous, they tease us, and they will be always there for us when we need them. Schools give this topic to students for short essay or speech assignments on my best friend so that they realize the importance of friendship in life. Along with that parents should also teach their kids to make friends, to socialize with them. These friends become their support system later in life, that is why it is important to have friends.

5 or 10 lines on my best friend is one the most frequently asked homework for kids. Along with that schools also asks 10 lines short essays on my mother, my father, my family, myself, etc too. Here in this article, we are giving you a 5 to 10 plus a few extra lines on my best friend topic. We have kept these 10 points easy and simple so that your kid can understand it.

These sentences are suitable for school students of class LKG, UKG, 1, 2, 3. We imagine that you are a parent or older siblings, so we think this post will definitely help you to assist kids with their homework. In the second part, we have given a 15 to 20 lines of a short essay, speech on my best friend, this is suitable for students of class 5,6,7,8.

5 Sentences About My Best Friend in English for KG, UKG Kids

  1. My best friend’s name is Junaid.
  2. We are in the same class.
  3. Junaid is taller than me.
  4. He likes sports a lot.
  5. He helps me in school project too.
  6. He is very nice and kind.

10 Points, Lines On My Best Friend in English for class 1,2,3 Students

  1. My best friend’s name is Kiran.
  2. We are in the same class and we go to school in the same school bus.
  3. He/She is very good at mathematics, sometimes he/she helps me too.
  4. Anu Aunty, Kiran’s mother makes best pancakes.
  5. At school, we share our tiffin with each other.
  6. We both like to play football. We play a lot after school.
  7. One day when I fall on the ground, he/she brought band-aid for me.
  8. I am shorter than him/her so he/she always tease me.
  9. Sometimes we fight too but we speak again in a couple of days.
  10. He/she gives me a handmade greeting on my birthday.
  11. We also go to music class, he is learning guitar and I am learning drums.
  12. We want to have our own music band.
  13. Kiran is my best friend and I love him/her a lot.

15, 20 Lines Short Essay, Paragraph on My Best Friend for Class 4, 5, 6, 7 Students

I have lots of friends but two of them are my best friends. Their names are Aakash and Aamir. We all in the same class and go to the same school. I and Aamir go to school in the same school bus, Aakash’s mother drops and picks up him from school.

We play football and sometimes badminton after school. We also go to the same tuition. Aakaash is a topper in our class, he helps us in school projects. Aamir and I like sports a lot. We both are part of the school’s junior football team. Essay on Importance of Friendship can be helpful for you.

On weekends we go to each other home. Aamir mother makes the best biryani and my mother also makes sandwiches for them. My sister also plays board games with us. When we play, we make a lot of noise and my mother sometimes shouts at us all.

They both bring handmade gifts for my birthday. They also help my father and me to decorate home for the party. Our parent knows each other and they also good family friends. Once we grow up, we three want to start our own business together.

The best thing about our friendship is when we are together time flies. We have a pact that we will be there for each other when time is tough. I think that is the definition of friendship. I am lucky to have such friends. I will cherish them for life. I love my best friends, they are gems.

Above content is given in essay format, but with little modifications, it can be used as speech script or paragraph. We hope that this short 10 lines essay will help you to assist your kids or sibling. If you like our work then don’t forget to leave a comment. Who is your best friend and why your friendship is special? Let us know in comments, we like to read your comments.

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